Saturday, February 11, 2012

Update ~ Odin's leg

I'm really impressed with how Odin's leg is healing.  It seems like when you have a wound in the winter it heals better/quicker than in the summer (with proper care of course)  Add in that he's a youngster so his cells are already more active and its almost like you can watch it heal!  In the winter there's also no flies, I wonder if that contributes to faster healing?
He is still a bit of a drama queen about bandage changes, but at least it can be done without 'happy juice' now.  You know the stereotype about men being huge babies and acting like they're dieing if they get so much as a cold?  Yeah, that's Odin and his leg. Its actually kinda humorous.  He'll turn his head and stare at Scott, then turn it and stare at his leg, back to Scott. 

Here's the pic from this past Wednesday, before cleaning.  That crusty stuff is the wound cream not pus:
Feb 8/12

Here's a pic from today.:
(sorry the quality isn't as good, it was hard to get the camera to focus because its SO cold)
Feb 11/12

And to compare, here is the original pic.  Taken the day of the first bandage change two days after the vet was out:
Feb 2/12


  1. Now thats a big improvement! Good on ya !

  2. The Thieves spray and lavender oil would really work well now, even without a bandage.

  3. well, glad to hear it is healing well... no flies/heat must help alot. The original wound was pretty gruesome looking!

  4. That's huge improvement! Wonderful, gruesome photos! I WAS hungry... maybe not so much, now! ;-)

  5. Amazing healing process. I'm sure you're feeling really good.

  6. How did this happen...poor baby. So glad it is healing quickly. I think you are right about the cold.

  7. wow! it's just amazing how a horse heals.
    now if they would just save us some heart attacks and not get hurt in the first place!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  8. Hey its looking great. I have dealt with several de-gloving injuries on Pat and a different horse I had in the past. They are pretty tricky especially avoiding proud flesh. But it looks like you're making progress.

  9. Sure looks good now, amazing how fast it can heal


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