Saturday, May 23, 2009

Seeing Red

Saturday (last week) Kimfer and I rode 'the Dalmeny loop'. Its a decent ride, we mostly walked but when and where we could we trotted and loped. It took just over an hour and a half, my first real amount of sunshine this spring.
TDL (so named because we start out heading toward Dalmeny) consists of leaving the yard (via the 'new' driveway) and riding along the 305 ditch heading west. We cross the highway (#11 I believe although it could be 12) and continue riding in the ditch alongside the 305.
At the first grid road that turns left (south) we turn. This is the best part of the ride - there is little to no traffic (I've personally never encountered any) and just a handful of homes. In the middle the road becomes just a trail, a 'summer road' basically, (where there is a cow pasture) and then becomes a real road again toward the other end.
This road dead ends at another grid road, here we turn left (east) and head for the highway. This grid road is a major one and there is always traffic of some kind coming down it.
At the highway we turn, yup left again lol and head north and to home.
Not a particularly exciting and scenic ride but its what we've got. lol
*we do sometimes ride in reverse*

Sunday Kimfer's uncle Ben picked us up and we went team sorting! :)
It was a BLAST... although I have decided I do NOT like those dang little Dexter steers they've added to the mix this year. Cheeky little buggers, they just stare down the horse with a look that says "Oh yeah? Who's gonna make me? You and what army?" Sneaky, fast and not too intimidated by the horses. But that's part of what makes them fun too right? lol
We were sorted into 3 teams, each team going twice. On our first run through I got some cattle sorted with each of my teammates. Lunch break was chili (yummers!) and then we were at it again. In the second half my first two teammates let trash through, no score :( But my third teammate and I got some sorted. Sadly I'm pretty sure that wasn't my jackpot partner! (the jackpot is hidden, you don't know until the end)
Apparently there are buckles this year. One for a guy and one for a gal, nice! You get points on your two non-jackpot teams.
While we were untacking Kimfer said I was looking pretty red. I didn't really think much of it, I tend to flush when I'm hot and I had put sunscreen on. When I got home I washed up and took a nice cool shower... and then looked in the mirror.
I had sunburned half of my face. Almost exactly half. All of my nose, all of my chin, other than that just the left half. And because I had put my hair in a pony tail, and forgotten my cap in MY truck at the acreage, I had also burned my left ear, the left side of my neck and my scalp. OH, and my left arm.
Pie laughed when he saw me (glad I could amuse ya honey)
I talked to Kimfer that night and told her. After she stopped laughing she was like, 'Oh yeah, my sunscreen expired last year.'
Well that explains it.
I'll tell ya I was hurtin' the next couple of days. Oh, and very grateful that I didn't work until Wednesday!! lol


  1. I am constantly forgetting sunscreen, maybe half the time accidentally-on-purpose. I don't like it when you sweat and it runs in your eyes.

  2. lol! Sounds like a 'trucker tan'...or in your case...burn! gah!

    I hope it feels better soon. I sunburned both my feet wearing flippies. It even hurt to walk. :(

    Those Dexters are being used around here a lot, too. I see them posted on Craigs List all the time for Cutting and Roping events.
    I guess everyone likes to be challenged. I wonder if the horses do, too?

    I'm glad you enjoyed a great ride out in the sunshine. Sounds like i gave you a big lift. :)


  3. I've never heard of Dexter steers. But they sound like least for a mature horse. Might be a little intimidating for a greenie-LOL.

    Darn the luck with that one sided burn. I never used to have to worry about burning, but that has changed over the last few years, so now have to deal with sunscreen issues too. It's definitely one of those things that is trial and error-LOL.

  4. OMG that is funny! Poor you! I did that once driving... it sucks! You gave me a good laugh over the "you and what army?" comment. Sounds like fun! You better go out and tan your other side to even things up:)

  5. Oh my goodness .
    Maybe you can become a spokesperson for a sunscreen compnay .
    Ya know
    don't let this happen to you !
    try our new super duper deluxe best ever non smear sunscreen. LOL
    take care.
    Happy Trails

  6. Oh no about the sunscreen! You musta used the expired half! Ouch, I hate sunburns. Sounds like the burn was worth it though, sorting sounds like so much fun, glad you had a good time and you're getting out and riding again, Spring is here...and summer is just around the corner!

  7. LOL about that sunscreen!! I always end up with 1/2 of my forehead getting burnt, because my bangs drape across the other 1/2 of it. Trail riding and sorting?? No fair! :)

  8. Something similar happened to me only where I forgot to put the sunscreen, like on my feet and around my mouth and on the tip of my nose.

  9. The ride sounds pretty interesting -- but if you are like me, you don't care for the street riding and traffic! That is just awful about the sunburn! I hope you do not peel!!!

  10. Sounds like fun!

    sorry to hear about your sunburn! No fun! I keep sunscreen and bug spray in the truck to have at all times. But there are times I forget to use it! :O

  11. Had to laugh out loud about the sunburn - not at you - just with you. I have done similar things and this year on in the summer it will stick with you unfortunately.

    Team sorting sounds so fun, I bet Stretch would like it - he likes pushing around cows - for that matter so does Pat!


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