Thursday, August 28, 2008

Home Sweet Home :)

I had a super awesome time out east. :) I took tons of pics which I will be posting on the blog in the near future. Thanks to all for your hospitality!
But there is nothing like showering in your own shower and sleeping in your own bed. And of course it was great to see Pie again and spend time snuggling.
So Pie played a joke on me and called while I was in the security line at the airport in Edmonton. He called to say that he wasn't going to be able to leave work to pick me up, that I'd have to take a cab once I got to Saskatoon. Turns out he was just saying that so that I'd be surprised when he was there. Jerk. lol Good thing he was there though, I was dead tired and was glad for the help with my suitcases. (I was up almost 24 hours from when I woke up in Halifax to when I finally was at my house)
Comet & Misty (the dogs) were quite excited to see me again. Lola (kitty) fluffed herself up for some attention and Chloe (kitty) eventually forgave me and followed me around until I lay on the couch, at which point she curled up on me. Oh to be loved. lol
Today I woke up, went and rode Applejack (horse withdrawal finally over!) and then came home to get the financial statements and info ready because... tomorrow is the start of district finals! (also called 'mini finals') As secretary/treasurer I needed to let our prez know how much money we can add and get our financial statement ready for the AGM Saturday. Mini finals run Friday night indoors and then Saturday during the day outdoors. After the runs are done on Saturday we have the AGM and following the AGM the prizes & cash are awarded.
I'm hoping to do okay. Applejack has been running pretty good, not sure how much Kyla rode while I was gone. He seemed to get winded pretty easily today. :( But he doesn't look fat like he should if she hadn't been riding. Maybe he was getting played out because the arena was muddy? hmmm....
Anyhoo, being on the committee I know what the prizes are like this year and I sure would like a buckle! Actually I'd just be happy to win something! lol

*Special note to D*
You aren't a bad blog friend! You have stuff going on in your life right now, happens to all of us. Darn real life! lol
Thanks for the jingles, Dad & Uncle David are both doing well. In fact they are both recovering faster than the doctors were expecting! :)


  1. Glad to hear that you made it back in one piece. That's a cute joke your hubby/bf played on you - something mine would do too...

    Have fun at your mini-finals!

  2. Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing pix.

  3. Glad you're back - safe to say we all missed you!

    Glad everything on your home front was good - nothing went haywire while you were gone!

    Don't cha just love they way dogs miss you? I know I do makes me feel so loved...

  4. YAAAY!!! You're home! Good to hear all went well and that your Dad and Uncle are getting better. Sounds like there will be no rest for the weary! Have a great weekend and post some pics soon!

  5. Glad you're back! Hey, A long time comin' I just added you to my blog roll. I have vacation time right now and I'm finally catching up on things I needed to get done. Sorry, it took me so long! :)

  6. She's baaaack!!! Can't wait to see pics, and read about, your show.

    Glad to hear that everyone is doing well...all around :)


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