Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Well, part way at least. I am in Edmonton right now. Flew here this evening and now my sis and I have to wait until later (much later) before we fly east.
The flight out was good. I normally hate flying by myself, and I'm pretty shy so I don't talk to strangers. For some reason I struck up a conversation with the lady seated next to me. She was so nice, we talked the whole flight. Turns out she is originally from Saskatoon and was flying home to Vancouver. Her sister still lives in Saskatoon so she was going to tell her to stop by the restaurant and chat. Oh my, we even exchanged info to keep in touch. So not me.
Mr Applejack will be getting ridden by my friend Kyla while I'm gone. Thank goodness because otherwise he'd get sooo fat in these two weeks and district finals are the weekend I return!
Not sure how much internet access I'll have while I'm gone but I'm hoping to check in at least a couple times :)


  1. Hope the rest of your trip goes ok...

    Halifax is so nice - hope you get to enjoy the city a bit.

  2. How nice to have found a friend in the "air" to help pass the time! My flight to Dallas, the lady was a little odd, so I read half my book! On the way back I just read another book! I have to "FOCUS!" Safe travels to you!

  3. Trip??? What trip??? Hopefully it is a fun trip?

    Have a great time....whatever it is that you are doing ;)

  4. Hey have fun on your trip = just had a few minutes to catch up with my blog buddies!

    I am so freaking shot! Even getting ready for a small show wears me out!

    Was going to post to my blog but I keep nodding off at my computer!!

    Loved your post about your beach trip.

    Bet you $100 something was in there and disturbed those bees before you guys got there (or was in there while you were riding by) honey bees are usually not like that unless they are on the defense or unless they have been Africanized... and I think you are too far north for that!

    What you describe about the swarm while leaving is typical defense swarm behavior....we have a bee keeper who keeps bees just west of our property, never given us any trouble but I have learned alot from them.

    I love having the honey bees around my place - they love my mint patch!


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