Thursday, December 18, 2008

Keeping it all in perspective

I try to see the positive, really I do.
For example (as some pointed out) with Cessa's having a cut leg in the winter, at least there is no worry about bugs! :)

But here is a better story to show the power of positive thinking:

There were two little boys.
One was very pessimistic ('P'), the other one was quite the little optimist ('O').

Christmas was coming and the family decided to make a point to the pessimistic boy.
When the presents were opened 'P' had a brand new watch and 'O' had a lump of horse manure.

'P' said "Oh wow, a new watch!" voice dripping with sarcasm "it probably won't even work."

While 'O' gleefully exclaimed "Wow! I ALMOST got a pony!!!"


  1. hehe

    Ya know, I've read that horse manure makes great fuel for a fire, too.
    Useful stuff :)

    Yin and Yang, my friend.

    New Mexico

  2. LOL I had heard the one about the kid finding piles of pony poops, and running around like crazy looking for the pony! Your story was a riot!! I'll have to be sure to keep that in mind too ;)

  3. Now that's a glass half full kind of person! Very funny *grin*

  4. That's positive thinking for you. My co-worker and I were just joking about that. She said she saw the police department's mounted patrol horse trailer at the mall. I was like, at the mall??? Were they riding inside?? She said she didn't see horses anywhere. I said well, maybe they needed the trailers for toy pickup or something. Then I said yeah, that would be great. "here ya go kiddy, Merry Christmas" and hands over a present with horse poo smudged on it. And then the kid says "that's great, but where's my horse???" We thought that would be pretty funny.

  5. LMAO! I needed that! Thanks!

  6. Oh my! He he he!

    Sorry to hear about Cessa. But at least your'e right it isn't 100 degrees and or worse. And at least riding is down during the winter. My mare is fixing to have surgery on the 30th and I have to be off of her for 30 days. I'm so thankful it happened when it did, and not during my rodeo and roping season!

  7. Too funny Cdn!!

    I hope Cessa heals quickly. Hey, maybe that is her way of guaranteeing you will be there everyday.;)

  8. Hope all is going well up there with your and the I hope the leg is healing...

    Yeah that's a pain in the winter, but at least there are no bugs and if your weather has been anything like our you should have no mud either so maybe it will heal up quickly?

    The weather suck so much right down here - we have blown our last year's "record" snow fall out of the water and its only December. The drain in my shower is still froze up so my mornings of hiking up stairs to the shower aren't over yet. It hasn't gotten above 16 degrees in two weeks - so I don't for see it thawing anytime soon. But at least the water works now - it just doesn't drain...

    Anyway been thinking of ya lots - you guys have a great Christmas if I am not online until then ok?

  9. Well, you know what they say:

    The optimist: "my glass is half full"

    The pessimist: "my glass is half empty"

    The accountant: "their glasses are twice as large as they should be"


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