Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Awww shucks

The fun and fabulous Lisa at Laughing Orca created the following:
It is for all Paint horse owners. As I used to own a cute little Paint mare Lisa said I was allowed to post this on my blog! I'll do a post some day (hopefully in the not to distant future) on Rain. My cute little overo mare, yes she was named after Spirit's "girlfriend" in that animated movie. I still miss her. She was a very sweet little horse. Unfortunately she was one of the horses I bought that I was kinda scammed on. Don't worry, I was 100% honest when I sold her.

This was also passed on by Lisa. Isn't it cute? And how neat, a butterfly! (I love dragonflies and butterflies)

I'd like to pass this on to: Denise (& Lester), Lytha, Leah, and Melanie. Truth be told, I'd pass this on to everyone on my blogroll (and quite a few that I'm reading that aren't on the roll yet). But if I did that who would y'all pass it on too?!
ps - did you know that Orca, overo and blogroll don't pass spellcheck but y'all does? lol
*I did not create these awards/images*


  1. Thank you for the award. I did post it, but backdated it to leave the pix of the horses up awhile longer.

  2. It's awards and stickers day!

    I am so bad at them - I have a bunch copied and saved on my desktop but they rarely make it on my blog because I am such a space case...

    I will see if I can't get yours up this week...

    I always feel bad about sending them one to just a few folks so I would have to send them on to everyone ya know?

  3. Thank you so much, you Canadian Cowgirl!!!

    I enjoy your blog too, and hate it when your life gets in the way and prevents you from posting! :)

    I will always remember you as the person who laughed at my potato allergy...teeheehee!!!

  4. LOL! I cant believe that Ya'll thing! An american must have designed the spell check 'cause a canadian would have never allowed it:) Like colour and favourite that I always get called on.

  5. thanks for the pretty award - it's my first.


  6. Congrats on all the awards. You so deserve them. I enjoy your blog and writing and especially the comments you always leave on my blog :)

    Funny about those "O" words that don't pass Spellcheck, though. lol!

    New Mexico


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