Thursday, July 24, 2008

Survey says:

Here's the deal. I'm asking for the opinion of my fellow blogworld friends. (sorry, I know we haven't all known each other a long time!) :)

I'm thinking of renaming my blog. When I started it I had NO idea what to call it. I wanted something that would immediately let you know what it was about. I had a second idea that I didn't choose and I'm now wishing I had.
Do you think its okay to change the name of a blog? Does it annoy you when people constantly tweak and change things about their blog? Or does it keep it interesting? Are there certain changes that you don't mind and others that just bug you?
I'll admit, when people make a drastic colour change it kinda annoys me. Here I am, used to reading a blog that is a fairly muted, soft colour and I go to click it and its bright limey yellow. Argghhh... my poor eyes weren't prepared! I'm now blind!!!! lol Okay, not quite that dramatic, but I wouldn't have opened that blog in the dark if I had known it was now pretty much neon! :)
I also didn't put a lot of thought into "my" name. cdncowgirl. I'm Canadian and proud of it so that parts okay. But the only reason I put cowgirl in there was to show that I ride western. I haven't lived on a farm since I was 5. I grew up in a small town and now (unfortunately) live in a city. I don't even rope. :p But it works, sorta. And I'm not changing it, I have made quite a few acquaintances here in the blogworld and don't want to cause any confusion. :)

Bottom line, new blog name or old blog name?


  1. I say change if you want, leave it if you want. It's up to you. I don't think people will quit reading if you change your blog name. I changed the name of my blog once a long time ago when I did blog about life as a trucking dispatcher. It didn't bother anyone. Now, if you have bright, sparkly, obnoxious colors and your blog starts blaring music every time it load? Well, that's a different story!

  2. Change it, do what you want seriously. The only thing that is hard on me in the black background in white writiing:-x My eyes have a hard time adjusting to it...As you know I change my header pic from time to time, I've been thinking I need a new one too.
    So what's the new name going to be?

  3. I'd still come visit if your blog name was changed. I like it the way it is, too. Whatever you decide.
    I'm with you on the bright neon colors. I like muted, too.
    And I don't like blogs that have alot of flashing, sparkling widgets, either.

    But I have to admit that I followed in 'Train Wreck's' path and uploaded one of those nifty music playlists for my blog.

    Not so much for my readers, but because I like listening to some of my favorite songs while working on my blog and reading other's blogs.

    I suppose I could put a warning on my blog for anyone visiting, to turn down or off their volume. What do you think?

  4. I like your blog name...I will read it regardless of what you decide to call it!

    I happen to like really loud looking blogs, but that is MY preference, wonder if Twinville hates coming to my place? LOL! That is just my personality and everyone is different. I used to do the music thing, but found that to alot if not most readers it is very annoying as my taste in music may not necessarily suit them and they would rather not come visit than go look for it and turn it off. My music was always on autostart and I liked it that way,but my readers found it too hard to turn it off and instead turned me off...go figure!

    You asked about bloglines they are like a reader for all the blogs you subscribe to...I use Google reader and my subscriptions are all there updated so I can go read at my leisure it totally rocks. I was spending waaaaaay too much time clicking on blogs all over the blogosphere, this way, they come to me all neat and organized and in one place...try google reader, you will thank me.

    Be sure and visit my blog on Sunday okay...?

  5. I like your blog name, but same thoughts here. It's YOUR blog to do with as you please :) What were the other names in contention, if I may ask?

    As you know, I will definitely keep reading :) How does that work? Do we have to find your blog again somehow? I have you saved in my favorites.

  6. I don't mind "loud" looking blogs or music IF I know they are there. Its when a formly soft coloured or "non music" blog makes a drastic change and I'm quite unawares that it bothers me.
    After all, I'm usually on here late at night. Nothing worse than playing on the computer in the dark and suddenly getting a VERY bright screen that you weren't expecting.

    EP: I think that you don't have to make any adjustments, just the header would change not the actual address.

  7. I say change it if the other title doesn't fit... I keep thinking about changing mine, but am too lazy. :-)

    We'll still keep coming by to see what you are up to, regardless of the title.


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