Sunday, September 28, 2008

countdown :)

The response to the "random act of kindess" draw has been great so far. This is just a reminder that there is a little over 24 hours left to submit names.


  1. Glad you are feeling better there CDN! We missed ya!

    Again, I just have to say that your idea here was a fantastic one. ;)

    Keep feeling better and have a wonderful fantabulistic day!! ;)

  2. Hey! Cool to see that you had your question answered on Mugwamps. I like the sound of her advice. Is your spooky mare the Appy?

  3. My new favorite word "fantabulistic"!! :)

  4. AOHCM: Mugs hasn't answered my question yet, she was just letting me know she hasn't forgotten.
    My horses are both pretty good, very little spook (I wouldn't say spook-free, IMO any horse may spook) That answer was for someone else, I think their name was "idon'tknowanything"


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