Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lisa Lush and Killer Kimfer

Yup, I got a great nickname this year at finals. (please note the sarcasm). I had one drink at supper Monday and when we got back I tripped on a chunk of asphalt that was laying on top of the mud and asphalt that made up the camping yard. It was dark, I couldn't see it. Now I'm a lush. lol
Kimfer, well... she killed a family. Of ducks. On our way home I was texting while she was driving and suddenly I hear "Whoooa, oh crap" as the truck swerves slightly.
I looked up, nervous. "What happened?" I asked as I tried to see if an oncoming car had veered toward us or something like that. Instead I notice Kimfer looking in the side mirror, and not looking very happy.
"Oh crap I think they're dead" she said.
"Ummm.... huh?" was all I could get out.
She tells me there was a momma duck and her babies on the road. Seeing as we were pulling a loaded trailer she couldn't exactly swerve evasively so she tried to swerve gently and miss them. Instead when she checked her mirror she just saw a bunch of feathery bodies flapping about. And I don't mean with their wings. :(


  1. oh, awful to run over something. hopefully she survived and the is the worst thing that she ever hits. :)

  2. I was thinking about it. Maybe they're okay... after all a 3/4 ton truck and 3 horse gooseneck would create a BIT of a breeze. Maybe they were being tossed around by turbulence and are just a bit bumped and bruised?
    The only thing bigger than a bug I've ever hit was a gopher, much as I hate them even that bothered me.

  3. I hate that when it happens. No way to avoid it sometimes. lets heare how you girls did!?!? Come on, dying to know.

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  5. Yeah on the note of being called a lush - my show pals have no leg to stand on there. But when they were first getting to know me they all thought I was quite the light weight in the bar because i would trip or go to sit on a chair and not make it so half fall off - sometime I'd even get cut off after one drink! But I am must real clumsy it had nothing to do with drinking.

    Now that they know me they understand and when the bar tender last tried to cut me off - they all chimed in "no you don't understand, she does that even when she's sober!" I was like, Thanks guys - thanks alot. They meant well.

    Sorry about the duckies - I have a story about a turtle I will blog about some day...

    (sorry about the deletes - I seem to be unable to type today...)

  6. The above sentence should read...

    "I am JUST real clumsy it had nothing to do with drinking."

    Man! must be Monday....

  7. I have monday typing skills today as well... but I did spend all day at the lake so maybe I just got too much sun? :)

  8. AHHH, one of my worst nightmares. My BF always says that I;m gonna kill myself sometime avoiding animals on the road. But in def understand the loaded trailer. No need to create a layered horse sandwich in the trailer. Do you also lift your feet up if you hit something. I always seem to do this for some odd reason.

  9. Oh no poor duckies!!!!! I hate that. I hit my first deer this year and I BALLED for like 20 minutes and my husband went back to make sure she was gone because I wouldn't leave her there in pain. I also hit a rabbit, well he/she kinda ran into my car as I was passing and when I pulled over it was just shaking it's little head and it hopped off so I guess it was okay. I will probably kill myself someday trying to avoid hitting something.

    How did you girls do, I am anxious to hear about your adventures!

  10. EeeGads! I killed an opossum once with a car loads of kids. I felt so guilty! Ooops!


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