Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tack Room Tour!

Okay, I know... Pony Girl made the TRT tag awhile ago. But I wanted to read her whole blog and catch up before I added my tour! So here you go everyone, "my" tack room:
The tack room is about 10 feet wide and about 30 feet long. I have about half the space and Kimfer & her dad have the other half. (I probably have too much stuff! lol)
This is the view from the doorway. The top row is halters, longe lines, and misc. Bottom row is headstalls. If you count from left to right, my halters, etc are on pegs 8-11 (top row) and bridles are on pegs 7-11 (bottom row)

This is the rest of the wall to the left of the halter/bridle hooks. My saddles (and Pie's) are the ones on the far left. Pie's saddle is first (in the navy) and then my main two saddles. I like the way the pads hang over the saddles, they really get to air out nicely. And I LOVE my saddle bags/carriers. They zip almost all the way around, have a shoulder strap (yeah right, I'm going to carry it on MY shoulder!) and are nylon lined. My saddles stay pretty clean and don't get clawed up if the cats happen to get locked in the tack room. Incidentally, the dark saddle on the right is Kimfer's dad's saddle. It's for his TWH and is frickin' HEAVY! I'm glad I don't have to heave that thing way up on Rainy or Ty!! (his -quite tall- TWH geldings) :)
This next pic is the far end wall. The blanket racks (yay!) Mine are the navy blue one on the outside through to that light plaid one. Of course they're all doubled (or tripled?) up so you can't really see them. Those blue rubber totes and the pads on the bench are Kimfer's.

These cupboards were originally in the house on the acreage. (Kimfer's dad is a contractor, the house was an old shack and he gutted it and has re-renovated several times, its VERY nice now). The cupboards came in handy in the tack room. The 3 closed doors on the right are mine. The stuff directly under them, yup mine (including the storage totes). That little cupboard between the shelf and the blankets has clean rags for bathing horses/cleaning wounds/cleaning saddles/etc in it. (they belong to Kimfer & I.)

These 3 cupboard doors (and below) belong to Kimfer & Mr.F (her dad). There is almost always at least one open. Usually its the end one closest to the door and I almost walk into it about once a day! lol
This is the other end (closest to the door, duh) The wooden saddle rack has Kimfer's English saddle. The one next to it (piled with stuff) has my other Western saddle and my English saddle. Don't ask! ... Okay, I'll tell you. We don't ride English. I've taken a very few lessons. Kimfer spent one winter learning. We both want to learn more and found these very inexpensive saddles. Kind of a "one day I WILL" thing. About half of those pegs on the left of the window are more of my stuff. (spare halters, bridles, bridle bag, yes reins! etc)

Here is a closer look at my shelf/cupboard area: The funny purple thing on the door is a neoprene cell phone holder. You can strap it on your arm or leg. If you should happen to become separated from your horse at least you still have your phone, its not galloping away (not that that would happen, right?! lol) Then there is a dry erase monthly calendar, a couple of refreshments, my camera case, car keys, lip balm, black grooming tote (with first aid kit) leg rub, muscle spray, fly spray, sage gear bag (it was a grooming tote but is too stuffed to carry regularly!) In the actual cupboards there are horse boots, hay bag, bits, horse veterinary type book, gloves, etc.
Now if that's not enough stuff for ya, we have more in the pump room. An old fridge holds a LOT of stuff! lol Kimfer & Mr.F have the freezer and directly on top of the fridge. I have the wooden shelf next to the fridge and the main body of the fridge itself. That ugly plaid thing is my "barn jacket" for when its cool but not really cold. I mostly wear it in the spring when the horse hair is flying! There are also more headstalls under that jacket as well as a rain jacket. This is the only heated room in the barn so in the winter Kimfer & I keep the headstalls we use most frequently in here. That way the bits are nice and warm when we bridle those ponies! :)
There is a radio to keep me company when I'm alone with the ponies, a helmet (which I am trying to get in the habit of wearing!) The blue pail is the "cool out" pail. I put water in it and sponge off the ponies if they work really hard on a hot day. :) Miscellaneous "stuff" in the boxes. Containers of Smooth Run products. Rubber boots, molasses, and oil on the floor.
A quick peek of what's inside the fridge: extra fly spray, hoof boots, Show Sheen, clippers, blade cool spray stuff, vet wrap, bandaging stuff, sweat scraper, bath stuff, wet wipes, aloe gel, honey, etc etc.
That might have been embarrassing. That might be too much info. Yes I am a bit of a product whore. Maybe I shouldn't have done this tour!! lol


  1. ok Cdn, you have waaaay more stuff than I do!!! LOL. But, you have 3 horses, right? That makes up for a bit of it. ;-p Thanks for the tack room tour - it is cool to see what other people have!

    Hey - how did you set your blog up so that we can see larger pictures when you click on them? My silly blog won't do that!!!

  2. All I can say is WOWWWEEE! My tack room is a small shack that barely fits my 3 saddles and gear in. We do not have a barn yet... that is on my dream to-do list.

    I visit your blog a lot, but time and which computer I am at limits my ability to comment. Love your blog!

    I will be adding you to my blogroll soon.
    Happy horsin' around!

  3. Wow, you could be the "before" for a Smartpak ad :-)

  4. Great tour! Thanks for sharing! You have a lot of stuff, and it's well-organized. I got a chuckle out of the fridge! You have more horse products in your fridge than I have food in mine! ;) Dumb question but is it just an empty fridge or do you keep it cool?
    I keep my cell phone in my fanny pack. I am hoping to get a nice holder that goes on my belt or waistband. Now that I got new little horn bags I don't want to have to wear the fanny pack every time I ride.

  5. LAURA: not too sure. I kept the basic settings for almost everything b/c I'm new to this. I'm about to go out to the acreage and ride. When I have time I'll look into it and let you know. :)

    Momma/Cowgirl: Thanks! My dream is to one day have my horses and all that stuff on my own place! lol

    Denise: What can I say? I've taken the first step and publicly admitted "I have a problem" ;)
    You crack me up, loved the conversation you posted in the comments between you and Les.

    Ponygirl: We used to have the fridge plugged in and would store medications and beverages in it. Then Mr.F thought he was wasting too much power. Any med's that need cool storage are now in the house and I just try to remember to bring cold drinks from home. The fridge is MUCH more useful unplugged and used as a storage cupboard! lol
    The cell phone holder I have comes in many colours and is somewhat adjustable. I got it online from Chicks Saddlery
    ( It's item CPC162-S if you want to check it out. Oh, and they're less than $10 (of course then you have to add shipping and stuff, but still cheap)

  6. I will second the WOW! You have a ton of stuff - I think my collection would be comparable if I could get it all in one spot. I have some stuff at the trainers, some stuff in my trailer and some stuff in the house.

    Like you I hope someday to be able to keep my ponies at my own house for a part of the year anyway.

    Don't you think that traveling around to different competitions adds to the amount of stuff - especially product that you collect? I will be in a place and see something that look cool - pick it up, then stash it somewhere. I may or may not use it again. Or leave something at home so go buy another one? Then you have 2 bottles of something that takes you 5 years to use...

  7. Wow - great organization!!! and a huge space. You've done a good job not junking it up. My impression is that tack usually fills up the available space, like an invisible gas but more expensive!!

  8. What a neat tack room!! I love the saddle racks and the pads above!! I also love the blanket holders!! That is so cool!! I am a product snop!! I hord them too!! Loved the tour!!!!

  9. I'm assuming that's not a working fridge? hehe
    Whew! You've got a ton of horse stuff, probably more than all the tack rooms I've seen since I started that Tack Room Tour Tag (Pony Girl gave me the idea when she started the 'Blogging Space" tag).
    Thanks for sharing your tack room :)

    How many horses do you ride ona daily/weekly/monthly basis? Did I say it before: "Wowee! That's a lot of stuff!"

    Do you find that you don't use most of it and only use specfic favorites?
    If so, it would be cool if you could share what your favorite tack and horse products are.
    Sure would be helpful for those of us just starting out, to turn to someone who seems like they've tried out every horse product available!

  10. twinville: I have 3 horses. I try to ride 3-6 days a week, it depends on what is going on in my "real life" at the time. (ummm, isn't the horse part of my life the real part? lol)
    Anyhow... my mare is living the good life, semi-retired, living on treats and grooming with the occassional ride. One gelding I'm totally psyched out by (for more info read "Quinn's Story parts 1-4 in previous posts). I do NOT ride him and hopefully will sell him by fall. The third horse is another gelding. He's technically my husband's but I ride him mostly and barrel race with him (local club, not rodeo)

    I like your suggestion regarding the products and think I'll start doing that occassionally. Thanks for the idea! :)

  11. I have a serious case of tack room envy. I'm so small time, I have tack roomS, not because I have so much stuff, but because I'm lacking room. I have no barn. My laundry room and extra bedroom double as tack rooms.

    When I grow up, I wanna be you LOL!

  12. Hmmm...I have a well-organized tack closet! But we are in the middle of building a feed shed and I'm going to steal your blanket hanger design. Thanks!

  13. Oh my, I thought I has way too much tack. I'll have to do a tack room tour on my blog. Yes, I've been known to be a copy cat at thimes. ;)


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