Monday, December 1, 2008

Thank you's!

I'm a little behind in responding to these, but... not that long ago I was given 2 more awards by a couple of special ladies! :) I didn't notice any 'rules' so I'll pass them on as I see fit.

Laura at Little Keebler gave me the "Million Dollar Friend Award". Thanks so much Laura! This means a lot to me, I really do think of you as a friend!

I'd like to pass this on to Steph (hope you're feeling better!), Mrs Mom, BECG and Lisa/Twinville
Speaking of Lisa/Twinville, she honoured me with this fab award! (oh, and if you haven't been to her blog lately you really need to go check out the alphabet challenge!!) I totally get why she was gifted with this award, her blog is so fun and informative! I feel privileged to have had it passed on to little ol' me!

I would like to pass this on to Meg, the 7MSN, Mikey and 20 Metre Circle of Life
*awards/images are not of my creation*


  1. Me, too! I'm blushing 6 shades of red! lol!
    I had no idea you felt that way about my blog and I'm just so honored and happy :)

    Thank you, my friend!

    New Mexico

  2. Thank you Cdn!! I too think of my blog friends as real friends and appreciate them for all they have to offer.

  3. Congratulations on all of your awards!

  4. Hey Thank you! I needed a boost today too!

  5. Awh, sweetie, thanks so much! I am totally humbled that you would think to pass this on to me! Gosh...(walking away, shaking my disbelief!)...


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. (evil laughter)
    Guess what I've got for you?
    (This is getting way out of hand, eh? lol)

    Come pick it up already. :)
    A Jewel for you!

    New Mexico

  8. I totally forgot about Rain. You've mentioned her before, too. Sorry! :P

    So yes! You do qualify for my Paint Horse Approved award/ picture, too.
    Come on by and pick it up whenever you'd like :)



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