Monday, December 15, 2008



It has hit the deep freeze here in Saskatchewan. This is the kind of weather we are stereotyped for. It should be noted though that this is very cold, not our normal all winter temperature. I'm just hoping it breaks soon.
Today it is a balmy -25, but there is (of course) a wind chill warning. So it actually feels like -37. Scary thing is that it is the nicest its been since Friday.
The last few days it was in the -30's, but when you added in the wind chill it was -44. (remember that's in Celsius... so in Fahrenheit I think that's about -47)
If you ask me once the temperature is THAT cold you don't need numbers... it should just say "Dang cold, stay inside fools!"
I'm SO glad farrier Chad made it out last week to trim and pull shoes. Too cold for that right now.
I'm also glad that I remembered to plug in my truck and that it started. (I've been driving the "big" truck and leaving my Equinox in the garage... the Ford has a command start and the Equinox doesn't)
And I'm quite sure that the ponies are grateful to have their blankets on now. lol

*the ice photo was found via Google Images*


  1. Ugh. That kind of cold just shouldn't be allowed! We just came out of a cold spell - today it was pouring rain and 8 degrees!


  2. Brrrrrrrrrrrr! Oh my gosh, I won't even tell you are temps, you'd jump through the screen of blogworld and choke me:-x :-)

    Stay as warm as you can!

  3. LOL!!! I just finished whining on my blog about how cold it is over here too!!!

    However...we are nowhere near being as cold as you are. Maybe -5 out there??? Definitely not typical for us either.

  4. Me too! We have it just as bad...

    I can't remember who all I have whined to about it...

    But its all part of winter - I am trying to be productive inside during these times.

  5. Brrrr!!! We're expecting up to a foot of snow by tomorrow night here, but it hasn't hit single digits yet. And I hope it won't. I don't think my bones could stand it.

    Stay warm, dry and cozy....inside! :P

    New Mexico

  6. Holy frozen toes Batman! I do not like the cold! I like the warmth. I am glad I don't have to work outside! Yikes! You stay warm!

  7. Oh my gosh. And I'm complaining about 20 degrees (f) here!! I don't know how you do it. We are supposed to get rain/snow/sleet from 3pm today until sometime in the morning. Should make for a GREAT driving to work day tomorrow. I hope you (and all your critters) keep warm.

  8. Wholey Shmooly that is cold!!! I thought it was bad here at -14 with windchill!! Yikes!!

  9. Ooh! You have my sympathies! And I won't tell you it's 24 degrees fahrenheit here today. (Oops! :P)

    I think the coldest I've ever dealt with was -30 deg fahrenheit. I don't know what it was with windchill, but it was still damn cold!

    But, once it's below 0, isn't it funny how a couple of degrees warmer can feel like a heat wave? I remember living in Alaska and it had been -14f for about a week. When it warmed up to -10f, the difference in those 4 degrees was so much I remember running outside to do something in jeans and a tank top. Lucky for me, I wasn't out there long and I happened to look up at the thermometer and see the temperature instead of dawdling. I learned my lesson after that!

  10. That arctic front has nailed a lot of us. Certainly we did not get as cold as you guys, but well below zero.

    I don't mind it so much in December and even early January, but about the middle of January I start getting antsy for nicer days so I can get back to riding.

  11. I think its all relative. I remember being in the mountains in BC (Fernie to be exact) walking around in a heavy sweater or a t-shirt with my winter jacket on but open.
    To this prairie girl it was a gorgeous mild winter day.
    Meanwhile the locals were bundled up head to toe like the Michelin Man.


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