Wednesday, December 10, 2008

(almost)Wordless Wednesday

Mom we know you're feeling all Christmas-y but really...
this is soooo undignified!
Now give us our sleighbell collars back!!


  1. hahaha - the poor pets and the things we put them through!

    Too cute!

  2. I bet it was easier to get the hats on my horses than it was to get those dogs to be still!

  3. lol! How embarrasing. What good sports, though :)

    New Mexico

  4. Leah - it was actually very easy. My dogs listen quite well (to me at least) when it comes to things like wait, sit, down and stay.
    I really thing that teaching the dogs "Wait" was one of the best things to do.

  5. I used to have a border collie/chow mix once and she was jet black. I had her picture taken with Santa and she looked absolutely miserable. She was all scrunched down and they had to put a red bandana around her neck so you could tell where her head was, otherwise she was just a big black blob. Bandana was chewed off within a day. Your dogs look like they are very well behaved.

  6. What patient, well behaved dogs you have! At least for this picture!!!

  7. awwww, they look so adorable, but so annoyed, lol! I love it!


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