Saturday, July 26, 2008

Countdown begins

In less than two days we're on the road! (about 36 hours)Lots of little last minute details to attend to.

Today before work Kimfer & I loaded the trailer. Everything except the tack, horses and my bedroll. Tack would have been loaded but Kimfer has to clean out the inside of the horse area. She thought her dad had done that when he washed the trailer, but nooo - he only washed the outside.

When we get to finals we clean out the horse area really well (sweep it and if needed spray out). Then we lay down some "carpet" (canvas tarp), move the bar fridge into there, set up some plastic shelves and put a bar up across the top. Voila! Walk in closet and pantry lol

My truck (which is at the acreage, hitched and ready) has a full tank of gas, oil is changed, fluids and tires are checked.

Horses are clipped. We'll bathe them in Regina, they have washracks in the barns.

Chad is coming out to trim horses today. Good thing, Applejack pulled a shoe at the last jackpot. Guess he was running too fast! lol I have to work so Kimfer will be there for the farrier visit.

Tomorrow we'll load the tack, the groceries (what we have so far, we'll pick up more in Regina) and I'll bring my bedroll and toss it in. Me & Pie also have to go for lunch with my Mom & Brian (her husband), my brother & his wife. It was Pie's b-day this week so Sunday will be the only time for all of us to get together.

Have to do all my laundry after work today and Sunday. Want to pick up a laptop bag/carrier thing. I plan to bring my laptop, but I'm doubting I'll get it to co-operate!

Of course I have to clean my house and pay bills before I go.


  1. You are one organized little lady there cnd!!! Gas in the truck and all! lol. I never sleep well when I am waiting for a big event. It must be so exciting to take your horses and go to something like that. I dont drink at all (personal choice not religious) but I swear, my first big reining show I'll by myself a mickey of something strong as I will be a nervous wreck. A hoot of our world famous bc bud might not come amiss either, I am totally joking of course! (have only tried that a few times as a teen but seriously cant imagine riding a horse high! Yikes!)

  2. Hi there,

    Getting all caught up with you. I noticed you are doing the blog / list combo thing I am guilty of alot.

    Thinking as you are blogging.

    When you get back you have to give us the run down on what happened. I like it when you or Molly talk about your shows in detail and I get a peek into your barrel racer world or her hunter/jumper world.

    I think you guys are just so dang cool!


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