Friday, December 5, 2008

What's on your Christmas List?

My family and friends always seem to have a hard time buying gifts for me. (and an even harder time buying for Pie!!) Its not that we're terribly picky or difficult people, its that we've got so much stuff. (and trust me I'm grateful to be fortunate and not in need of a lot)
So today my Mom asked me to please e-mail her some ideas. I thought I'd share the list with you guys, including the little notes that were added:

Trail of Painted Ponies statues (check with Pie though as I have quite a few but I really really like these and would love to add to my collection!)
Books specifically ones by an author named Laura Crum. I only have her first book (Cutter) and would really like the others. Some are hard to find and only available used but has good used sellers. I would really like her 2nd and 3rd books because they are kinda a series. Also books (or anthologies??) of Edgar Allen Poe.
Cool socks I don't know why but I've developed a bit of a "thing" for neat socks. Ones like the horse ones I've picked up at Lammle's and the "Happy Bunny" and "Planet Sox" ones that WalMart sells.
I would ask for a pony, like I have been for years, but I think I'm maybe getting a little too old for that. Instead I'd like to ask for a horse! :P


  1. The Sergeants Western Wear near us (going out of business) had Painted Ponies on Saturday for next to nothing. I like them too, but I've made a vow to myself to stop collecting ANYTHING. I'm trying to simplify.

    Nothing is on my Christmas list except for having my family around. I have everything I need.

  2. Great idea!

    Sounds like a great list!

  3. I can totally see you in some of those really cute horse socks that a lot of the catalogs offer. I always drool over them, and a LOT of the tshirts, and Sonny wants the grooming stuff (cause he is a Pimp! LOL) Oh- and the ornaments that Jeffers offers too. Love those.

    hehe... sounds like I am making my own Christmas list here! ;)

  4. Love socks for Christmas! The women in my family always exchange cool socks as a "stocking" gift. So every Christmas I have at least three fun new pairs to look forward to. And socks have the added benefit of being mostly one-size fits all :)

  5. My daughter has a sock fetish too-LOL. First she got into a bunch with geometric designs on them, then came the ones that looked like candy bar wrappers(Baby Ruth, Nestle Crunch, etc) then the Funny Bunny ones with cute sayings on them. She buys any pair that she runs across with horses on them too. I always think, well-at least they are easy to pair up-hehe.

    I'm with you on the Christmas presents though, at this stage in my life, I don't need more STUFF. My mom keeps asking and the only thing I can think of that I really need is some new saddle pads...a new show saddle would be nice(unrealistic-but nice)-hehehe.

  6. Wow! I'm reading the Laura Crum book 'Cutter' right now! My neighbor friend loaned me her copy. Don't tell me it's a series! gah! Oh no, I see a pattern starting now. Gotta have it...!!

    I won't collect any painted ponies because I hate dusting. And it's so dusty around here in the mountains anyway, I can barely keep up, as it is.
    I don't have many knicknack collectibles, though I do enjoy looking at and admiring those painted ponies.

    I am wanting a new camera, because as you know mine was stolen. Hubby says that he wants to buy (er Santa wants to buy) one with lots of awesome bells and whistles, so unfortunately the money is not there to get one for Christmas. Will probably have to wait until Valentines Day. wah.

    I also want a new breadmaker as mine fried up recently. The dough oozed into the heating elements and there was a terrible burning smell and lots of smoke. Gah!

    I love socks and jammies for Christmas, too. There is something so comforting about warm feet and cozy clothes :)

    New Mexico

  7. For me, it's not about my list, but rather what I want for the critters. My birthday is a couple days after Christmas, so the whole season has always been challenging for me. I just tend to not make a list of what I want for me, but what I need for the critters and that seems to help.

    Casey wants a likit, stall toys (because that empty jug does loose it's coolness) and new shipping boots

    The dogs want toys and dog beds and maybe skijoring equipment for jogging

    The cats want a nice, big cat tree

    As for socks, the sock elf seems to prefer to steal the oldest child's socks constantly. I'm always hearing how she needs socks. So, I'm going to buy her 30 pairs and individually wrap each pair before boxing them and then wrapping the box. Yes, I'm a mean mom!

    I hope you get everything on your list!

  8. Leah - the family thing is covered. We're actually closing the restaurant for THREE WHOLE DAYS! :o

    MrsMom - I like the cute tshirts too. However the twins make findig ones that fit too much of a challenge (I KNOW you relate!) lol

    SunnySD - isn't it nice how many neat socks there are out there now. You can find ones for almost anyone.

    BECG - funny bunny is probably like happy bunny. I especially like a new pair I bought that says "The World NEEDS Drama Queens" with the bunny pic.
    New show saddle, I think Santa would want you to be *extra* good to get that. ;)

    Lisa - man that sucks, now you're down the camera AND your breadmaker! I don't like dusting either but I (usually) keep up with it pretty well because of my allergies.

    Oregon - we don't have kids so we buy stuff for the critters. I just got the dogs neat collars. They are kinda scrunchy red and white with sleigh bells. The dogs LOVE them!
    Oh and I LIKE your wrapping idea... sounds like something I would do! lol

  9. Heehee...I am getting ready to do a post about what I want for Christmas too, so I won't give away what that is yet!!

    I'll give you a hint though..."it" belongs to someone that we all know....

  10. Wouldn't it be cool if one of us bloggers actually bought!!!???

    He is a cool horse, and I hope that Stephanie finds just the right home for him. :)

  11. Horse people are easy to shop for, people just don't "get" us, lol.
    For the first time ever I'm totally not in the mood for Christmas. It came too fast and I still have a lot of shopping to do and I don't want to go out in the shopping crowds. I have always liked Christmas music (traditonal type), but I can't stand it this year!
    So far I've told Matt I want a digital photo frame and 2 CDS, David Cook (if he's got one out yet) and Snow Patrol AGAIN. He bought it for me 2 years ago and I loved it and listened to it all the time- then one day it VANISHED:-( I looked everywhere, but could never find it. I was bummed.
    On Matt's side of the family we drew names and so my list there says - greyhound statues, scented candles and Sweaters or long sleeve shirts that have aren't "cutesy" and dont' have prints of wild running horses on them :-) you guys know the shirts- GAG.

    I LOVE cool socks too- now those can have tons of prints and be cutesy;-)

  12. EVerything on my list is horse related. No one in my family wants to buy horse stuff....but me! It's not a good combination. lol

  13. Fun list! The trail of painted ponies is a great idea. I'd like to start a collection of those. They have some very cool native american Appaloosa ones!
    I got my pony for Xmas last year. Who knew I'd have to wait until I was 37 to get a pony for Xmas. Dreams can come true! :)

  14. I put a new pair of light grey English breeches on my list. Along with a list of books I have been wanting, wines that I like and candle scents I enjoy.

    I usually have a whole list of horsey stuff that I want but its all soo specific that I have been leaving that off lately and letting my family get me things I don't normally get for myself, or when i do I hate it because I think that hair products are way over priced and why would I get myself I cutie western blouse when I have 3 that are in fine shape in my closet - just because I wear over and over and bought them in 99 doesn't mean they are out-of-style right?

    So if you catch my drift I let them by me those thing that I just can't justify buying myself. And for once I am completely set for boots...


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