Monday, July 21, 2008

I got kicked today!

Actually, not really... it was Mrs Mom that kicked me. lol She passed on the "Six Things You Don't Know About Me" tag. So I've been letting this percolate in my poor l'il brain.
Some of the stuff I've thought of sharing deserves its own post. Other things may be too embarrassing. I don't really know any of y'all but I like what I do know and don't want to scare you away! lol
A few things that I considered but didn't make the list were:
*I'm new to blogging and semi-technically impaired. (but I'm pretty sure that's been stated before, and obvious!)
*I'm a married gal (yup that's been covered)
*I'm horse crazy (well DUH)
*I'm a (multi types of) whore... but NOT "that" kind of whore (oh yeah, we've covered that!) lol
*I have an addiction to putting smilies and "lol" type things on posts and comments. ;)

So here's the real list:
Six Things You Don't Know About Me
(or may not want to know! lol)
1) I am basically an honest person. In real life AND on my blog. I say basically because I believe that NO ONE is 100% honest 100% of the time. I tell the truth as much as possible without hurting people's feelings for no good reason. After all there is a difference between honesty with tact and honesty with poor intentions. And on that note, if I know you in real life and never say anything "bad" to you, I probably don't really like you. If you are my real friend you can take it if I disagree with you or have a bitchy moment. :)
I try to blog the same way I would talk to you. That means I might not always agree with you, or I may sound like a babbling idiot at times.
2) I have a strange schedule. If you happen to notice when my comments are made or when my posts are put up you may have caught onto this. You see, I work at my husband's family's restaurant. It was never my intention to go work at the family biz. I used to work at a motel. The company that owned the motel had several different properties and kinds of hotels/motels. I changed properties and in the process of doing so I got SERIOUSLY screwed over. Shortly before we got married I was at my breaking point and so I went to work at the Diamond. So now I work 4 evenings a week (Wed-Sat). I work from 5pm to ?? (anywhere from 10pm to 3am depending on what's going on, usually no later than 1am). My hubby works from 5pm - 2 or 3am, 6 evening a week (although lately its more like 6 1/2). You'd think there'd be all kinds of perks working at the family eatery... but no. I haven't had a "real" vacation in the 5 years I've worked there, and I'm suffering serious burnout... I need a break from customers!!!! lol (there are a few perks though)
3) I am a TV junkie. Seriously. Thank goodness my cable box has a DVR. I pretty much never watch anything while it is actually on. I record it and watch it later, bye bye commercials (unless its something that catches my eye) An hour show can be watched in approximately 40 minutes. I do watch most of my TV late at night, after all its not like I could be riding then! I'll watch something while I'm on the treadmill, or hubby and I watch it together when he gets home from work. Late at night is also when I usually do housework, or blog!
4) My house is a state of chaos. Seriously, it looks like a tornado landed here. Its embarrassing and I'm a bit ashamed of it. I'd looove for my house to look clean, tidy, organized... ready for a photo-op. Funny enough there's an ass-backwards reason for this. Besides the obvious "I'm a very busy person who would rather LIVE her life" there is this one, I'm secretly very particular about how things are done. And if they can't be the way I want them to be then I'd pretty much rather they be completely the opposite.
5) I'm a Gemini, and it really does fit me. I'm like 2 people in one. Serious at times and a total smartass at others. As a Gem my taste is eclectic. Books, I read true crime to chick lit (Sophie Kinsella rocks), horror (Dean Koontz!) to non-fiction (Freakonomics). Music, anything goes, classic country (Patsy Cline) to metal (Apocolyptica, Metallica), hip-hop to classical. Even my taste in men! My "celeb crushes" are John Rich (Big & Rich, thank you Nashville Star!!) and John Cena (WWE wrestler, err... yes I watch wrestling - with Pie).
6) This ones hard to admit to all of you out there in blogland, after all you never really SEE me. So here goes. I am fat. No, not chubby, fat. Not one of those chicas that needs to lose 20 lbs. Obese. I am working on changing this, and have made some progress. There are many physical reasons for it and a few emotional ones as well. If you're a larger person you know being fat in the world in general is hard, try being fat in the horse world. Especially the show world (goodness I'm glad I don't show!) lol. Okay, I just said it, I don't show, but I do barrel race and being fat in THAT horse world is VERY difficult, after all the stereotype of the typical barrel racer is "skinny bitch".
Well I hope that didn't scare any of you away. If you're still here I'd like to kick this over to:
Denise, Lester's "mom" over at Less is More.
Steph, who calls The School of Life With Horses home.
Laura, maybe she'll tell us what's up with the name little keebler.
and my new friend over at Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind, her name is very long so I call her AOHCM.
Oh, and Mrs Mom... this isn't "really" Tundra Country, its prairie country. hehe Hope I did you proud!


  1. Whew! Where to start??? I actually have to pull up your blog in another window because I am dying to comment on a few of yours. To
    #1-I am very much the same.
    #2-I have had a lot of exposure to growing up-enough that I will avoid it at all costs! It is a really difficult life. Someone very close to me just left a family business after 20 years! It was the hardes thing she has done and she wish she had done it 18 years ago!
    #3-I cant find anything to watch! What is good? I only watch one show called McLeods Daughters which is an Australian drama.
    #4-If left to my own devices- my house would be the same. I live with a neat freak! We drive each other crazy. I can relate to the all or nothing.
    #5-Now this one I am TOTALLY with you. I am very spiritual but organized religion is not something I need or seek.
    #6- I REALLY do understand how you feel. I have struggled my whole life with my weight. I have gained and lost at 50+ pounds 5 or more times in the past 10 years. I have everything from a size 6 to 16 in my closet. I am finally starting to figure it out. I want to solve this problem and REFUSE to struggle for the rest of my life. I also refuse to not be allowed one small piece of very fine chololate a day. Life would not be worth living if it were not for chocolate! I wish you the best of luck in this department. It will be the best thing you ever do for yourself! I will try to pick up my own six!

  2. I should mention...#5 was originally a religious comment. It was changed pretty much within minutes of posting, AOHCM must have been very quick to read this post!
    For those who want to know it was:
    I consider myself spiritual but not neccesarily religious. I think that most religions are on the same path, be good to others, live a decent life, etc. As such I believe in God, although that may not be His (Her??) name. I think that organized religion is a comfort to the followers.

    I didn't change it because I was worried about offending anyone. I changed it because I'm a Gemini AND female so therefore I'm even more entitled to be fickle/flaky/flighty lol

    (and I was watching wrestling and drooling over John Cena) lmao

  3. Well I wish you best luck with No.6 -- as an obese person myself I know how hard it is.

    However, just think of those poor horses you love so much -- do you really want them to have to carry you around at your heaviest?

    I don't know much about horse riding, but I am vaguely aware that horses would notice the difference between a light / average person and a very heavy / obese person ..... probably part of the reason why I've never been on one -- afraid that I might frighten the horses myself !!!

  4. Hey CDN! You did fine, girl! I hear you on the family biz.... the restaraunt industry in a b*tch to be in anyways, tough tough industry. Dear Husband was a four diamond chef for a few years, (pre me) and said that he would never ever go back to that. Bonus? The nights he cooks dinner, the food is AMAZING!

    Thanks for playing along! Cant wait to see what the other folks have to say here too! :) <--- smiley, Just For You hehe

  5. I just finished my six things - it was harder than I thought!

    Yours were interesting...
    #1 - I'm very similar
    #5 - ditto
    #6 - I'm in the same boat and on a 5' frame, it is alot to carry around. Here's to changing things!!


  6. Cnd- I cant quite figure out what was "VERY odd" about my reply to your original #5. All I had meant to say was that I am spiritual but what I believe does not fall into the parameters of a specific religion. Two people in my family are the same way and they find it very unsettling and are constantly seeking an organization to belong to. I, on the other hand, am very comfortable just being "spiritual". I certainly didnt mean to cause offense!

  7. AOHCM... sorry for the confusion, I didn't mean that your reply is odd as the post was when YOU saw it. I meant that your reply may read odd to the people who read it now that my #5 has been changed.

  8. GoodbyeTAF: While I am heavy I think that if a horse can carry a steer wrestler he can pack me around. Although being slimmer will speed up my times AND make me a more effective rider. (although I know some fat girls that can ride WAY better than slim ones) ;)

    Mrs Mom: I like beef'n'taters too, but now that I know your hubby is (was) a CHEF I can see why you get extra happy when he makes them. Our restaurant is a family restaurant (my hubby's dad started it in the 80's after being in the country for maybe a decade). Its not fancy schmancy but its pretty popular.
    And Whoo-Hoo, I got a smilie from Mrs Mom!!!! (oh yeah, I should have added I use way too many "!'s" and "...'s" but I'm working on that!) lmao

    Laura: I read your list, super! I think you're my eastern Canada sista! I the more I read Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind I'm starting to think she's my western Canada sista. lol (except that she has more artistic talent in her pinkie than I ever could dream of, seriously... check out her blog, that drawing on the header, HER'S!. Fab-u-lous) :)

    AOHCM: please see Laura above, I should have said "Laura AND AOHCM:"

  9. I'll go check out AOHCM tonight - great to have another Cdn horse blogger! We just need someone from the far east coast now. I'm only slight east... :-)

  10. Laura: too bad you AREN'T more east, guess where I'm going to be next month? Halifax!!! :)

    My my, aren't I chatty today? Guess why... my dang washing machine is broken and I'm waiting to get a call from the service people. Haven't even SPOKEN to anyone yet let alone made an appointment. And people crack on the cable guy, yeesh! lol

  11. Cnd- thanks for the plug on my art! You can see my art at Sorry for the confusion on your your #5! Glad we sorted that. I am all WEST COAST baby! I love BC, best place on earth! I read Dean Koontz have started reading Nora Roberts lately. I use to be a book snob and would only read "literature". Now I am totally addicted to smutt!!! LOL

  12. I don't think I ever appologized for assuming you were a waitress :-x I'm sorry!
    I'll have to agree with your "deleted" #5 too, I can't stand organized religion- too much of anything is a bad thing, including too much worshipping or whatever.
    I'm a total TV junkie and love my DVR too:-) Im also very fond of the mute button.

  13. Your honesty is so refreshing - you know I think us bloggers are more honest than some of the "off line" social rings I interact with.

    I know some of those things were tough for you to say and I am proud of you for saying them. I am glad that you have a great attitude about you body and that you strive to improve it. The folks that lack the good attitude are the ones that fail in the goals they set.

    I will take your tag - I am so bad at that i think laura or squirrel girl tagged me awhile back and my life just exploded in my face so of course I had to blog about that for a bit. So I apologize to them in advance i am not picking favorites - its just that I might have time now to do sometime like that...

  14. AOHCM said:
    I read Dean Koontz have started reading Nora Roberts lately. I use to be a book snob and would only read "literature". Now I am totally addicted to smutt!!! LOL
    I call the more frivolous books "junk food". lol
    What kind of books does Roberts write? I keep hearing her name but haven't checked her out.
    I like Stephen King, I love Dean Koontz!

  15. Denise: no need to apologize, I have SO much respect for anyone who is a waitress and does it well. I simply can't, I'm a klutz and people wouldn't get all their food. lol
    As for the DVR, I HATE watching tv at someone else's house and not being able to zip through the commercials! And I have reached for the remote at the movie theatre. :o

    Steph: I so appreciate that whole comment, you have no idea how good it made me feel. :)

  16. It was great to learn more about you. Thanks for being honest! Got a chuckle out of the whore comment! ;)

    I got the same tag and I'm working on mine, will post tomorrow.

    What do you think of Nashville Star this season? Who do you think will win? John Rich is a pretty tough judge on them, but I think he's fair.

  17. Pony Girl: I think NS is great this season, my personal favs are Gabe and Melissa. (and watching John *sigh* lol)
    I think he's probably one of the best judges, he doesn't pull any punches and is pretty fair. HOWEVER I do think he just plain doesn't like Coffey.
    I don't know about you, but that song Coffey sang on original song night, sounded like something Big & Rich would record to me. Maybe tweek the music a bit but...
    I was fully expecting John to finally have a positive for Coffey, but no, he dissed the song.

    Not sure if its a question you want to answer but I'll risk it and ask: What is "My Boy"'s real name? I mean, is that whay you call him, and does he have a registered name?

    I am SO looking forward to reading your 6!

  18. I hear 'ya about the house and weight. My house is in a perpetual state of NON-fung shui! Our daughter comes over and starts chucking stuff out the front door! Oh, well...AND I recently gave up meat after reading "Skinny Bitch". I'm discovering a whole lot of new things to eat LIKE FIGS!

  19. I think it's great that you are able to open youself up like that and be honest with the blogging worls. That's why I started this blogging ting. I wanted a place to vent and have an outlet with some possible good feed back. I feel like your little horsey blog community is pretty tight regardless of what we do and where we come from. Kudos to you. I'm by no means a "skinny bitch" I am constantly worrying about my weight even though I wouldn really classify myselg as medically overweight. You go girl. I find strength in your posts and energy!

  20. Cheryl: "non-feng-shui" OMG that's so good, I'm sorry but I'm going to have to steal that! lmao

    Sidetracked: thanks so much, I'll take that as a compliment :)

  21. Wow!!! Where have I been????
    This is one DEEP discussion (lol)!

    I think that I will have to start peeking over here once in a while;)
    See??? I like to make silly faces/signs too!

    To answer your question about a potato allery...I know!!! Who is allergic to potatoes??? Me I guess.
    I think that it is really funny, because I am over 1/2 Irish...teeheehee! How can an Irish person be allergic to potatoes???

    The good thing is that I am being treated for it--naturopathically that is!!--so hopefully it will go away. I LOVE potatoes!
    I will be at you soon!

  22. the knutsons's: thanks for stopping by, hope to see you here often!
    still can't get over the potato allergy! lol

  23. That's the great thing about the blogosphere - nobody can judge you on how you look. As long as your horse doesn't mind, it's nobody's darn business but your own. I've struggled with my weight since puberty. Although not obese, I can certainly identify with the struggle. Thank you for being honest. I try to do the same. What do we have to lose?
    And is there any one of us that would brag about our housekeeping skills? Not I, for sure!!!

  24. I found your blog on Terri's blog and I thought I would drop by and say hi!

    1. I totally agree with you. I don't think a person can be 100% honest 100% of the time either.

    2. I work graveyard so I'm sleeping all day and up all night so on my days off it's not uncommon for me to blog at 2 or 3 in the morning either.

    3. I wish I got to watch more tv. With my schedule i don't get to see very much tv anymore.

    4. Ditto.

    5. I'm a pisces and I have no idea what I want.

    6. I totally feel you. I'm in the same boat and don't like it but it's not so bad when you have a decent self-confidence and don't particularly care what other people have to say.

    Have a great day!

  25. I just found your blog and I appreciate your honesty. We sound very much alike, yet I'm your polar opposite. I'm a Capricorn. Not a very good Cap, but a Cap none the less. I'm a bit too emotional and moody for a Cap. In RL, you and I probably wouldn't get along really well. But I enjoy the bit of your blog I've read so far.

    Now as for my comments to your list of 6...

    #1- I am much the same way and became appreciated for it, though that took time.

    #2- No family business. But after years as a struggling single mom, I met and married a man who makes enough money that I can be a stay at home mom, which I am. Not out of choice, but necessity until my 6 yr old can succeed in school (he is ADHD and bipolar and unmedicated). I would dearly love to go back to work! (Capricorn coming out- workaholic)

    #3- I don't watch much tv. I don't even turn it on during the day. However, there are a few choice shows I do DVR on the cable box that I love.

    #4- Unless I want to do nothing but clean, I have learned to tolerate a certain level of "mess". I had to learn to let "neat freakdom" go when I started working a more than full time job (trucking dispatcher) as a single mom. The house is cleaner during the school year and while I'd be embarrassed to allow anyone I didn't know in, it isn't terrible.

    #5- (Original) My religious views are my own. I don't feel the need to inflict them on others. However, I will share if asked.

    (Altered)- I have eclectic tastes in just about everything. I don't fit into a stereotype well.

    #6- I am an overweight rider as well. Well, just getting back in to riding. My weight has been an issue since my oldest was born. Like you, I am obese. In fact, I saw pictures of me taken a couple weeks ago when I was testing out a horse we were looking at. (We bought him). I was HORRIFIED! Still, to this day, almost 14 yrs after my oldest was born, I feel like a skinny person trapped in a fat body. I lose weight and then due to health reasons, gain it back usually with the help of medications. I decided I was tired of being fat and I'm doing something about it.

    I've thought about blogging again, though haven't started a new one as of yet. I do look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

  26. orsunshine: Glad you stopped by. Its kinda funny but I think there are quite a few of us that are "blog friends" but might not actually get along in RL ;)
    As I admitted my house is a disaster, what's funny is its a reasonably clean disaster. I don't like a dirty house so its regularly dusted, swept, bathrooms cleaned etc. But there is so much "stuff" everywhere. Good grief. lol
    I know what you mean about feeling like a skinny person trapped in a fat body. I wouldn't go so far as to say I used to be an athlete, but I was athletic. I ran track, played ball, was very active. Then due to all the car accidents and such I slowed waaaay down. My family's kidney disease is really hitting me about that now. I want to be able to donate to my sis or bro if they need it so that is a big huge part of wanting to be fitter. I also want it for ME. I miss my more active/less pain life :)

  27. Oh, I hear you about being athletic and then car accidents. Let's see, pre-eclampsia during pregnancy. Now, what happens if you take a really active person and suddenly force bedrest upon them? Then lets add in a nasty car accident a few months later. Now I'm dealing with fibromyalgia and arthritis! Worse, the arthritis and fibro drugs leave me tired and sap my energy or cause weight gain all on their own! Yay me! Kinda leaves me damned if I do, damned if I don't doesn't it?

  28. "I'm secretly very particular about how things are done. And if they can't be the way I want them to be then I'd pretty much rather they be completely the opposite"

    Oh yes, yes, yes! You took the words out of my mouth, even though I didn't know how to say it to begin with.
    This is me in a nutshell. I get so anxious is things aren't done the way I want them, too. ugh.

    And I have to say I'm impressed that you admitted you were fat. You are obviously a person with plenty of confidance. of which I lack.
    I also am overweight and am out of shape. I'm working on that so I can mount and dismount my horse better.
    That's probably the main reason I want to get in better shape, but I also have 3 kids who need me around, too.

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for sharing your 6 things.
    I did mine tonight, too. It's really tough to do, isn't it?


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