Saturday, July 19, 2008

This is NOT a paid advertisment! lol

Product whore? Yeah, that's me. As evidenced in my tack room tour photos! lol So I'll give the credit to twinville for this idea: occasionally I'll throw in my opinion on various products. As we've seen I've got quite a variety! lol
I also want to mention a thanks to denise-lessismore17. For those who've read my blog for a little while, you may notice that I'm posting more pics. Denise is partially responsible for that. Her awesome candid pics of Lester (the cookie eating, tongue sticking out, cute as can be TB gelding) inspired me to buy a smaller camera. Easier to have on hand = more likely to take pictures (and maybe even get a good one!) So thanks Denise, because of you I bought a nifty little Nikon Coolpix S210 (purple!) that is super tiny, easy to use and fits in my purse. Its with me now almost everywhere! :)

Today while driving out to the acreage to ride with Kimfer I switched over to the radio in time to catch the weather. Apparently there was a severe thunderstorm warning covering from the Sask/US border to Prince Albert. That's roughly 2/3's of the province. (wowee!) Of course, Saskatoon was NOT supposed to be part of this weather warning.
Kimfer was just finishing up a ride on Isis when I got there so I spent a little time grooming and talking to Cessa, then I gave her her 'extras' and took a few pics. (ah-ha, see I had my camera!)
Kimfer got back and put up Isis, then we got the boys (Baron and Applejack) ready and went for a ride. I had originally planned to work in the arena (jackpot tomorrow and I want to make sure this last one wasn't a fluke!). Sadly it was muddy enough to be slippery so we rode out instead.
We chose to ride "the loop" as we call it. We head out the driveway and ride down the ditch by the highway to Martensville (heading south), then ride down the ditch alongside the approach, turn north and ride the ditch by the service road (the old highway) back to the acreage. (We can obviously do this reverse, ride the service road toward Martensville and then the highway back home).
The boys were being very co-operative, even just giving a little bit of a look at the round bales sitting in the ditch (wonder how long they'll be there until they get picked up?). The only thing Applejack did that I didn't like was try to graze while we were walking. Can't blame him, the grass (with alfalfa mixed in) was chest high in places! Baron was flipping his head a bit, which was annoying Kimfer.
When the grass was short enough to see the ground better we decided to let the ponies kick into a higher gear. I was very pleased that when I asked Applejack to lope he set off promptly at a nice, unhurried lope. After his speed-demon antics the other night I was concerned that any time I ask him to lope he'd think it meant run his little spotted hiney off. (not a good thing for Pie to experience if he ever gets back on his horse. I don't want to ruin his 'beginner friendly' pony!). Even nicer was how responsive he was today. Kimfer and I decided to kick it up a bit so I gave a bump and he sped up. Again very nicely. Then I decided to let him run a bit and kissed and off he went. Best of all he was very easy to slow down today. The other day it took awhile to settle him back down after our run (then again it was a kickass, fast run!).
We walked the boys the rest of the way home and then gave them their 'extras' and put them out. (then I rushed home, had lunch & a shower and went to work) When I drove home I checked my odometer against the spot we had our nice lope, we loped about a mile. Total ride was about 6-8 miles.
Oh yeah, speaking of work.... major downpour during supper. Thunder, lightening, hail and wow so much rain! So much for Saskatoon not being part of that weather warning! lol

So here's today's product opinion. *little disclaimer: I am NOT an expert, on anything! This is just my humble opinion and experience. If you chose to try any of this on your own I am in NO WAY responsible*
If my horses work hard and get sweaty I really like to use Absorbine Refreshmint (on the left in the photo). I mix it with water in a spray bottle (pictured centre) and after brushing I spray them down. If they are really wet I'll spray them, let them dry and then brush. Refreshmint contains spearmint, witch hazel and menthol so your sweaty pony smells pretty good after being sprayed down. :) It is a body wash/brace that also cools your horse and is supposed to be relaxing for his/her muscles. It DOES contain alcohol ("natural all-grain alcohol") so I only use it on rides that my horse works hard and/or gets a good sweat going. The third item in the photo is called Dynamint Equine Leg & Muscle Rub. I rub down my horses legs with it after a good workout (or barrel racing). It has peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, and calendula oil but NO alcohol. I personally really like the absence of alcohol. I find it less drying to my hands than the other products I have used in the past. Dynamint rubs in easily, isn't greasy and smells good too. Although I use it primarily on my horse's legs I will also use it on their necks, backs, hindquarters... basically anywhere they seem a bit muscle sore, if they seem sore or stiff. I will also say, I have used it on my own sore, achy muscles on occasion. Very tingly, but in a nice way! I think my horses seem to enjoy it when I rub down their legs with it. :)


  1. Hey there, nice place you got here...thanks for stopping by my blog. I am going to like it here, I can tell! Here's to "fast" horses...~wink~!

  2. Where have I been? I've never seen that stuff! I like!

  3. Hey CDN! I kicked ya for a meme! ;)

    Hope you enjoy... :)

  4. Aww CDN, I am sure that you will come up with some good stuff for us! ;)

    I hate it when folks nail me for these--- if I do too many, it violates The Rules on my Hermit status. Keep this up, and I wont ever reach the Platinum level... ;)

  5. Oh wow, what props I have received:-) yes I'm a photo whore, happy to make you one too...
    Good to her AJ is responding so well these days, doesn't that just make your day?!
    I was riding Less one day in a T-storm, they seemed far away and it wasn't raining- and when I got in the house and checked the answering machine, my neighbor had called saying "Hi, I just wanted to let you know there are tornado watches in our area, I see your out riding your horse"- hmm guess I won't get your mssg till after the tornado takes us a way then huh?

  6. Congrats on the new camera!

    I just started using a liniment on my horse. I don't know if it works at all, but it at least smells good. I will have to try dynamint, thanks for the recommendations!

  7. Oh wow, now I'm all kinds of whore! lmao

    Wait a sec, that sounds bad...
    tack whore
    product whore
    photo whore

    Is that a bit better? :)

  8. denise: okay so your neighbour's plan wasn't the best thought out, but at least she made an attempt. lol

    pony girl: dynamint is made by a Canadian company but I'm sure if your tack/feed store contacted them they would be able to get it. Its awesome. I used it yesterday in the forest, there were TONS of sand flies and such bugging the horses I was worried that they would be attracted to the smell but when I sprayed Applejack with the Refreshmint and rubbed his legs down with the Dynamint after the jackpot the bugs left us alone. :)

  9. Thanks for that product review. I hope you do more of them in the future.

    I think I will look for that Dynamint for my Baby Doll. And if it helps with keeping away the flies....even better!


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