Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 3

Or the good the bad & the ugly.
Things started out ok. Until the actual barrel racing began!
Youth was to go from 9am to 11:30. It started at almost 10. So it pushes things back a bit. No big deal except a) I'm already running in the last 60 or so of the 287-some open and b)I'm supposed to work the PA system that calls riders to the holding pen.
I don't even want to get into the whole PA system. Suffice to say it was a joke.
Then there were ground issues at the gate so they fixed it between youth & open. Better safe than sorry I know.
Open was to start at noon but ended up starting at not quite 10 to 2.
Applejack ran in well but I wasn't expecting him to NOT be bothered by the crowd. As a result I didn't set him up right for 1st and we hit it. Could'nt get ourselves together and also hit 2nd. Those metal barrels hurt!
On the plus side we had the nicest 3rd we've probably ever had. And I won't have to worry about the crowd today, its obviously not an issue! Lol


  1. Aw! Sorry to hear things didnt go so hot! I am sure today will be much better! At least you found a positive in it all!! Good luck!

  2. Ooh - those barrels HURT! I used to scoff at the barrel racers who wear shin guards under their jeans - until I had a little run in with a metal barrel. I swear my leg was discolored for weeks. lol - Nerves out of the way, good luck today!

  3. Sounds familiar -- we help with the horse shows for our saddle club. There is always a problem with something -- if it isn't a gate, it is a loose dog in the arena, etc., etc. Glad you had a good 3rd!!!

  4. Ooh - ouch, hope its nothing more than a bruise?

    Glad to be able to stay in touch over facebook, still not finding much blogging time so I am starting fresh - felt a little overwhelmed at the prospect of getting caught up, so that sounded better....if I get a chance to read and catch up I will although I may not be commenting on everyone's old posts.

    Hope your summer is going well blogger buddy!

  5. I feel your pain sista! It stinks when one teeny, tiny little thing causes that chain of events. And boy howdy...yeaaa, those metal barrels will make ya cry.

    Best of luck on your second run!!!!


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