Saturday, August 8, 2009


Right now my ponies and Kimfer's two are living in a nice little pasture. Just before finals however there were just my three living in this particular pasture. And every time I went in the gate I'd whistle and call their names. I'd also give the gate chain a rattle for good measure. I'm trying to teach them to come when they're called so there are treats involved as well.
Every time Voodoo would come to me first with Applejack and Cessa following along. They'd all get cookies and rubs and scratches and talked to (I talk to my horses like they know what I'm saying... actually to all my critters) before catching whoever was needed.
One day the neatest thing happened, it was probably a coincidence but was still pretty darn cool! When I went in the gate and did the usual whistle/rattle/call routine Voodoo came loping over with Applejack trotting behind. No Cessa. I wasn't too worried, when I drove by the pasture I had seen the boys were right on the other side of a bush by the gate. Cessa was probably just a little farther away.
While I gave them their cookies and scratches I kept calling Cessa. Voodoo had gotten his share and I was petting Applejack while still calling for my girl.
Suddenly Voodoo took off at a quick lope.
I thought to myself "hmm... okay guess you're feeling ignored!" and kinda chuckled.
But then a second later he came trotting around another bush with Cessa at his flank!! :o He trotted right up to me and looked SO proud of himself!
Of course I had to give him an extra cookie and rub and tell him what a good boy he was while giving Cessa her cookies.
Like I said, probably a coincidence but still darn cool!


  1. Aw! That is so cute!
    Fritzy always comes down to the gate when she see's me. Brandy has a tendency to walk away from me. She gets into this habit every now and than that she doesn't want to be caught.
    You are so like me, I also talk to my animals like they know what I am saying! I have always said that my neighbors must think I am very strange, the way I talk to the horses and goats!!

  2. That is SO cool! Who doesnt talk to their horses? Only non-horse people would think that was weird:)... mind you, I know of a few cowboys who'd give you an odd look:)

  3. You mean horses don't understand us??? LOL!!!! I am a big talker, hummer, and singer when I am with any animal, so I know what you mean. :)

  4. Sounds like Voodoo is a great one! :)
    It's so neat when they do things like that - and I agree, seriously, I don't any animal person who doesn't talk to their animals (dogs/horses/cats)! It's when you get so used to having an animal around you that when you're by yourself and talking that you get the strange looks. lol

  5. That's pretty funny. And don't we all talk to them as if they know what we're saying?

  6. I don't think it is a coincidence -- I think Voodoo went to get Cessa..They absolutely know when it is treat time. I swear when our horses hear us plaing Serbian music in the barn they know we are there to spend time with them and give them treats and attention. As far as talking to them, hell, I even talk to the fish in our aquarium!!! Of course they all understand!!! I think our animals understand English and Serbian!

  7. Who needs a heeler dog when you have a Voodoo!! That's cool! Cessa probably smelled his cookie breath. lol

  8. That is so cool! I'm sure he went to go fetch her...and hopefully earn a few cookies in the process. hehe!


  9. VooDoo is one cool dude! Smart horse, too. You got a good one there. I always talk to my animals, and I expect them to understand me too!


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