Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Year in Review

Both Steph and Oregon Sunshine did this. I think its kinda neat, a way to recognize the negative but emphasize the positive if you will, so I thought I'd try it as well.

List 5 Good Things That Happened to You This Year
1 - started blogging and made some *real* friends.
2 - got to take a trip east and saw family I haven't seen in ages (some I had *never* seen)
3 - our restaurant is paid off!
4 - I got a nephew & a niece (nephew from sis and niece from brother)
5 - sold Quinn

List 3 Bad Things That Happened to You This Year
1 - my husband was rushed to the hospital and we spent the day in the ER. I honestly thought he might die and sitting by myself at his side while he was "out" was so lonely and scary.
2 - one of our cooks broke his leg. This is bad for *me* because hubby is now back to working 7 days (or rather nights) a week.
3 - I sold Quinn. Yes it was bad and good. Bad just because the whole thing is upsetting, but it *is* good that he's gone on to a new home.

List 5 Things You Want to Do in 2009 - not resolutions, more of a big picture list
1 - get my house organized and get rid of some "stuff"
2 - get a new horse, and have it be the *right* horse
3 - go to Greece!
4 - find (and buy and move to!) an acreage
5 - pay off my credit cards (its soooo close!)

List 3 Lessons You've Learned - doesn't have to be related to the good or bad so long as it was learned in '08
1 - that I feel SO much better when I exercise, as long as I'm careful not to hurt my back.
2 - that doing a little bit every day is easier, and more sustainable, than trying to do a whole lot at once (for pretty much anything you do).
3 - that the glass *is* half full!

Most Favourite Read of the Year
The Twilight series.

Most Favourite Movie Watched of the Year
I honestly have no answer for this right now! I am drawing a total blank. :o Thinking, well this was good but what about...

Most Favourite Horsey Moment of the Year
Galloping on the beach and in the water at the river with my 2 best horse friends!


  1. Oh I loved the Twilight Series too!! They were really good.

    And selling horses is a bitter sweet happening. I am going to have to sell one here in the near future. I am not sure which one I want to sell. I have a three year old and a yearling and two coming in March. I just can't choose. Sigh....

    2008 really was a great year.

  2. Great idea with the post! I already have started my resolutions for next year. Maybe we all need to post them! Be fun to see what everyone has planned and wants to do.

    I didn't read the Twlight series, may have to check them out.

  3. Wow- looks like 2008 was rocking along for you guys too. SO glad that Pie was OK after your ER trip too. I dont know about you, but the thought of getting through life without Dear Husband here is enough to set me off into a major panic attack...

    Really hope that 2009 brings you all the joy, prosperity, and sheer bliss that you can handle, and THEN some! ;)

    Happy New Year to you CDN!! I am REALLY glad we met here in the equi-blogosphere!

  4. Oh cool! I didnt realize that you were a twilight junkie too!!! Melanie just finished book two and cant find a copy of book three...poor girl!! When did you read them?

    Sounds like you have a great year in front of you. Hope that you get to see all your goals come to fruition!

  5. Wow. I don't even know if I could answer 1/2 of those. I'm glad that everything turned out ok with your husband and the ER visit. I know you were feeling really horrible. Hopefully there will be way more good things for you to come in 2009 :)) (and especially finding that RIGHT horse)

  6. Good list! - Well, except for the part about Pie being in the hospital - that must have been super scary.

    I like your goals for '09 - I hope you keep us posted on your progress - especially the horse search part! :-)

  7. Happy New Year! Hope your 2009 brings fewer trials and lots of good things.

  8. Your year in review looks good too!

    I remember your post of the river ride. Looked so fun and warm. Ahh I so miss summer.

    I can also see why Quinn is on the good and bad list. But I believe history will bump him and you selling him to the good list only one day.

  9. Well thanks for the recognition! I'd have to say that Steph should get more credit as only part was from a meme I did on Monday, which really came from writefromkaren.wordpress.com.

    I hope that 2009 turns out to be great for you!

  10. Awesome New Year's post! I hope the resolutions work out well and you all stay healthy! Happy New Year!

  11. Great idea!! Good to take these overviews at this time, when all the new beginnings are coming.

  12. Wow. It must blow your mind to see all that stuff, good, bad and interesting....that you experienced this past year.
    All such a year of growth that has molded you into who you are today.

    I hope that you meet all your goals on your wish list for 2009. They all seem pretty reasonable, with proper planning, motivation and persistance. And just think....you've got 365 days to do it! :D

    Happy New Year, L!

    New Mexico

  13. 2008 sure did have a lot of highs and lows for me. For the most part I'm glad that it's over.
    I wish you the very best in 2009 and hope you do all that's on your big picture list!


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