Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm Loved :)

So how cool is this:
I got this from the fabulous Meg and it was great timing as its been a bit of a trying week. I've only started going to Meg's recently, but let me tell you she is a heck of a gal! Funny stuff over there you should check her out! That is of course if you haven't already... she's a pretty popular lady. lol
This isn't one of the awards that comes with a list of 'rules'. So here's who I'd like to share with:
Denise - my first "blogfriend" :)
Steph - sharing her lessons with us
Laura & AOHCM - my fellow Canadians
and Train Wreck (although she most certainly is NOT one!)
*award is not created by me*


  1. Awww - thanks!!! :-) Us Cdns need to stick together! lol.

    Good luck at finals - I hope you guys have a great time - it sounds really fun.

    Sounds like everything is organized and ready to go - can't wait to hear how it goes - take pictures for us blog friends if you can!

  2. Congrats! You are loved!! And "Lucky" I can feel it! Let us know as soon as you get home, how you did!! Yes! We want to see photo footage of everything!

  3. Thanks! I dont know how to work anything in the blog world so cant send it back to you but would if I could. Laura's right, cnds have to stick together, eh! I once had a tourist come in to the store I worked at and ask if he could get to Toronto in a cab. I said, "Technically, yes, you can but I wouldnt think it the most economical way to go!" Also, my mother was once in a town about 15 minutes from the can/us border. She was talking to a stranger and was asked what the weather was like in Canada and if we had much snow right now? LOL He could SEE canada from where he was standing and didnt know it was there! He was shocked and a little excited to know he could travel across that very hour! lol GOOD LUCK at the finals and let us know how it goes! Sorry to all you Yankees but sometime you'all think we all live in igloos!

  4. Good Luck and remember to HAVE FUN!!! and tell us all about it

  5. Awww - shucks! Thanks!

    Sorry I've been so busy the past few days. Hope your all list happy and on your way by now!


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