Monday, September 8, 2008

A Different Kind of Ride

Nobody correctly guessed the ride I took while out east soooo:

Yup, I got to ride in a helicopter!! Yes, it was my first time and it was awesome!

This is how it came about:
Auntie & Uncle told us that on Saturday there was going to be a helicopter landing in their field across the road from their house. This was a big deal, being a small town all sorts of gossip could start from this. Turns out that a very well off man had approached them asking if he'd be able to land in their field. It was his mom's birthday and he always tries to do something special. This year was her 80th and he had connections to give her a helicopter ride, he just needed a place to land.
Auntie & Uncle said sure thing. The day of the helicopter ride came and it was grey, foggy and yucky. Uncle and Bri gave up waiting for it when it was 20 minutes late. I gave up waiting somewhere around a half hour. I said "Watch, I'll go in to wash my hair and it'll come."
Sure enough that's what happened.
Drew (my cousin) and I got a good spot and got pics of the chopper landing and the birthday people getting on and flying off. They went for quite a few rides with different combo's of the birthday lady's family members.
(Drew has an awesome video where he tried to follow the chopper and it flew right over him... he followed until he kinda fell trying to bend backwards)
Now we were kinda bored, you can only watch it land and take off so many times. lol
I was standing at the kitchen table and I saw Drew running for the front door. Knowing something was up I met him at the door.
He blurts out "Who wants to go for a helicopter ride?! Quick, 10 seconds, they're taking 2!!!!"
I look around and everyone is just staring. "Are you going?" I said to Drew.
He nods and starts to run to the field, I ran back through the house to the kitchen door to put on my shoes and then run to join him. (Drew ran across the yard, road and field barefoot) :x
It was soooo awesome. I'm really glad we went!
Here's a pic of Drew in the chopper:

Do you think he was having fun??

This is Auntie & Uncle's farmyard as we flew off:

That little dirt road bordering the trees on the right? That leads down to the lake and the camper Day and I stayed in.

Day and Auntie got a ride after Drew and I:

This was a big shock to Auntie's boys... she is very afraid of heights. Aaron didn't even believe she was in there until they landed and he saw her come out!

Bri and Uncle got back waaaay after all this. They missed everything!

And of course at the local store (where Auntie works) there was quite a buzz going on.... after all this is about the time of year when the government helicopters are flying around the area looking for "special crops" tucked away in the woods. lol

BTW I thought it was very generous of the man who organized this for his mom to let us have rides.

*photo of Dana & Auntie M taken by Dana*


  1. Never been in a chopper. I have, however, done a hot air balloon ride. Ever done that?

  2. We were supposed to get a free hot air balloon ride from the realtor's office when we bought our house.
    This December that will have been 7 years ago.
    Don't think we're getting it!!! lol

  3. Hot air balloon rides are AWESOME! I’ll post a few pics on my blog soon about the one I took quite a few years ago. Never have done a helicopter. I don’t like the fact that the glide path is zero; not that a hot air balloon has one either, but at least you aren’t in a hunk of metal!

  4. WOW!!! How cool was that???? I have been on a helicopter only once, but the Airlift NW helicopter used to land at our old house. It was a designated landing zone in the area that we live in.

    Glad that you got to spend quality time with your family! Mine, with the exception of my sister, Amber, drives me!!

    BTW...Applejack is one handsome fella :)

  5. Hey CDN! OK- I *think* what you were looking for was "Caudal Heel Syndrome"- which is heel pain, which is Navicular Syndrome. And flaking of the sole is normal- healthy hooves will exfoliate sole as the hoof grows. Not usually anything to worry about! ;) Look for a post on Navicular soon!

  6. Oh you are brave!! no thanks not for me!! too scared! My husband has been in one, as a matter o fact after his ride he wanted to buy one! Sure I'll have it wrapped under the tree for you at Christmas! Great pictures !

  7. Right on - that is great! It is generous of the guy to let a few people go up...

    I sent you an email just now...

  8. Oh how fun! That is a very nice thing fir him to do! Glad you had a great ride!

  9. I got so behind on reading everyone's blogs. You have had a lot going on.
    I have always wanted to take a helocopter ride. Especially in the Black Hills of SD and here in Grand Junction, CO. I can imagine the view is spectacular.
    One of our neighbor's(in SD)does have a small plane and he lands it in our CRP field. Both Megan and I have gone up with him and loved it.

    I'm glad Quinn found a new home. I often wondered how he was doing. When you talked about him, it crossed my mind to see if I could figure out a way to get him down here for me. I like horses with "issues" you are fixing to find out-LOL.

    Feel free to email me on the barrel racing stuff now if you still want to. You can send it to tawneerocks at

  10. Ha! That's funny about the "special crops"

    HOW NEAT - I have never ridden in a Copter....maybe I should add it to my list...

  11. Wow! How exciting!! What a thrill.

    I've been in a hot air balloon before, but never a helicopter.

    How cool! :)

    Laughing Orca Ranch
    New Mexico


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