Friday, July 4, 2008

Oh My, its Already July!

First off, to my American friends: Happy 4th of July!! :)

Now, I was looking at my dayplanner yesterday when I realized... its July! :o
This year July is a very busy month for me. Here's what there is (so far) that I can think of:
Birthdays: Petie-pie (my husband), Dana (my sister), Gussie (my brother-in-law)
Jackpots: DH on 1st, DH on 5th, DH on 6th, 14th, 15th, DH on 20th, 22nd
*(DH = double header)
SBRA 1 - district 1: Go to Claypool's and pay for prizes for district finals. Bottle drive & garage sale fundraisers. Banking. Pay district fees to Provincial finals. Double check district duties for Prov. finals.
SBRA 2 - Provincial finals: (July 30th-Aug.1st) PRE: Get Raincloud trimmed/shod Saturday before finals. Saturday before finals pack horse trailer. Friday before finals wash horse trailer inside & out. Clean truck. Friday before finals "road check" truck & trailer (tires, coolant, etc). Wash horse boots. Clean tack. Get "finals gear" from my house to acreage (things like portable picnic table, mini bar-b-q, bar fridge, etc). Clip pony! Find & wash sleeping bag & "camping pillows". Friday & Saturday before finals do laundry and pack. Sunday leave for prov. finals. Oh yeah, ENTER finals! (omg I almost forgot that!) :o DURING: Sunday set up horse & tack stalls. (absolutely first priority is to get the horses unloaded and settled) Set up campsite. Make grocery run. (hmm, maybe an LB run too!) Bathe horses (1 for me, possible 2 for Kimfer). Tuesday entries & "social". Wednesday 8:30 am Mandatory meeting. Wed. @ 12:30 pm Open starts running. Wed. @ 7:30 pm is AGM (LMAO as IF that will start on time! Open will probably still be running.) Thursday Open 2nd go starts at 2:30 pm. Friday Open & Youth Finals start @ noon. Friday pack up camp, load up tack, clean up stalls and load horses & head for home. During week there is (of course) the feeding, watering, exercising, stall cleaning that goes with having stalled horses. :) Do my part of whatever our district's duties are. Take my turn at raking (I hate having to work the rake draw, I seem to always get screwed) Somewhere in all that we will find time to socialize, maybe hit a movie (for the air conditioning if nothing else!) and indulge in a few "adult beverages". AFTER: Settle horses back in at home. Unload/unpack everything (we tend to take quite a bit of stuff). Re-clean trailer (and maybe truck). Laundry. (thank goodness no jackpots scheduled until Aug. 12th)
General Life: Vet appointment for dogs (yearly check-up & shots) Find time to get to the bank & deposit pay cheque. Pay bills. Exercise & take care of horses. Clean house. Clean vehicles. Sort through & organize crap (I'm a packrat, Pie is too... we're trying to get this under control lol) Weed & care for flower gardens. Groom dogs & cats. Get my butt exercising again (think foot is finally better). Find time for family/friends before I get kicked out of the "real world". lol Look at acreages with Caddy (realtor). Greek class is starting again. Chiro every other week. Massage. Nails. Wax. (damn tough being a girl! lol) Find time for a hair cut! (oh lordie, I don't remember my last one! lol) Grocery shop. Laundry. Pick up more horse feed. Shop for b-day presents. WORK! (and sleep and eat, somewhere/sometime) ;)

I know, its life. Some people are more busy, others are less. It just seems that this year there is SO much happening in July for me. Feels like July kinda snuck up on me.
Sadly, I know I left stuff off this list. lol But I actually feel a bit less overwhelmed after listing off what I could remember. Yay!


  1. Wow - that is quite the list!!!

    The week you are at finals sounds fun though, even though it also sounds really busy!

    Hope everything goes well!

  2. LOL CDN< just add in a couple of tricycle motors, and you will REALLY know what chaos is like!
    (KIDDING!! I am KIDDING, I promise!!)

    Sorry I have not had the chance to stop in sooner--- i literally do not know which way is UP these days...

    Breathe deep- you can get it done. And MASSIVE amounts of Good Luck in the land search. I hope the perfect place finds you! (And that we all get to see it in pics! hehe)

  3. Well at least it looks like a fun month anyway...

    Busy gets stressful though too - don't forget to take time for you every now and then.

  4. "Start Exercising!" Uh Hello? You are runnin faster than an Olympic Hopeful And A "Few" adult drinks girl you better have a cooler full! I would!! Holp Crapola! I'm tired just reading what you have to do!! Good luck I hope you win everything!!
    Thanks for the nice comment on my page!Don't forget to "raise" your glass ( a couple times) this month!!

  5. If I sat down and really thought about it I bet I would have a list similiar to that but I'd rather live in denial. I think busy is the middle name of most horse people!


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