Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The last laugh

I get a good giggle when people think I'm organized. I'm really not. I'm forgetful so I do things in a way that appears organized. I don't know whether its age, genetics or too many concussions from the car accidents and falls off horses. But I don't always trust my memory. :)
I make lists. List list list list list. And I put all my appointments in my cell phone planner (the bonus is you can set off an alarm to remind you of the appointment!) And in case something sabotages my cell (its home charging for instance) I double up and also have everything written in a plain old pen & paper dayplanner.
I make lists of stuff I have to do during the week. I make lists of what I have to pack. For instance right now I'm making the lists for what I have to pack for finals. (yup, that says lists as in plural. There is my list and Raincloud's list).
The funny thing is, I've been going to finals for at least 7 years. You'd think it would be pretty routine by now. But no, just in case I forgot something... there's a list. lol
Here's a good example. I take the same stuff to every jackpot. But this is me double checking after loading gear in the trailer. I stand at the door to the tack area and say:
"Okay, there's the gear bag with brushes, sprays and liniment. Good. I've got my boots, pad, saddle and bridle. Good." Then I go load my horse.
That's the other thing. I always go over that list in the same order. And yes I do actually say it somewhat aloud. Complete with hand gestures. lol
Kimfer has caught me mumbling/muttering under my breath and teased me about it.
Funny story though. She can no longer tease me about a) my list habit or b) having what she deems unnecessary stuff.
I usually have spare halters & leads in the trailer. Spare chicago screws, etc in my gear bag.
Yup, Kimfer can no longer bug me about that. Wanna know why?! ;)
Sunday we went to the double header at Jack Pine. Took my truck & trailer. Got there, unloaded the ponies, went in and registered.
Came back out and brushed and tacked up. And then it happened.
Kimfer says, "Oh shit, I don't have any reins!"
Me, thinking... WTF
"HOW do you not have your reins?!" I asked.
Turns out she had taken them off the day before to use on Baron. She's been taking Isis to the Jack Pine series and uses plain, white cotton reins to ride the greenie. They are also her favorite "just riding" reins so she had used them when she rode Baron the day before.
I said "Hang on, let me check on something." and I ducked into the trailer.
Sure enough, hanging behind a spare shirt, was a new pair of black cotton reins.
I handed them to her and said "Here you go brand new, never used!"
Of course, I also pointed out that she can't tease me about those two habits of mine anymore! ;)

ps- Since doing "reform school" with Raincloud I've taken him to four jackpots with greatly improved behaviour!
Kress's: Finished out of the money. Barrels were wide but he ran!
Jack Pine: Won the 3D in the first jackpot. Hit a barrel in the second (totally pilot error)
Edward's: Placed 4th in the 3D.

Now I don't have high expectations for finals, its our first season together and we're just ironing out the kinks. Not to mention that finals is a whole other ball game! 400+ horses, stalled 24/7, commotion and activity. Then the arena itself - enter down a ramp, music, announcer, signage everywhere (really a problem for some horses!) AND spectators! Not many mind you, but still there's clapping, cheering and motion in the stands!
I just want him to experience it and learn how to deal. Then maybe next year we can go and really 'go for it'!


  1. Good Luck at the Finals! When is it, or did I skim past that part? ;-) as I was reading I said - let me guess, I bet you had an extra pair of sweet reins!
    Nice to hear AJ is still going well, what's the news on Fatty Quin?
    P.s. I finished my "kick" post, gosh that was kinda hard!

  2. Good Luck Cnd.! You sound pretty darn organized to me. I am pretty impressed with myself when I remember that I put water on to boil. I nearly burn the house down on a weekly basis. Good for you for being prepared.

  3. Denise: the actual barrel racing is on Jul 30 - Aug 1. But we leave this Monday (the 28th) so we can get the horses settled in and (hopefully) a good camping spot.
    Phat Boy is still for sale. Had him 90% sold and a "frenemie" f'd up the sale. :/ You should have heard me telling Kimfer about it on the phone, pretty much every 2nd or 3rd word was "F$%*" and I hardly ever use that word!

    Can't wait to read your kick! I'm sure it will be good :)

    AOHCM: I had a roommate that started our kitchen cupboards on fire trying to boil water. lol I am a bit of a "worrier" by nature so I need to organize what I can so I have less to stress about. :)

    Thanks to both of you for the "good luck"s :)

  4. I knew you would have an extra pair of reins to help Kimfer! hahahaha ;-)

    It sounds like you are somewhat organized, which is way better than not being organized at all!

    I can't wait to hear about your trip to finals - sounds like a fun week! I wish I had someone here who did stuff like that so I could tag along. I'd be a great groom...

  5. OMG OMG The draw is up early!!!
    I went to the SBRA website (its on my blog under "Some of my Fav Links". There it was, right on the homepage under News "draw is now posted". We're lucky if its up on time, let alone early. lol
    So here's the deets, # of entries:
    Open 232 Youth 101 Barrel Bonanza 36 Pee Wee 20

    The draw tells you what the order of go is. The second day you run reverse from the first day. Supposed to keep things fair, keeps the ground more even. So here's where we sit:

    Kimfer runs Isis 10/27 in the Barrel Bonanza.
    Kimfer runs Baron 56/177 in Open.
    I run 186/47 in the Open.

    I did not luck out this year. I always prefer to run closer to the start on the first day, closer to the end on the second. There is a very good reason for this... the first day tends to run late. Ground issues, equipment issues, etc usually pop up that first day and make it run HOURS late. Oh well, can't always be lucky right? At least I don't run dead last/absolute first. I hope to never draw that "lucky" spot. lol

  6. Good Luck to you and Kimfer! I bet you both will have a lot of fun and some stories to share.

  7. Ahhh lists. I too love lists and make them like you do - only mine are on my computer - palm pilot & and on whatever piece of paper I happen to have laying around.

    To Do Lists for the: Horse, House, Truck, Trailer, and Dog. Packing Lists, contact lists and route lists complete with maps. I know I am a nutcase - but I really like them.

    I am happy to have found another list happy person.

  8. Steph: I thought you may be a fellow lister, after all you've posted a few on your blog!
    I am in serious listing mode right now, things to do before finals, things to pack for me, things to pack to camp, things to pack for Raincloud, things to do when I return. Good grief I'm gone for a week (actually 5 days). What the heck am I going to do when I go to Halifax!!! (have a major meltdown I'm sure lmao)

  9. I'm a list maker too - can't beat em'! I usually use paper though - I get confused if I start a list on my laptop and then need to check on it at work or something. I'm slowly converting my hubby too - hhahaha!

    How long are you going to be in Halifax? It is so pretty there in the summer. Awesome temperatures, the ocean (!) and lots of friendly people. I lived there for a summer back in the day.


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