Friday, May 1, 2009

Registry question

I have a question that I'm sure someone out there will be able to help me with:

What the heck is the Half Quarter Horse Registry??
I ask because our horse dealer friends called about a horse they think I might like. We played 20 questions for a bit and then made tentative arrangements for me to come check him out.
I asked just before hanging up what he was. The answer was quarter horse but no AQHA papers. He has papers but they say half quarter horse registry (or something like that).
I don't breed show so papers on a gelding aren't a huge deal to me, I just need a good horse. So I'm just curious what the heck that is.
ps - for those wondering where I've been - my modem tanked. Its kinda funny though when the tech guy comes over to find out what's wrong with your line and says "Wow! I've never seen that modem, how old is it?"


  1. I have Tennessee Walking Horses, and have no idea what that means. I will ask my Quarter Horse-owning friends.
    P.S. We had a friend of ours say something similar about our stereo a few years ago -- he did a double take, and said "does that thing work???" - sad part; yes, it did!!!

  2. I belong to AQHA and have been around the breed for years. Never, ever heard of it. Usually you register the other half of the breeding with a half-X registery, like the half-arab registry.

  3. I have not heard of a half QH registry. Very interesting.
    Glad to have you back! I hate it when electronics fail. I am at work right now and I hate our computer system here, everything downloads ssooooo slow and most pictures won't even download! So annoying! Some blogs I just have to wait til I get home to view them. I wouldn't be able to tolerate a slow computer at home! It would drive me absolutely crazy!

  4. Never heard of it. Sounds like one of those offbeat registries that people start so they can sell "papers" with the horse.
    If having a registered horse is not a priority, at least you would have at least a partial history of the horses bloodlines. You know me, I like those bloodlines.;) But I have purchased many, many horses of absolutely unknown origins and never thought twice about it. I bought them because I liked what they were.

    LOL on the tech guys comment. I don't even think I know what a modem is. I am so computer illiterate. I just know what I want them to do and if they don't do that...well, I guess I am out of luck. Glad to see ya back!

  5. I had heard of it a few times before but always though of it as one of those small organizations that will never last. One of the major ones on google claim to have 10,000 registered horses... but who knows if it will last...I wouldnt put any stock in to it but I would say I would prefer even hand written papers to no papers at all... I like to know where my horses come from so I know better what to expect (or at least what to hope for). Pray tell what are you lookin' at???!!!

    Hows the house shopping going?

  6. Dino-Modem, eh? lol! Technology sure does move fast regarding computer, doesn't it?

    Never heard of 1/2 quarter horse. What is his other half?


  7. My camera and cell phone had reached Smithsonian status prior to my replacing them. People look at you like, "Oh you poor, non tech savvy thing!"

  8. It's something that got started up like the Half-Arab registry. As far as I know - the only thing its good for is to say your horse is registered. But if you don't care about shows or bloodlines then it really doesn't matter. :)

  9. I've never heard of it. Unless you're planning to breed or show in breed shows (or just want a purebred horse), it doesn't really matter. My mom has a grade, a QH/Morgan (?) cross, he's a great horse and she just trail rides. I suppose a registry would allow one to know the sire/dam history, which is always interesting. I'd be more inclined to know my horse's personal/training history over breeding, especially since I bought him at age 14. I don't know a lot about him before his previous owner.

  10. I have never heard of it either. Half Arab yes - half quarter horse, no.

    Sound suspicious - like the "American Warmblood" association which seems like a fancy name for "grade - but he's big!"

  11. Was it half Quarterhorse... or appendix?

  12. the half qtr horse resgistry is a small registry that doesn't have much promotion, and is not APPENDIX AQHA <== must be TB - 1/2 for APPENDIX AQHA. They don't have Standard breds and such like the paint registry.

    It is basically a piece of paper that says offically who its parents are. No big deal, no big shows, not much at all.


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