Monday, December 22, 2008

A Christmas Story

Instead of boring you all with a weather report (let's just sum it up as freaking cold) I thought I'd share a little Christmas story with you.
Its a true story, it happened when I was about 4 (maybe 5), and while funny now it wasn't at the time. Basically, I ruined Christmas. (its okay, like I said its funny now)
Before I start I should mention that this story is partially my own memories and partially stuff that's been filled in by my parents over the years. At the time I was either an only child (mom would have been preggers with my sis) or my sister was just a teeny baby.
Like a lot of little girls I was horse crazy. Unlike a lot of little girls it never wore off... but you all know that! I wouldn't be surprised if "horse" or "pony" was one of my first words.
So that year, like many many MANY more to come, the main thing on my list to Santa was a pony! (or horse, really to my 4 or 5 year old mind they were pretty much interchangeable).
I didn't care what kind or what colour... I just wanted a pony of my own!
I am originally from New Brunswick. There my parents wouldn't have been able to tell me "No. Where would it live?" Because Grampie had a farm and of course it would live there! But now we were living in Saskatchewan. In a city. So my parents always had that excuse ready.
Of course to my toddler mind our back yard was H-U-G-E. The pony could live there!
"What would it eat?" my parents would always ask.
Well, duh, grass. But then I was reminded of the snow and wintertime. But I had an answer ready!
The pony could eat these:

To my little eyes Shredded Wheat were big. And almost like miniature bales of hay. Surely Daddy would let me give his breakfast cereal to the pony!

But no. That plan was always rejected... dang it.
That never stopped me from asking. So yes here we were... Christmas.
I'd asked for my pony.
I'd tried soooo hard to be good.
I made sure Santa, mom, dad, well everybody, knew that what I wanted more than anything was a pony.
Christmas morning my mom and dad came to wake me up... all excited.
(okay this part makes me feel guilty to this day. How excited could they have been that they got the *perfect* gift for their little girl? I mean really, they were up before me and came to get ME up!)
I remember very clearly my dad telling me "Come see what Santa brought you! He brought you a horse!"
I also remember running out to the Christmas tree.
Bursting into tears and running back to my room.
I threw myself on my bed and sobbed hysterically.
They were NOT happy tears.
Why? Well because... I choked out to my parents... THAT wasn't a horse. THAT was a TOY!
My poor folks. They thought they had got me the next best thing to a horse, they had gotten me a rocking horse (the spring style, although not quite the one in the picture it was very similar)
Okay so my dad's choice of words may not have been quite right, but I still feel a bit guilty when I think of that Christmas.
For the record, after I calmed down that DID become one of my favorite toys EVER.

*I did not take/create any of the above images*


  1. Don't feel guilty. I'm sure they have forgiven you, and heck, that was your dream! Of course you were hysterical. It doesn't matter what your dream is, when it doesn't happen, the disappointment is devastating. I remember my son acting as if the world would end when Santa didn't bring the Ghostbuster Firehouse. It sure wasn't from a lack of trying, but I think every boy in American must have wanted it that year.

  2. Oh no!! The things we put our parents through!

    It is a cute story...

  3. lol!! Oh no. That is too funny that your parents were up before you!! Little girls and their ponies. That's a great memory.

    I remember once when I went to Girl Scout camp and did a horse program. My mom wrote in a postcard to me that they finally decided that I could get a horse and it could sleep in my room. Well I of course knew she was being facetious and no way was I allowed to get one. Well, none of the other little girls did and they all thought I must live in this huge mansion and how lucky I was to get my own horse. I shook my head at them, but it was really funny.

  4. LOL, now that would have sucked. At least they tried, but I could def' feel your disappointment!

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  6. Ahhh yes the begging stage - I went through that too. Made all kinds of promises and talked all kinds talk to get my pony.

    My parents never really did that - as my dad didn't really believe in giving "pets as presents" said it was silly and always made his opinion very clear so I never expected a pony on Christmas - but I remember reading stories in magazines and books about kids getting ponies for Christmas and i always thought it would be so magical!

    If I had any Christmas let downs as a youth it was that for years and years I wrote letters to Santa and listed very clearly every year in those letters and on my Christmas list "new saddle" as well as other tack and horse equipment that I needed. And year after year my parents (my dad was behind this I found out later) would refuse to buy me any "horse stuff" for Christmas (he thought he was discouraging me from an expensive and wasteful hobby - God only knows I could've been spending my time practicing up for a basketball scholarship or something useful and realistic like that - can you feel my sarcasm?). I remember the first time I got a horsey item for Christmas - I was 14 - my mom finally told my Dad off and bought me a pair of nice leather English riding boots it was awesome.

    I finally did get that new saddle - when i grew up and got my first real job and bought it myself.

  7. LOL! Mini hay bales! I called shredded wheat that too! Except, I always wanted to take some to feed to my uncle's longhorns!

    I too, always asked for a pony. I got horses one year. But not spring horses. Those at least could be rode. I got Barbie horses one year, all 3 of them!

  8. Awww, I loved reading this, L. I can so totoally relate. And the mini-wheats. lol!
    Too cute! And the do look like hay bales.
    Which reminds me of one day almost 2 years ago, before our dreams finally came true and we bougt this little ranch.

    At the time I was fostering guinea pigs and rabbits for a small animal rescue.
    I realized it would be easier for me, last longer and be cheaper to just buy a bale of hay, instead of the small pet hay bags at the pet store, or even gather fallen hay at the feed store.

    I can't even explain how thrilled I was when the feed store guy loaded up my huge bale of hay into the back of my van.
    I felt like I was floating on air while driving around with a huge smile on my face.....just daydreaming about the imaginary horse waiting at home for the hay I was carrying in the back of my van.

    And now my dreams have come true!

    Merry Christmas, L!

    New Mexico

  9. Thanks for sharing that story. I always wanted a horse too but realised that my family was too poor to own and care for a horse, so, being the practical sort, I didn't ask.

  10. Oh my goodness, what a great story! Oh..and btw...I had one of those too and wore it out!

    Love you!

  11. ah, how horrible! if you were old enough to know the difference between a real horse and a fake horse, your dad should not have said that!!!!

    btw, the pony in the photo is the exact pony i dream of, i just love that color on a pony. before i die i hope to have a pony that looks just like that. he doesn't have to do anything except put up with me washing and combing and conditioning his mane, forelock and tail, and currying his chocolaty coat until he's gleaming.



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