Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gone Baby Gone

Its time to share the little secret I've been keeping to myself for the last 2-3 weeks. The only reason I didn't share it sooner was that I didn't want to "jinx" myself. You'll understand in a moment.

So here it is, Quinn is sold! And as of 9:30 this morning it is official. That is when I was handed the cheque and gave the buyer the receipt. :)
That darn horse has been so much bad luck for me. That's why I didn't mention anything until the sale was official and completed.
What happened is an acquaintance (K) texted me a few weeks ago to ask if I still had him and, if I did, was I still thinking of selling him. (as I've mentioned before, I've been having a sell or not sell debate with myself for awhile). I called her and told her yes. She said she had a friend that would probably want him. I told her he's not quite the same horse as the one she saw last. I filled her in on what happened at LV's this spring. K said no big deal. K also knows all the details of the sordid AmanDUH story. K was the one helping me try to get my confidence back with Quinn and she's ridden him and had to play doctor on him for me as well. I'm pretty sure she thinks his issues are MY issues. Which I do believe is part of the problem, but after this spring as you all know I had decided that we wouldn't be able to work through it.
So K sent her friend my e-mail addy and she contacted me. I called her and we talked some more about Quinn. She said that they would definitely take him but they wouldn't be able to pick him up until the middle of September. I said no problem, but are you SURE you are taking him? I explained that I was heading east for my dad's surgery. She said yes, definitely. I said great, that's going to make things sooo much easier for my not-really-a-horseperson hubby. Now Pie didn't have to field any calls from buyers. :)
I still didn't share anything because I was worried that the jinx would strike. Then Friday morning the buyer called. They were able to come out this way this weekend and wanted to pick him up Saturday! Small problem, this weekend was district finals and I wouldn't be able to meet with them until Sunday. :o She said that Sunday would work as long as it was in the morning. She said they'd call me Saturday and let me know what time.
Last night she called and said they wanted to come around 9am. I said that would work just fine as we wanted to go to a team sorting and hoped to leave by 10am.
So this morning I went to the acreage a little early. Caught Quinn and groomed him and said my goodbyes. Explained that while I did love him we just couldn't keep on this path together and that I hoped he'd be happy in his new home and that he'd behave himself. I also told him that Miss K had told me her friend would keep him until his last days on earth. That they're not the type to buy and sell a lot of horses, their horses were lifers. (yes I talk to my horses)
Just before 9:30 they pulled into the yard. I met them in the yard and K introduced us all. The buyer handed me a cheque. I was surprised, she hadn't even laid eyes on this horse yet (other than the pics K had e-mailed her). We went in the barn, she petted Quinn and we chatted.
10 minutes later I loaded him in their trailer and they were on their way! :)
I really hope this all works out. Obviously they really trust K's opinion, they didn't test ride, do a vet check, nothing. They based their buy on the pics and what K and I told them. I give myself the benefit of the doubt because K is amazing with horses and I disclosed everything that I knew that K may not have known to pass on. Fingers crossed that Quinn has an amazing new life ahead of him!


  1. Congrats! It is funny how we can debate long and hard about selling a horse and when the time comes, we just know if it is the right thing to do or not. It is so much different when you know that they are going to a good home, it is almost a relief to not have to THINK about it anymore! It is also funny the way that in the past, the more bad things a person told me about their horse, the more confident I felt about purchasing it! I feel so suspect of "perfect" horses and sellers that answer with one liners. It sounds like it all worked out the way it should.

  2. Hey! Now you have money to buy another horse or more tack -- woo hoo!

  3. Wow - that is good news! It's too bad Quinn didn't work out for you, but it must be a bit of a relief to have him moving on to a new home. I felt that way with my old gelding.

    Gee - what would happen if you bought another horse with the money!?! lol

  4. Wow! That is good news. I had to part ways with my gelding a few years ago, for much of the same and I had for 6 years, but it was just not working for us. Your Quinn will have a good home. Mine ended up with a good home and someone who really loves him.

  5. 1-I do not need to buy more tack. That doesn't mean I won't just that I shouldn't. lol

    2-I am going to be buying another horse, just not sure when. Pie thinks I should start looking right away. I want to look in the spring. Hmmm... maybe Pie wants me to return Applejack to him? lol

  6. OK...I need to do some back reading, so I can figure out what you are talking about. Was Quinn your horse then, and obviously the two of you did't click?

    It sounds like he went to a good home...that is always a huge relief!

  7. Congrats! What a relief for you, I'm very happy for you and Quinn... will you be able to keep in touch and get updates?
    OK, I must have missed it, but way do you call your hubby Pie?

  8. melanie - if you want to catch up on Quinn's sordid story you can read "Opinion's Please" in May and "Quinn's Story" parts 1 - 4 in June.

    denise - I haven't said before why I call hubby Pie. There really isn't any one reason. Although sometimes I say its because he's Greek and the first letter of his name is the sign for pi in algebra. lol Or its because he's my sweetie pie/honey pie/sugar pie. I really don't know why I started it though. Just like for some weird reason he calls me Lou. :)

  9. Congrats - ya know I really believe things happen for a reason and you are correct Quinn has a new life ahead of him - and a good chance its a good one.

    Freeing you up money wise, time wise and mentally - you are no longer responsible for him or what he does - take deep breath and let go of any of that stuff that might still be lingering, its up to Quinn now (not you) to behave and not screw things up at his new home.

  10. CDN-

    Thanks for the info on Quinn! I read it, and I second what Stephanie says. He was obviously not the right horse for you, and hopefully he can behave for his new owner(s).

    You must feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of your shoulders:)

  11. Steph: thanks, that's pretty much what some RL friends have told me too. I think that's part of the reason I'm not in a rush to find a new horse. I just want space to breathe and let go. :)

  12. I got a text from Quinn's new owner last night (actually a few) they wanted to double check what kind of bit he went in and when he was last wormed. They also said he settled in well at home and they love him. To quote "he'll be here forever" :)

  13. Oh good! I do the same thing, those darn Jinxs! Plus I am Italian! Superstitious! is my middle name!


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