Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Every Freakin' Winter

Went out to the barn today and brought the ponies in.
Was planning on giving them their "extras" (grain w/supplements) and checking for lumps, bumps and owies.
Applejack was standing at the back of the barn around the corner from the door. Nice.
Cessa was out in the pasture "grazing" (do horses get senile??). Called her name and whistled. She looked up and seemed to have trouble spotting me. Whistled and called again and waved my arms. I could tell she spotted me as she perked up and came trotting in.
While she was heading in I opened the back door and told Applejack to go in. Gave him a look-over as he walked by. It's all good.
Cessa was right on his heels.
**insert bad words here**
Didn't even have to really LOOK. It was right there. Bright red on her rear right leg. Not as dramatic looking as the cut from last winter that I posted about.
But still.... every FREAKIN' winter. She cuts a leg. DANG.
The good news is there is no heat, no swelling and she's walking fine (as I said she trotted in from the pasture)


  1. Hope the cut isn't too bad. And hope it warms up soon! S'posed to be -40 here this weekend, bleah! I call it "stupid cold"!

  2. How frustrating! Bombay has a scar of dark hair on his leg from when a shard of glass on the broken trailer window cut him, and Gabbrielle has a C-shaped scar behind each eye from when she got her head stuck in a fence.

  3. At least winter cold means no flies in it, and less risk of infection.... I'm crossing my fingers we get through the rest of snow season with no worse than what we've dealt with so far. I'm not optimistic, but it could happen.

    Hope Cessa's damage is minor!

  4. Oh dear! How frustrating! How the heck did she do it this time? Any ideas? Kola had a small cut on the inside of one of her rears this fall, but I didn't see until late. Not a big deal, though, healed with a little aloe cream. Hope she's ok!

  5. And winter wound care, what fun. Frozen blood, frozen skin flaps, wet hands out of gloves, aaaack.

  6. At least the cold helps keep inflammation down.

  7. Put 'em in a padded room and...

    Crazy horses!!

    I was cleaning Shooter's feet out the other day and got to looking at his hind fetlocks...scrapes on both of them. No cuts, but scraped up pretty darn good. Only thing I can think of is that he laid down next to the fence and got his hind legs under a panel. Couldn't find a spot where it looked like he had struggled though. A little swelling on one, but no heat and he wasn't lame on either. Darn colt-don't he know he is the next great hope...we can't be having any injuries!!

  8. Oh no! Darn. I hope it heals up quickly, though. Yep. Thankfully no flies. ugh!

    Stay warm,
    New Mexico

  9. Isn't it amazing? Scary, too, when you first see the blood and aren't sure of the severity of the wound. I'm glad he's okay!

  10. I hope her leg heals fast! Glad she doesn't seem bothered by it.


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