Saturday, August 30, 2008


I feel like I've been running my butt off since (very VERY early) Wednesday morning. Our district finals were this weekend and between flying home, jumping right back into being at work and preparing the financial stuff for finals I don't think I've stopped. Really. I had 3 hours (maybe) of sleep last night, and about 5 hours the two nights before that. The night I left Halifax it was maybe 4 hours, and then I was up about 24 hours straight to get home. And right now I'm quickly posting this between getting home from barrel racing and going to work.
Good news is that Raincloud was a very good boy at district finals. Indoors Friday night his first run was good but not as fast as he could have ran, second run I hit a barrel. And yes it was MY fault.
Today we ran outdoors and both of his runs were nice. One girl even said that she thought my first run 1st and 2nd barrels were the best ones he's had all season! :)
Sadly we didn't place in the day money for either day or the aggregate. However we did win Most Improved Open!
My buddies Kimfer and Julie are now our districts provincial reps, Heather stayed on as chair (yay!) and Char, Charlie and Jackie E are our open district reps and Katie is our youth district rep. And once again I let my name stand for secretary/treasurer and so I remain.
Now I've got to go dry my hair and put on a bit of makeup and then its off to work!

Oh, almost forgot... Kimfer and I are going to try our hand at something new and horsey tomorrow. We're going to go to a team sorting. No idea if I'll be any good at it but Ace (Holly's hubby) promised that its all for fun and no one will laugh at me (maybe WITH me, but not at me). Will let you know how it turns out.


  1. Oh, Looking forward to hear how the team sorting goes! Get pics!

  2. Glad you are back and that all went well. I bet you are pooped!!

    Good for you winning the Most Improved Open. I am going through barrel racing withdrawals. Summer season is done and nothing going on until the winter series start.

  3. I like watching sorting - but have never tried it myself.
    I have no idea if pugs need help, our other one didn't. She is getting spayed though, so no more of this. :)


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