Sunday, July 27, 2008

See ya soon!

I've been in blogging overdrive the last few days... maybe I'm cramming in as much as I can in case my laptop doesn't cooperate? At least most of the blogs I read I can play catch up with when I get home. That darn Joe at TBFriends though, if you don't read his post that day its gone! So I'm going to miss those all week :( (and I am secretly hoping that all y'all aren't too chatty this week! ;p)

So here's a rundown of the week:

Monday - arrive, settle horses in, set up camp, get groceries.

Tuesday - visit the RCMP heritage museum, office opens - pay entries & fees

Wednesday - 1st Open run (Kimfer & I entered)

Thursday - 2nd Open run (K & I again) and 1st Barrel Bonanza run (Kimfer)

Friday - final Open run off for those who qualified and 2nd BB run, clean up, load up and head home!

Of course there is daily stall cleaning/feed & watering/exercising of the ponies. Maybe we'll hit the midway. Do some shopping, maybe hit a movie (for the air conditioning if nothing else!)

I am hoping to make a post of two while I'm gone, if not I'll take notes and play catch up posting when I return. Have a fun week all my blogfriends! (but don't post a lot! lol)


  1. Go and see Momma Mia if you can. I loved it. You have to have a least a small taste for Abba. Good luck.

  2. Be safe, have fun, good luck and take pix!

  3. Ok, I think I miss you already!


    Tell us all about it when you come back even if it didn't go well I know you are out there trying your heart out!

  5. PS

    Love your new header...

    I need to do something more creative - just haven't had time....

  6. Ride really really well... for some reason that was something my CA friends and I always said before a show? IDK way though? Have fun! and I too hate that TB Friends doesn't have an archieve!

    Don't forget an extra pair of reins for Kimfer;-)


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