Friday, July 25, 2008

What a day!

Well to start with the good:
Kimfer and I went riding late this morning. We rode "the loop" again. I had previously estimated it at 6-8 miles. I believe it is closer to 6.
It was a perfect day to ride. Sun was shining, it was nice but not hot. A light breeze, the sweet smell of grass in the air. *sigh* The only thing better would be to have been riding Cessa. But Applejack needs the exercise, especially seeing as he's had quite a bit of time off this week.
We walked about half the ride and loped and trotted the rest. At one point we were loping and decided to ask the boys for a bit of speed. Applejack and I were ahead by about a length. When Baron started to draw up alongside us little Applejack pinned his ears and kicked it up a gear. lol
Kimfer and I also chatted and laughed. It was just one of those light-hearted, fun rides. Kimfer is also very glad that Baron is stumbling less. (She was worried that maybe she had started him back too soon.)
Also, the rake draw for finals is up now... and we don't have to rake!! :) Kimfer thinks that its probably because our district's duty is running the gate and calling down riders. Whatever the reason, I'm happy!
Oh, and speaking of finals I should share the story with you guys that I told Kimfer. I e-mailed both of our entries in. And I accidentally typed in "Kimfer ****" in the spot for her name! Whoops, good thing I noticed before I hit send! You see, I actually DO call her Kimfer. Its what's been written on birthday cards, Christmas cards, etc for YEARS. That would have been funny though, seeing Kimfer **** in the program! I thought she was going to laugh herself out of her saddle for a sec when I told her!
Then, I come home and YAY my washer is fixed! And better yet... the repairman wrote it up as something to do with the warranty (and it wasn't!). So it cost me $0 to get the washer fixed :)

Then after lunch I came to blogworld. Changed the name of my blog, actually got a header to fit (that's Quinn AKA Phat Boy grazing by the dugout). And then it went downhill. Not terribly, at least for me, but I can just imagine how sad my blogfriend Denise is. She's decided that her boy is probaby not lame as in "lame" but is neurologic. :( I feel so bad for her. I read her post and teared up. Then I felt bad because I didn't really know what to say. I understand, trust me... when the vets thought Cessa had Cauda Equina (sp???) it was the worst week or so of my horse life, scarier than when she coliced.
Denise, if you read this - I'm sorry. I'm sorry for not knowing what to say, I'm sorry that Les isn't improving despite all that you've done for him, and I'm sorry that the two of you have to go through this.


  1. Oh you're so sweet to mention and think of me. I'm OK though, really. I've been wanting to make that final decision for a long time. I think sometimes I let people talk me out of it. I really am not sure what all or how or will it progress? I assume it will, but he's happy for now. And I forgot to mention that I had taken those pics of his legs back in April when the vet first discoved he did that isn't a new finding.

    Sounds like you had a fun ride with Kimfer...I think she should show under that name:-)

    I like the new look! Great pic of Mr.Phat Quinn:-)

  2. Denise- I dont know your story but know how hard it is to make the tough decisions that come with being responsible for animals. Keep your chin up.

    Cnd- I LOVE your new blog title! Too cool! Sounds like you have a good friend there and a great riding partner. Sometimes you dont get both in one, you know?

  3. Denise: Of course I was thinking of you! I've had similar problems, but thank goodness they turned out to be "false alarms". Plus (in case you didn't know) YOU were my first "blog friend" out here in the Blogworld! :)

    "Mr. Phat Quinn" hehe, I should try selling him with that name, maybe it would get more attention!!

    AOHCM: Too true, I have friends who are "non-horsey" and friends who are ONLY horse friends. Kimfer has been my "best friend" in RL since we were 13!

  4. Hi there; thanks for stopping by; and that Meg; she is so cool; I need her life !:) I am adding you to my new list of bloggy friends; and I LOVE Canada! I was fortunate enough to live in Ontario for a few yearsand when I came back here it was hard and still is! I became a part of Canada or it became part of me; I have never fell in love with a place like I did there. I miss it daily. I never realized how noisy and often dirty the US can be! You are fortunate to live in such a place even in the cities, it was so different. Well, I had a horse; he was boarded too, but it just became too much to drive to see him and he wasn't trained to ride yet so we gave him to the people who owned the stable; they had bred him and raised him. We may get horses in the future as I do love them, but not until we can keep them with us, So for now, my bullies will have to do. And we love all doggies all breeds; ( BTW. our first bully Niles is Canadian! ) I am so glad to have met you! Merrie


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