Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Eastbound and down

Well not 'eastbound'. I AM east, in Halifax to be precise.
As for down, yeah a little. I miss my family (Pie and the assorted critters) and I'm a wee bit nervous about dad's operation.
Tomorrow he goes in for some tests. The big op (kidney transplant) is on Thursday.
Right now I stole down the street from the hotel to an internet cafe to get some much needed blog time (OMG I am SO addicted, I've been suffering serious withdrawal! lol) Also getting some much needed 'alone time'. Don't get me wrong, its been great to see family I haven't seen in years (not to mention being back here, I haven't been east since I was 5) but its been me and sis and her baby pretty much 24/7 and I am not used to that! I usually get at least a few hours of time alone everyday.
I've been taking tons of pics and have some good stories to share once I'm home. Seeing mom's side of the fam was a blast! :)
Going to go try to catch up with as many of my BWF (blogworld friends) as possible before the laptop battery dies. I hope to steal away a few more times so hopefully I'll "see" all y'all soon!


  1. Hope everything is ok with your Dad... It's good to be with family, but it can be overwhelming too!

    Hope you can walk around Hfx a bit - it's so pretty.

  2. I hope the surguries go well. Being in your position is difficult. You need to be there, but there isn't much you can do, except be there. Take care of yourself and keep us posted!!

  3. Keep us updated on how things go. Family can really be overwhelming, I agree. :)

  4. Now I know what kind of "trip" you are on!!! I will send lots of positive thoughts your way. Hope that your dad, and whoever is donating the kidney, surgeries and recovery go smoothly.

    Hopefully your family won't drive you too nuts!!! I know what that can be like...I can only handle mine in small amounts :)

  5. Wishing your dad good luck!

    I totally know what you mean when you need alone time - I love my family too, but can handle only so much.

    Like when they all show up to Katerina show. I want them there and then gone - they are just too much, all wanting my attention at once and I am just not used to them all...

  6. Waiting to hear good news about your Dad CDN!! Like BECG said, take good care of YOU so that you can be there for Dad.

    Praying for ya way down here...

  7. Hope to hear from you soon that everything went well. *fingers crossed for your Dad*

    Even though I love to travel, I hate to be away from home in the evening. I like my own bed and miss my DB.

    Get home safe.


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