Friday, August 8, 2008

Fortuitous days

Its 08-08-2008. Supposedly another one of those days when the stars and planets align and "magic" can happen in this crazy world of ours. "8" is a special number to the Chinese, and today they start the Olympics.
Wonder how many people are getting married today? (07-07-2007 was a major day for weddings, but it was also a Saturday)

So I'm sending out good wishes to all of my blog friends! And a little something that hopefully will touch your hearts:
To The Owner Of This Horse
~ author unknown
Alone I stand in this dark stall - staring into space
Wondering how this came to be my final resting place.
I think back on all I did for you and try to understand,
Why you would let me fade away beneath your very hand.
I gave you all I had to give, and still you wanted more,
I pushed myself so you'd receive the very highest score.
I forgave you when you were too quick to punish or to scold,
I just remembered you were young, and wished that you were old.
I always carried you safely through each trial and each course,
And all I wanted in return was for you to love this horse.
Yet here I am - alone and cold - a mere shadow of myself,
With our pictures and Blue Ribbons still displayed upon your shelf.
I do not feel selfish, in this, my final plea,
I just want to understand why you did this to me.
I know that as time passes, people will change their ways,
And children will grow up and forget their younger days.
But how does one forget a friend - someone they once adored,
And start looking at their old champion as nothing but a bore?
Now I know my coat has faded and my eyes, they aren't so bright,
But I assure you that within my heart still burns a quiet light.
Yet, here I stand alone and scared of what may lay ahead,
Will I ever know another kindness or have a warm dry bed?
So people, when you buy a horse, just please remember me,
And what sadness I endured despite the life I tried to lead.
Love your horse with all your heart - give him all you can,
Do not forget to rub him with a calm and soothing hand.
No matter what life brings your way - remember till the end.
When you break your horse's heart, you betray your truest friend.
Okay wipe your misty eyes and go love on your horse! (that's where I'm heading... as soon as I go try to get a refund or exchange on my dang purse!)


  1. Ahhhh mannnn...

    Now I feel like a pile looking for a new home for Stretch....

    I hope that never happens to one of my old horses...

  2. Damn it, made me cry! That stuff just breaks my heart, I am such a sucker for senior animals. There was a poem like that written for dogs too...that one made me ball my eyes out. I want to go give my horse some love!

  3. That was a tear-jerker, I am defenitely going to go love on my boys. They have a happy safe home with me until the end.

  4. That was so sweet! I hope I am still with My Boy when he is old (heck, I'll be gettin' old myself by then, hee!)

  5. Steph: I was in no way trying to make anyone feel bad, I'm sorry. :(
    Remember, I'm trying to sell one myself.
    I put it up b/c to me it seems like the story of an old campaigner who did his/her all for a person. That person grew up with the horse, and then when life changes or the horse is "too old" they 'threw away' the horse.
    Stretch is young still, he has good show years/using years left. Don't feel bad at all!
    Quinn was supposed to be a 'forever' horse but it turns out he doesn't work for me. I feel bad selling him, but I just can't have him live out his years here. I am not the owner he needs.

  6. Sniff...sniff...

    Wow! That poem really touched me, and let me tell you why. This may seem kind of cheesy, but here goes...

    ...About six months after my horse (that I had for 16 years) died, he came to me in a dream and told me not to be sad about his death, but rather to remember the great times, and the happy life, that we had together.
    He then went on to say--I know, I know...I sound crazy!!--that he left me--died--so that I would not have to feel guitly for choosing to spend more time with my babies. He left me so I would not feel guilty for leaving him alone in his pasture vs. brushing or riding him.

    Anywho, this poem made me thankful --in a weird way!!!--that he did leave me, because I always felt terrible about not having the time to spend with him, like I used to. OK...I am done now.
    Hopefully nobody thinks that I am too crazy :)

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  9. Yeah I know that's not what you intended so no worries...

    I always feel guilty when I sell a horse - with the exception of one - so I would've felt that way without the poem.

    Its like if I could afford to I would keep them all...and I alway think about them from time to time, hope to God they always end up with good homes and pray their end days were in a pasture and not a plant.


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