Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm still here!

I've just been sick, but I'm feeling better than I have in... a couple weeks. Health-wise at least.
On the pony front I'm feeling guilty for not spending more time with the horses lately.

First I had an ear infection, or rather infectionS. Yup, one in my left ear and in two separate places in my right ear. I hate antibiotics but when I couldn't even answer the phone at work without pain I knew I had to go to the doctor.
An hour later, including the quick stop at the pharmacy, I had meds and the "good" news. I was glad to get pills and drop form of meds though. Worked like a charm, best $35 I spent on myself in awhile! :)

Then, just when I was feeling good we had our final team sorting. That was awesome and I'll do a post on it when I get the pics (there was a photographer there!). All I'll say for now is that, as a beginner, I missed our old cows! Those fresh cows were DARN tough. They had been out in pasture and had never seen a horse, or been in small pens, until Friday when they were delivered. :x Apparently they had settled a LOT by the time of the sorting on Sunday.

Monday after the sorting I woke up with the start of a horrible cold. One of those ones where you're sooo congested your eyes water. Pie actually thought I was crying about something. lol
So the ponies once again sat in the pasture for a week.
Yesterday Chad (mr farrier) was coming though so I caught them and brought them over. (they're in the 'back pasture' again... I hate having to cross the highway with them!)

Cessa was just getting a trim, and she was a good girl. Even though Chad was all rushed. He showed up an hour and a half late (I was soooo happy) and he had to leave in a few hours because he had to get to a rodeo! He had my two horses, our friend Julie had hauled her horse over and Kimfer's two needed done. He did say that whoever he didn't get done he'd be back to do tomorrow.

I wasn't sure whether to put shoes on Applejack. After all it could snow anytime now. I hate having shoes on them in the snow. But we do have some fall jackpots scheduled and the ground is so stony and hard on his poor feeties.
We ended up resetting his shoes. Chad says his feet are really good (yay!).

So now that I'm feeling better (knocking wood!) I need to get my butt out and ride!


  1. Wham! So sorry you've been hit by the sick bugs. I'm glad you're starting to pull out of it, though.

    Now it's my turn to get attacked by viruses! wah.

    Please go and have some riding and spending time with your horsies for me. I'll be with you in spirit :)


  2. Glad you are feeling a bit better finally. Bad colds are the pits.

    Hope to see a couple of pics from the thing you did - sorting, penning - can't quite remember what it is called lol. It's early Monday morning here! ;-p

    You also mentioned the s* (snow)word - was that necessary??? I don't want to hear that word until it actually happens!!! LOL. I'm not quite ready for that yet!!!

  3. Ugh. Snow already??? yuck!! Can't wait to see your picks. We always got the "good feet" from our ferrier when we had our appy too. He had the best feet ever. He was also mixed with mustang though too and that's what the ferrier contributed the good fee too.

  4. Snow anytime now?? :-o wow, we are still in the 70-80s here...
    Sorry you got sick, ick! Those ear infections sound awful :-x!

    Can't wait for the pics so hurry and load em!
    I would hate to cross a hwy with the ponies too, is it a busy one? Do you bring them 2 at a time?

  5. Like everyone else is saying...SNOW???? Are you serious?? We are lucky if we see it around here at all.

    Sorry that you were under the weather, but glad to hear that you on on the mend! :)

  6. Lisa - thanks, hopefully you recover as quickly as I did!

    Laura - sorry about the "S" word. Its always on my mind when we do feet this late in the summer/early fall. The cow thing was sorting, but we did do penning after! (I should clarify that, I TRIED to pen after. lol)

  7. Regarding snow... just so y'all don't think I'm living in an igloo. We sometimes get snow in October, but not usually anything that really sticks. Some years we haven't even had snow at Christmas, which just ISN'T right! lol
    That said our snow that lasts usually comes between late October and mid-November.


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