Thursday, August 21, 2008

You guys are awesome :)

First I want to say Thank You to you guys (or all y'all). Thanks for the good wishes/prayers for safe travel and successful operations for my Dad and uncle.

Both Uncle David and my Dad's operations went well (U.D. was the donor) And I never thought I'd be so happy to hear that someone pee'd but Dad's new (although slightly previously used) ;) kidney started producing urine right away.
David had his op first and when he was back in his room we (sis, bro & I) all checked on him and thanked him again. This has been a strange visit, this is the first I've seen him since I was about 6 and the first time I've met his wife (who is also super nice) David was so calm and cool about the whole thing, I've seen people get more stressed and nervous about getting a tooth pulled!
Dad was quite obviously nervous, he did what he always does when he's stressed... cracked jokes (hmmm.... maybe that's a learned behaviour? I do the same) He kept talking about being "sliced and diced" and that the doctor's needed to make sure they didn't take a kidney from him and put it into David. Stuff like that all day yesterday.
So today we saw him before the operation, saw David after his and then while we were waiting for Dad's operation to be done and for him to be back in a room after the recovery waiting time we (again bro, sis and I) went for a walk and a bit of site-seeing. I LOVE the area we're in (south end Halifax). Especially South Park St. and Spring Garden St. (road??) We walked around these areas, saw tons of great old houses and cool little stores, restaurants and pubs. (too bad babies can't go in pubs lol) My poor brother was dragged into a few stores (heh heh) and we did walk down to the waterfront so he could see some boats and reclaim some of his testosterone ;P (actually Day and I wanted to see the waterfront too)
Tomorrow we are going to take a tour of the brewery (Keith's) and hopefully Saturday we will drive down to Peggy's Cove.
After hearing that Dad would be in the stepdown soon we headed to the hospital. When we got there he was resting but noticed us at the doorway and motioned us in. He is quite alert and looked good. Made a few jokes but not of his "nervous tick" variety. He was happy to see us kids and his little grandson. We visited for a bit but I left because I was worried about wearing him out.

By the way, if anyone ever happens to be in Halifax I have to recommend going to Uncommon Grounds (the wi-fi cafe I've been going to) SUPER nice staff, and of course they are helping me get both my internet and caffeine fixes!


  1. So glad to hear everything went well! Still keeping you and yours in my thoughts for a speedy recovery for both your dad and Uncle.

  2. Glad all went well and will pray for a total and speedy recovery for both.

  3. Glad that everything went smoothly and now some of the stress is off.

  4. Glad to hear that things are going well so far! Here's hoping that your Dad and Uncle recovery quickly.

    Did you check out some of the navy ships down at the docks? I was in the naval reserve when I was in uni and spent a summer living in Hfx...

  5. So good to hear things went well. I hope you are able to enjoy the rest of your visit and get home soon. A speedy and full recovery to them both!

  6. Enjoy your tour of the brewery and let me know if you get to try any beer and how you like it.

    Me and hubby used to brew our own beer before he got more interested in other things. I always enjoy a good microbrew.

    I am still hoping every continues to go well and both recover fully and quickly! Happy Friday! Try to have a good weekend!

  7. The brewery tour was pretty neat. You were allowed to sample two mugs of beer. I chose the Keith's lite and Keith's red (I did NOT drink all of either)
    We've walked around a LOT and the south side of Halifax is SO pretty.
    We've been to the waterfront and to the citadel. Missed the tour of the citadel but hope to catch it before we leave.

  8. Glad that things are going well for everyone involved :)

    ...have a drink for me at the brewery!!!

  9. Come home soon Cnd!!! We miss you around here!

  10. Oh, Hope your Dad and Uncle continue to heal well. What an undergoing! My thoughts are with y'all! :)

  11. Hey...when are you returning home? Hope that everyone is healing well :)

  12. Gosh, I feel like the worst first blog buddy ever! I have been neglecting blogs as of late and I had no idea all this was going on:-o
    ~Jingles~ for your dad and uncle, I wish them speedy recoveries! and have a safe trip back


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