Monday, December 8, 2008

Six Things - a meme

A while ago Callie tagged me for a meme, Six Things You Don't Know About Me. Its taken me awhile to decide what six things to share AND to find time to post them ('tis the season... to be busy as heck!)
I wanted to share six things that are a bit more unique, although this first one isn't necessarily unique it definitely fits seeing as how long it took me to respond to the meme!

#1 I am a procrastinator...

and I have trouble being on time, but I am very impatient when I am the one waiting! lol
I'd like to think that I've gotten somewhat better. Or maybe not. But I do try harder to be on time. I also give myself somewhat looser time frames when it comes to meeting people. To me if you're 5 minutes early or 5 minutes late you're not really late. After all everyone doesn't have their watches/clocks synchronized.
And by the way, Pie is WAY worse for being late than I am. (we officially start work at 5pm, however we usually get there between 5:15 and 5:30)
But seriously I do put off getting actual tasks done. For example, I have Greek class every Tuesday evening.
I usually do my homework from the week before late Tuesday afternoon.

#2 I wear glasses

However I can't stand to wear them when I ride. First of all if something were ever to happen (let's say they fall off and get stepped on) I'd be screwed. Without my glasses I'm blind as a bat and there is no way I'd be able to get home.
Also for some strange reason when I wear my glasses while riding I tend to get a bit motion sick.
This is especially strange because it is pretty much the only time I feel that way. Amusement park rides, helicopter rides, flying, heck I can even read in a moving car... no problem. Ride with my glasses on, especially on grass footing, and I don't feel so great.

#3 I was a picketer on strike

And it was quite a long strike. Of course the place that went on strike was my part-time job so it was not really a big deal to me. Didn't walk the line or show up at the union meetings until I had to leave my full-time job (that is a whole other story, I wasn't fired though I had to walk away because of a crazy, stalker customer.)
Suddenly I had no income except the strike pay, which I could only get if I picketed. Thankfully our union had a decent strike fund and I got paid relatively well to show up and walk the picket line for 4 hours a day, 5 days a week.
I also got a different part-time job, which I quit when the strike was finally over and I was able to resume my job and also to turn full-time!
It was during this period that I met Pie. I had a LOT of free time on my hands so I'd go visit my friend at her work... which just happened to be as a waitress in Pie's bar.
Pie would talk to me while my friend was busy and after awhile it was more he & I hanging out and talking than my friend and I. Eight years later here we are, married! :)
(on the other hand that friend is no longer a friend)

#4 I have a weird shopping habit...

and this may be where y'all leave! lol
Okay I am NOT a total germ-phobe. However when I shop I never take the front of the shelf item. I always take something farther back, preferably 3rd or more.
It is just my way of thinking that the front item is the one most likely to have been handled by lots of people, sneezed and coughed on, dropped on the floor and damaged, etc etc.
I know that the other items have all been handled as well, but in my strange mind they are less likely to be as "dirty" as whatever is in the front.
I also never share my pen. I always have my own pen at work and usually in my purse.
Okay so I'm weird... hope I still have some blogfriends! lol

#5 Speaking of shopping...
I really don't like to shop, other than horse related stuff of course! However that doesn't really matter because I am not much of a frou-frou, get's all dolled up, girlie-girl. My preferred "style" of (or lack thereof) dress is lounge wear/pj's when I'm at home and sweats/jeans when I have to go somewhere. When I get home I'm right back in the lw/pjs.
(I don't wear the same pj's to bed that I hang around the house in... if for no other reason than because having 2 large dogs and 2 cats in the house makes for a lot of pet hair on the clothes!)
I do however loooove a nice bag and designer sunglasses. I also love a killer pair of shoes, although I don`t really have the need to wear them.

#6 I am a leftie!
I would consider this to be fairly unique... after all some 90-93% of the rest of the population is right handed.
Despite this my grampie, my dad and Pie are all lefties too! :)
In fact when I was little my mom was getting very frustrated because for some reason I just wasn't learning to tie my shoes. She tried and tried to teach me and I just couldn't get it.
Then my dad watched one day and said something along the lines of "No wonder! That's backwards to her" and he showed me.
BAM! I could tie my shoes!
Also a few years ago my little sister finally recognized the greatness of lefties... after years of teasing (not too much but it was there) she gave me a plaque which reads:
Everyone is born right-handed.
Only the gifted overcome it.

Now I'd like to pass the tag on to:
AOHCM, kdwhorses, Steph, Melanie, Flying Lily and Fantastyk Voyager.

*all images/photos were found online*


  1. Great meme!

    I have a neat lefty piece of trivia... both of my parents are lefties but both my brother and I are right handed.

    My uncle and his wife are left handed but their daughter is right handed.

    Guess us kids all want to be the opposite of our parents!

  2. Huh? I don't know why but I really hadn't pictured you with glasses.

    Granted we've only seen a picture or two of you on your blog, but I don't recall glasses - do you wear contacts when you ride?

    I do the same thing when I shop and when I grab a cart I invest like 5 minutes wiping the thing down with the little handy wipes most stores provide now.

  3. That is a good list - smart on grabbing an item from the back of the shelves - hadn't thought of that!

    I'm a leftie too!! Lefties rock! :-) I used to get teased a bit about (not sure why) but it is the one little unique thing about me. I also like how when you see another leftie - even a stranger - you smile at each other knowing yo are one of the "special ones"! Lol. My Mom and grandmother are/were both left-handed and the three of us are the only ones in our extended family.

  4. Steph - I wear contacts when I ride. And I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks shopping is germy! lol

    Laura - I totally get what you mean!

  5. Okay - so at Thanksgiving my Mom made me "let Christina" (my sister in-law) bring an Apple pie. Now my Apple pies are famous and everyone looks forward to them so i was taken back by being made to give-up that part of Thanksgiving dinner.

    I expressed my dismay to my mom and suggested that perhaps she could bring a pumpkin pie - IMHO much more difficult to mess up. But she wouldn't budge saying that Christina's pie would be fine.....I was truly concerned about how everyone would receive it not my own ego, but nope - mom is always right....well....

    No one would touch it, I felt so bad for her. It was just made way different than mine. No top crust and she used big chunks instead of layers of thinly sliced apples - and topped it with a mountain of sugar and cinnamon (which got soggy real quick). I took and small piece at dinner - she used like this massively thick crust - was almost like a pizza crust. Anyways I took a ton more of it home proclaiming it to be wonderful so her feelings wouldn't be hurt...(but it sat on our counter for days and was finally thrown away last week).

    I totally think I was right. She should've brought the pumpkin pie. But what do I know?

    So that was it - the Thanksgiving pie scandal ... piegate LOL!

  6. Good times, good times....
    I am also a terrible procrastinator, and it really catches up with me at the end of each!!!

    Just so you know...I also take things from the back, underneath, or bottom a pile. Who knows who has touched the front stuff!!! Ick!!!

  7. You are too cute. I love the one about picking the one that is third back on the shelf. lol...I like it because it is smart and true and sensible...if not a little quirky. lol

    I also didnt see you as one to wear glasses. I dont need them but always wanted to wear them for some reason, I think they make women look smart. lol...but they make me look like Sarah Palin (seriously).

    My stepmom was a lefty. She had a magnet on the fridge that read:
    "If the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body than only left handed people are in their right mind." or something like that.

    Thanks for the tag..I look forward to doing it.

  8. Steph- I was wondering about Piegate (LOL). Awe! I feel bad for your SIL! I am a half decent cook but for some reason I always screw up dishes that are for a group of people. My Mom and I make a wicked Apple Pie but it is different than most apple pies and not for everyone (love it or hate it kinda deal)...speaking of Pies...

    CND- I dont know if you have explained this or not but is "Pie" a personal nickname, a blogname or ??? I love it! What a great name for a big burly masculine looking man (handsome too! from the pics I have seen).

  9. I'm sure I procrastinate worse than you:-) it's always been my method. *If* I did my homework it was always during the first few minutes of that class...
    I HATE shopping, espcially touching and pushing that damn cart in a grocery store...ick - that's Matt's job.
    I've had my eyes tested before- during one of those school eye exams I forgot to blink my eyes during each line or screen and my eyes got all blurry and I could see the letters:-x so they sent me to an eye doc and I have 20/20 but I'm far sighted, but I can focus in on what I want...ok, must be all the carrots I stole from the horses over the years.
    I've VERY uncoordinated with my left hand, really my whole left side. During a self defense class we had to hit this padded shield with are arms and I did fine with the right side, but the left I missed the pad and fell on the floor.

    Steph, I'm so glad I found the pie story:-) Um how does an apple pie not have a top crust? I'm sure your's is the best, but I'm a total Pumpkin or pecan pie fan here.

  10. OMG-We are so very similar-how crazy!

    I am a big time procrastinator.

    I am blind as a bat without glasses or contacts-As in, can't see my hand in front of my face.

    I am a leftie-my grandpa and I are the only ones.

    I don't like picking the first item off the shelf either-my mom worked in a grocery store when I was growing up and we used to have to help stock. The freshest stuff is in the rear. Other stuff, I am like you-I always wonder how many other people have touched, looked at or sampled certain things.

    And as far as shopping-I really have to be in the mood. I prefer to find great deals and love Good Will. I AM all about a nifty purse, designer sunglasses and dearly LOVE high heels. Sadly, even the most basic outfit from when I used to work in a bank is WAY overdressed in my small town. *sigh*-I can't bear to get rid of anything though.

  11. great meme, i love the flanders pic: )

    procrastination is my favorite poster. i MUST have this!

    ~lytha, who almost knocks everything down trying to the the box of cherry tomatoes that is in the very back

  12. BECG - the "fresh stuff is in the back" reason is one of mine too. However giving that reason to family/friends only works if its a food item. lol

    Steph - thanks for sharing Piegate with us!! But I second the question... what the heck kinda apple pie has no top?!

  13. lol! I enjoyed reading your 6 things meme and learning a few new thing about you in the process. And, no,you didn't weird me out of anything at all.
    It makes perfect sense actually that less gerny stuff is towards the back of the shelf. I, too always reach in the back for stuff. I've seen many peopel 'testing' products by opening and even using them, and they all tend to be the bottles or boxes up front.

    ONe of my sons is left-handed and they tried to force him to use his right hand in public school. NOw that we homeschool he's back to using his left again, but he is ambidextrous, too.

    Oh and I'm also a major procrastinator and am always late.
    I tend to blame it on my kids now, because of their last minute issues, but quite honestly, I've always been late to arrive. lol!

    New Mexico

  14. Oh no. That's a sad and funny story about Piegate. I had wanted to ask, Steph about this, but didn't want to be too nosy. I'm glad she 'fessed-up'. lol!

    I bet there were a lot of dissapointed folks at Thanksgiving. Steph's pie sounds like the way I like it, too.

    I'm with you, though....what kind of applie pie has no top crust...and a thick (gag) bottom crust?
    Sounds more like a cobbled or crumble than a pie. gah!

    New Mexico

    Ok, this is weird. My word verification, on YOUR blog is 'sperm'...

  15. Seems like a lot of bloggers ar left handed! Me and W.O.W. too! I think it's because the right side of the brain rules our creative side, and blogging is nothing if not creative.
    I'm one of those horribly always on time people, but I distinctly remember doing my homework right before class- but I always got it done!

  16. I am a terrible procrastinator too, like spending ALL DAY yesterday writing a paper that I knew about weeks ago.

    I am usually rushing because I tend to be a just-in-time kind of person. I get ready early and then dawdle until I run out of time.

    I also take the second or third item on a shelf rather than the front but I never really thought about it. Hmmm, I guess because I assumed the date would be better or it would be less damaged.

    Thanks for the tag, check my blog for my posting.

  17. Laughing Orca - now that is just plain weird. Mostly because when I set up the comments section I chose to NOT have word verification!

  18. lol! I promise you, Lisa. I'm not seeing things. Go see!


    New Mexico

    ps, today it is "eystea"
    Is that something cold to drink?


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