Monday, December 29, 2008

Wrapping things up

Hopefully most of you have had a great Christmas (*I said most because I've heard a few people had a bit of a bummer of a Christmas - hope you feel better soon Lisa!! Too bad those llamas can't come visit inside!*)

Mine was pretty darn good. We closed the restaurant for 3 whole days! :o So there was lots of family time.

Christmas Eve Pie and I spent most of the day to ourselves. We went to visit Kimfer's Aunt J & Uncle B and drop off a little gift for them. (they are like family to me, and are also the ones we went team sorting with this summer). Kimfer's parents showed up there so we gave them their little gift too (again, like family plus they own the place where we board).

After that we went to see the ponies and give them some Christmas treats. This was big for me because between boarding and it being a busy season I don't normally get to see my horses at Christmas. We're usually at my family's or Pie's.

For supper we went to Pie's parents house and had a nice little visit. Then Pie, his brother G and his wife C plus their 2 kids and myself piled into G's van and went to the SIGA Enchanted Forest. (my pics didn't turn out so please click on the link for a tour, the display is gorgeous!)
SIGA is the main sponsor every year and it is held at the Forestry Farm (kinda a zoo). It takes about 10-15 minutes to drive through. It may not seem so in the pics but the light displays are HUGE. I can't imagine how long it takes to assemble and put up all those lights.

Christmas Day we spent at Pie's parents. It was really nice for the whole family to be together. This is especially rare with both boys and their dad running the restaurant. My father-in-law is very much the type of businessman that wants at least one of the owners at the restaurant at all times. So we're only all together when its closed.
There was movie watching and game playing, probably one of the highlights was when the wives (me & C) took on the husbands (Pie & G) to play electronic Battleship. For the record, we won 2 out of 3. :)
Another "highlight" was Pie calling me a lesbian at the dinner (or lunch??) table. lol We were all gathered after eating, looking at the new Greek Orthodox calender from the church. This one is so nice because it has info like what type of fasting and when, special days (ie Greek Easter follows the old calender and doesn't always happen the same time as "regular" Easter) and it also has when the name days are. (for a brief explanation click the link).
C is also my godmother, I had to be baptized Greek Orthodox to be married in the church which was Pie's dream wedding. "Lisa" isn't a Greek name so we had to find another name for my baptism. Elizabeth was the closest name to Lisa so we chose that. In Greek that is pronounced more like Ella-sava. Someone at the table asked what my name was (after all its not like I actually get called by Elasava! lol) and Pie, soooo helpfully, said something like "uhh... les..bianna..??" Which was very kindly pointed out that he called me a lesbian. That got a good laugh.
C & I, at the same time, went "No! Elasava!!". I followed it up by mentioning that if I were a lesbian he would be out of 'luck'. That got more laughs.

Boxing Day Pie and I spent mostly together, we also got to see the ponies (2 out of 3 Christmas days, wow!) and spent the late afternoon and evening at my brother's house with him, his wife and baby, where we had supper and played games and watched a movie.

Saturday we worked and then Sunday we went to my mom's. She had spent Christmas in Edmonton with my sister and her family. D and baby Lucas came back with mom and B (her husband). D is still on mat leave but her hubby had to go back to work so he couldn't come (we missed you P!)
Sunday was awesome, there was my family (except P) and B's daughter T and her family (hubby D, oldest daughter Dani, son Tyson and youngest daughter Tianna).
Tianna's 3 and I haven't seen her in the last year and half - 2 years so she was a bit shy at first. Some quality time with the puppies and the ice was broken! Tyson also brought his Wii so I played Guitar Hero (for the first time - I know I'm so behind!) and Mario Kart with the kids. Grampa B rocked out too.

So now its all wrapped up and back to "real life"... too bad its still so cold. I have a barrel jackpot in 2 weeks and I really need to put some miles on that fat little horse!


  1. Sweet Lord, I keep looking at your little weather widget and all I can think of is WHY, WHY, WHY? Makes me cold just looking at the temp!

    Glad you had a good holiday. We did too, but we had temps in the mid 60sF. I don't know what that is Celsius.

    And I never played Wii either.

  2. Sounds like you all had a great Christmas! What a blessing to have that special family time together!

  3. Awwwww, you're so sweet to think of me even as you shared all of the wonderful and fun stuff you did with your family for Christmas. That kindness and generosity deserves a ((hug)), my sweet Canadian friend!

    I really enjoyed reading the fun details fo you Christmas and Boxin Day holidays. I also got a kick out of finding out you Greek Baptized name...and the sillyness Pie caused because of it. lol!

    I, too enjoy playing Battleship, though I've never played the electric version. If you ever make it down to New Mexico, or I up to Canada, we'll have to play a few rounds together.
    My kids got the PS2 Rock Star game and they love it, but I've not been able to get downstairs to their room yet to play it :P

    I can't wait to hear more about your preparations for that barrel jackpot. Only 2 weeks??? You better get busy, girlfriend! :)

    New Mexico, USA

  4. A barrel jackpot in the middle of winter! Gesh girl you are tougher than I. Besides the fact that I still cannot ride, the 4ft of snow at our place discourages me from even thinking "horse".

    How exciting though - I am just itching to read about a competition, please include everything you can think of when you go to blog about it - I am having withdrawals...

  5. Nothing like a happy family Christmas!
    Reckon the cold is going to be with us for a while yet, so I hope you have an indoor arena to ride in to prepare for that jackpot!

  6. LOL Girl, you're family's so big, one of these days you're going to run out of the alphabet! That "lesbian" thing would have been pretty funny! It is kinda neat that you have a greek name! I like the way they say it too! Tis purdy!

    Totally off topic, my sister called today and told me that she heard of this studio here in BC that does vintage stype 50s pinups (they have all the clothes, props etc.) and so we are planning on getting some done this summer (if I loose 30 pounds or so before hand LOL). You mentioned wanting to do this some time! You are welcome, of course! Cool eh?

    Glad you had a good Chirstmas and hope that your New Years is even better!


  7. Leah - want to hear really sick? Tomorrow's high is supposed to be -11, normally I'd be pretty darn happy. But of course there's a but, a big BUT... with the windchill it is expected to be about -34 :o

  8. Steph & Shirley - I can haul to an indoor but I don't when its this cold. Just my opinion but I think its too hard on the horses. Also don't like hooking/unhooking the trailer in those temps!
    So if I don't get any riding in I won't be entering this jackpot. But its being held just a few minutes from my house so I'll probably go watch (and prob. be able to get pics then!!)

    Chelsi - that sounds so cool! I would have to lose those 30 lbs too before I felt even close to comfy with the idea though.

  9. Awww-sounds like you had a wonderful holiday with the family and friends. Awesome!!

    Hope you get that riding time in so you can make your barrel racing.


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