Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Visit to Mom's

This Monday I drove out to my Mom's for a visit. She and her hubby live in a small town about 40 minutes from my house.

When I got there I could see her cats were NOT happy...

Kahlea (sp?) on table and Sascha on chair, pouting.

Their dog, Mack, wasn't exactly a happy camper either... then again St. Bernard's aren't exactly the most cheery looking fellas there are. But trust me, he wasn't too happy.

Awww... what's up Macaroon?
What could possibly have Macaroni and the kitties so out of sorts?

OH! Now I see why you guys are all sulky!

Meet Holly and Coco!

After baby Zoe's baptism the day before my Mom had told me she was going to look at a puppy. Their house isn't exactly big... Mack spends most of his time in his outdoor kennel, the garage or the kitchen. Mom had been wanting a small dog that could be with her in the house for awhile now. (empty nest anyone? lol)

Sunday evening she called me and said "Guess what I got?!"

"A puppy?"


Hmm.. "A kitten?" I asked.


Oh heck no. "TWO puppies?" I asked.

"Yup!" and she proceeded to fill me in one the babies. They are purebred miniature dachshunds. We made plans for me to come and visit the next day.

Of course I told her they should have Christmas-y names.

So far the cats are trying to act like the puppies don't exist. Its actually quite funny when the puppies catch a cat on the floor and chase her. Especially since the cats are WAY bigger but still run away!

Mack, the big dope, is also a bit afraid. Coco especially likes to charge him and make him back away. Here he is being brave because "mom" is right next to him giving him some courage:

Please make it go away mom!

Okay you big baby... nap time girls!

They are soooo frickin' cute! Both of them fit in this pet carrier (the size I use for cats). They had played hard since I arrived (trust me I was covered in puppy spit from nips, licks, snuffles and kisses).

They crashed out for awhile and then they were back to puppy business (being cute).

Us? Cute? Noooo way! *bat puppy eyes*
Holly is on the left, she is a silver dapple. Coco is a chocolate dapple.

Seriously mom, they're going to LIVE HERE?!
We don't need no pet rats mom!!

Fine since you're being such a whiner I'm going to beat u... errr, play,
yeah PLAY, with my sister!

Waaait a minute! Who are you calling "rat" mister?!

I'm ALL DOG and I'm going to kick your big old stinky butt!

(hard to tell in the above pic but she's actually air born LEAPING at the Mackster!

He quickly scrambled to safety)

Hey! Put your head down so I can bite your nose!!
Maybe if I jump I can grab you by the collar.

*sigh* Why am I being punished?
I promise, tell me what I've done wrong and I'll be a good dog.

Hmmm... does this look like play fighting or teasing? Looks like someone has their tongue stuck out:

Naaa nah nah naaaa nah!


  1. OMG they are too cute! I have never seen those colors before.

  2. They are ADORABLE. How big do Mini Dachshunds get? And to be able to play with a St. Bernard. Poor dude!! That's hilarious. Great action and expressive shots there. I LOVE St. Bernard's. Those and Bermiese (sp?) Mountain Dogs. I LOVE big dogs. I suppose that's why we have a 150lb mastiff/akita.

  3. Way cute pups!!

    Poor St. Bernard....poor boy's gotta put up with the pups. I bet in the end he'll like them anyway!

    I know all about the empty nest thing! My parent acquired a new pet after each one of us kids left home and they totally treat them like kids and spoil them rotten.

  4. Awe!!! Your Mom's St. Bernard is adorable!!! The puppies are pretty darn stinkin' cute too but I am a sucker for big dogs. My step-mother had a St. Bernard named Toker. He died long before I cam along but she had a picture of him and I knew his name but never "got" it. When I was like 16 I glanced over at his picture and thought, "Thats Toker" and all of the sudden the name clicked. You have to admit that Toker suits a looks like they

  5. Leah - apparently the chocolate dapple is the least common, which is part of the reason my mom picked her. She plans to breed them.

    Ezra - they probably will be smaller than the cats when full grown. I love pretty much any dog but I really love my big dogs, although my biggest is only about 120 lbs :)

    Steph - Mack made a big improvement while we were there. I think that maybe he finds them hard to keep track of because they're so small and fast.

    AOHCM - I always think of that show "George" when I think of St Bernards. lol
    Mack is way to dignified to be a George though. He is purebred, registered and a retired stud dog.

  6. I LOVE mini doxies!

    My Aunt had one named Millie who used their collie (Mollie) like a lauch pad. She would run up Mollie's back and launch herself off of Mollie's head. Was the cutest thing ever!

    Before you know it they'll be using the St. Bernard as their own personal playgorund, lol.

    Too cute!

  7. Awwww...doxies are just the cutest, and when you shrink them down, they are even cuter!!!

    Gotta love Mack too though! :)

  8. I LOVE THEM!!! Double the fun, double the Doxie delicoiusness!!! way to go MOM!!!

  9. How cool for your mom!!!!! A week ago I got a little miniature weinie too! My silver dapple looks just like Holly but I named her Sassy because she is, and she has a 2 yr old brother mini weinie named Rascal because he is LOL ;)

  10. I love my new little babies! Mack is an awesome dog & is getting used to the new babies as are Sasha & Calia! Can anyone guess where Lisa's love of animals came from?

  11. I was going to try and comment on all of your photos, but I just can't. They are so darn cute...and funny! Especially with your hilarious commentary. And Macaroni's expressions just completely bowled me over! lol!

    Holly and Coco are the cutest little things. You just look at them, and the sound 'awwwww' just slips out involuntarily! hehe

    What fun your visits to your Mom's house will be now. You'll have to be sure to bring Macaroni a special treat next time you go, though. I have a feeling your Mom's going to be doting on those two little wieny girls like there's no other animals that exist in the universe. lol!

    New Mexico

    ps: I've got something for you over on my 'S' post on my blog :)

    pps my word verification today is "snaffele" Is that a French bit?

  12. Oh man those little monkies are adorable!! Poor big Mack - I'm sure he will adjust with time. I think you are right about him not knowing where they are - maybe he is worried he will step on one!! Also, puppies love chewing on older dog's ears for whatever reason - that must be really annoying!

    I would love more pets running around the house, but the hubby is a "one of each" kinda guy. We have one cat and one dog and that is it, unless I can wrangle him somehow.

  13. Oh man, I had to go back and read it a couple of times Cdn-that was hilarious. Poor Mac!! You can just SEE the confusion on his face-your commentary fit it perfectly.

    Cute, Cute, Cute little doxies. What expressions and personalities they have already.

    Sheez if people keep posting pictures of their adorable doxies I might have to break down and get one...

  14. They are darling!! I especially like Holly.

    Isn't it too cute how little dogs run around and around big dogs to play?

    Yep. I get the word verification thing too, astsh.

  15. OOOhhHh Aren't they the sweetest little babies! How fun! I have a good friend that has a silver dapple. I had never seen that color. I love daschunds. THat Saint Bernard is awesome! Poor big baby!

  16. Just catching up! Been so busy around here the last week!

    Too freaking cute they are! Love the post!

  17. What great photos! I know that cat in the headlights look well! Puppies are the cutest; makes me want some!


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