Friday, August 1, 2008

I'm baaaack!!

And I missed you guys so much :)
Lots happened, but in a weird way not much happened. Don't know if anyone understands that or if I can explain it.
To keep this from being one ginormously long post I'll break things down and catch up over a few days:
MONDAY was pretty uneventful.
Kimfer was supposed to pick me up around 5 am. It ended up being closer to 6 - this is noteworthy because its usually ME that runs late NOT Kimfer! :o It also meant that I could have had 3 hours sleep instead of 2.
Once on the road we stopped at the Grasswoods Esso/Smitty for breakfast and then it was serious travelling.
Kimfer and I were chatting away when we decided it was time for some music. As I was the passenger I was also the DJ... and so I thought I'd start the trip off right - I put in a Kenny Loggins CD that I stole (borrowed) from Pie (he's a big 80's music fan). And of course the song I skipped to (in honor of Steph) was "Danger Zone". Kimfer cracked up, it was a good way to start the trip.
Although Steph, we've also decided that another good analogy would be race car drivers a la Days of Thunder. lol
When we got to Regina we parked and wandered around looking for our districts stabling. Much to our disappointment we were in the old race track barns. (BOO!) These barns suck in many ways... the stalls are solid wood, so there is poor air flow; the floor is concrete; there is weird stuff that falls in chunks from the ceiling (rumored to be asbestos but I kinda think that's an 'urban legend').
So we grabbed the best 4 stalls of the bunch and unloaded the horses and put them in the stalls, with a bit of our stuff in the 4th stall (tack stall). We also put notes on 3 stalls for Holly & Brenda. Right after that the Hoovers showed up. Wow, we had good timing!
Then it was over to Lipsett's across the parking lot to buy straw bales to bed the ponies, the boys said they'd deliver it in a few minutes so we ran back and unloaded all the "barn stuff" and tack from the trailer. After the stalls were bedded, water buckets and hay nets hung, tack etc was put away we drove over to the camping area.
This area was in sad shape, the R.E.A. really REALLY needs to do something about how they have it set up, pot holes, ruts, ugh... just a mess! Thankfully there were only two trailers there so we grabbed the best two side by side spots we could find and unhooked the trailer in one and put the truck in the next one so we could save it for Brenda & Holly.
It was a looooong day waiting but once they showed up we moved our truck and went for groceries. (and Starbucks) :) While we waited there was a bit of a wind storm, thankfully we had put the trailer awning away just minutes before it hit. About 6 or 7 other campers weren't so lucky and their awnings were destroyed!
Also, because it was such a long day we went out for supper instead of making a camp supper. We went to Chili's where in honor of Meg I visited Margaritaville and enjoyed a fabulous 'rita with my supper. lol

Now, I'm off to play catch up on everyone else's blogs! I'll post more tomorrow :)


  1. Good to have you back! Uneventful might make for less entertainment but it means you got there, did your thing and got home again safely. Hope you had a good time! Pics???

  2. So glad you are back!
    Pictures ALREADY!!!!


  3. Hey no fair-was looking forward to pics and tales of how much money you girls won-LOL.

    Lucky save on the awning though!! Those are expensive to have to replace.

    Ooohhh Starbucks!! I haven't had a carmel macchiato(sp?) for a.g.e.s!!!

  4. BECG: Kimfer said that if we hadn't saved the awning we might as well not go home. Its her dad's trailer after all. lol

  5. Okay i am starting here and working my way up.

    How cool you snagged that CD! I mean come on? What are we pleasure gals going to listen to as a showing sound track? I did alway think, however that "Take my breath away" would be a good loping song....

    Besides we are always trying to be clam and assertive and not be excited and nervous so we only rock out when the day is done (boo!). And even then its usually a contest to see who can shut off Stephanie's radio in the Tack stall - I guard it like a hawk but before you know it I'll turn around and someone has turned it down or shut it off. Oh well...

    I LOVE the theme from Days of Thunder - you could maybe download that!?

    I just love road trips!

  6. Glad you had fun - thanks for the update!

  7. Steph: How funny, I was thinking "Take My Breath Away" or "Almost Paradise"

    Seems like I'm stuck on songs from '80s movies!


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