Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day! :)

Today is the 141st anniversary of Confederation, Happy Birthday Canada!

And an absolutely beautiful day it was, warm but not too hot, nice breeze. *sigh*
So how did I spend my Canada Day (so far)? I went barrel racing :)
We had a double header, with poles and a lunch break between jackpots. Originally I entered the poles but after Applejackass reared his ugly head I scratched. Raincloud didn't actually rear, he did however buck the entire pattern except for the run home... but only because I made him walk home from third.
I kinda knew it was going to happen. He warmed up really nicely but got an attitude before our turn to run. I tried to work through it but ran out of time before my turn. Oh well, cowgirl up right?
Mr Tim asked me if I wanted him to ride Raincloud and see if there might be an actual "real" problem. (the jackpot was at Tim & Jackie's AND we had bought Raincloud from Tim) I said sure thing and after the poles he rode him in the arena, even doing a barrel run - now that was funny!
Mr Tim agreed with my theory, the little bugger was just being a snotball and needed to be ridden.
After lunch we had another nice warm up and I kept him walking/trotting before our turn. It helped that the jackpot got under way more quickly as well. Our second run was niiice. He ran flat and didn't get all humpy and round. Woo-hoo!!! I was happy just with that :)
After the jackpots and payouts were done Kimfer and I headed over to collect the money and papers (I'm our districts secretary/treasurer). I joked that I leave EVERY jackpot with a lot of money, unfortunately its all the SBRA's!! ;) But what do you know, I did have money! We placed 3rd in the 3D. Sweet! I was happy enough with his performance, taking home some pocket money was just a bonus.
(don't get too excited, there weren't as many entries in the 2nd jackpot so it really was "pocket money" lol)
Now for the really surprising part... my father-in-law decided we were not going to open the restaurant today! *gasp* (this is truly a major deal, we usually are only closed the Monday of the August Long Weekend and Christmas Day, and some years on Boxing Day and/or Christmas Eve). Oh, AND we are all going out for supper!! :o
And on that note, I must go dry my hair and get ready for the fam!

*photo found online*


  1. Congrats on taking home money!

    Keep up the good work. Glad he turned around for you.

  2. Sounds like it was a Happy Day all around. Glad AppleJack made an appereance!

    man are you a waitress? how do you hold those trays?! I'm a clutz and unbalanced:-)

  3. I am SO NOT a waitress, I am totally incapable of it!
    A lot of people look down on it as a low paying, low skilled job. But I'll let everyone in on a little secret... if you are a good waitress at a decent place you can make VERY good money. Some of our waitresses are college grads who either ended up not happy doing what they went to school for or it didn't fit into their lives anymore (ie family obligations).
    Now please DON'T use that as an excuse not to tip or to tip poorly. Waitressing is HARD WORK. I have soooo much respect for someone who is a GOOD waitress. (I am too much of a klutz, can't carry all the stuff and have too much temper to put up with cooks who have an attitude - although the kitchen is a hard job too!)
    No I am a hostess at our restaurant and sort of a supervisor/manager, although some days it feels like I have no authority. :)

  4. Glad that you had a good day. I'm not much of a gamer and only sometimes at barn parties do Possum and I try it. I have to admit that it is a lot of fun and just good to let loose. Keep up the good work and Happy Birthday Canada!


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