Wednesday, September 3, 2008


This post is not horse-related, and some may consider it sappy. You've been forewarned so don't read it if you don't want to.

Our dear little Sophie, the cuddler and the klepto, its been a year since you left us. You were only 5, it doesn't seem right that you are gone. I know there was nothing we could have done for you, but even that is little comfort.
Chloe misses her snuggles with you. She has come to accept Lola but still puts her in her place, as if to say she tolerates her but doesn't love her like she did you.
I know Pie misses his snuggles with you. And we both still laugh at the way you stole anything you could, especially money. And how you always greeted company, so very un-catlike of you!
We'll miss you always Sophie, our little beauty queen.


  1. Oh! I know how you feel! Mine was Bailey. I cried for months when I lost her. I would wake myself up crying! She was a stealer too, and a snuggler! I loved that cat! She slept with her head tucked under my chin, and her little paw on my neck. I miss her still, it has been12 years. I am sorry for your loss!

  2. What a great post. Sophie really was a beautiful kitty.... I am happy for you that you had such a great girl, and have so many happy memories of her to share with folks, and some really pretty pics of her too!

  3. Sorry about your kitty - I know that can hurt.

    I get just as attached to my pets as my horses so yah it sucks when you lose them. No harm in taking some time to remember them.

  4. Aaaww! What a nice dedication to a beautiful kitty! Sorry for the loss of your kittie. :(

  5. Oh Cnd! You made me cry....Poor Sophie, she looks like such a little sweetheart and a beauty too!

    My Besi has not come home yet and LuLu (her BFF) is still not right yet. SHe has lost so much weight and does nothing but sleep and look for her. It is so hard to have animals sometimes, you just wish that they could talk for a mintue so that you could explain it all.

    All we can give them is our love.

  6. You''ll find no judgment here for paying tribute to such an important part of your life. Then again, this is coming from a girl who got a tatoo to commemorate the life of a very special feline, so I might be biased here :)

  7. :-( I know what you mean... time heals some of the pain, but not all of it. I miss Spooky my greyhound still so much that I can make myself sick over the pain:-(
    Sophie was a very purty kitty btw.


  8. What a beautiful puddy cat, and a lovely tribute. There is nothing sappy or silly about this post... cats are family members to :)

  9. Thanks for all the kind words :)

    Sophie and Chloe were half sisters born about a week apart. They were always together and I think it was very hard for Chloe when Soph died. (Believe it or not, they were both supposed to be pure-bred Siamese, not sure what happened with Sophie!)

  10. Sophie (did you know that is my nickname? It was my french name in high school! :) She was just beautiful, love her markings. I had a very special cat once. She was with me for 18 years. I still think about her a lot and tear up. I want to get a cat that looks like her again someday (long hair siamese.)

  11. Pets are so hard sometimes - we get so attached to their great personalities and then they aren't with us as long as they should be.

    I still get teary eyed thinking about the dog I had as a kid...

    No harm in taking time to think about them...

  12. Thanks for your comment on my blog the other day - I wasn't meaning to make everyone feel sorry for me but I went and made that list and then started feeling kinda down.

    But I am so glad I have blog buddies you guys stood right up and steered me in the right direction...

  13. So sorry about your loss of pretty Sophie.

    I was grinning, though, when you were talking about how Sophie liked to steal things.

    We have a Manx cat, who is almost 2. She steals rugs, socks, toys, hats, paper, bills and so on.

    Thankfully she usually hides everything under my bed. haha!

    But it's funny at night when we hear this shuffling, swish, swish nose. We know it's our kitty pulling her 'catch' across the floor. haha!!



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