Thursday, September 11, 2008

A bit of a political moment

I remember that morning very clearly. It still can bring me to tears. It wasn't even my home, my state, my country or my friends and family. However those terrible events touched us all, American, Canadian, British. Every single one of us in 'the western world'.
My heart goes out to the families and friends of those who were murdered on this day.
And as yet another tragic anniversary of this day begins to dawn on us I would like to give thanks to those that serve both my country (Canada) and that of many of my blog friends (America).
I refuse to argue about whether or not I think this war is a good or bad thing. Or whether we should continue or pull out.

Instead I say that no matter where you sit on this issue, give thanks.

Give thanks to the men and women who put their lives on the line to ensure our freedoms.
Give thanks to the men and women who helped create these two strong, FREE, democratic countries.

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  1. This day will always be especially memorable for me. I can tell you where I was and what I was doing seven years ago when a neighbor ran into the house and turned the tv on.

    Seven years ago today, I was living in Alaska and I woke up to find the world falling apart. I was watching the news when the second plane struck.

    I was hungry and cranky. I was about to go in for gall bladder surgery and leave my 3 week old son with a friend. And, I got divorced that day.

    While I didn't suffer personal loss from the attacks, it was still a most memorable day for me.

    Thank you for caring enough to give tribute to those lost, those who lost and the American people.

  2. Here Here! Great post.

    What is also important is never forgetting those who died from that tragedy as well.

    Thanks, Canadian friend.

    Laughing Orca Ranch
    New Mexico

  3. twinville - today on the radio they were talking about 9/11 and how although obviously a huge blow to the American people it had a larger impact than just to the USA. There were 95 nations effected by those horrible attacks.

  4. I agree. It's like any tragedy. "friends" you never even knew you had, will come to your aid at the times you need it the most! Great post very well put! Amen & God Bless all our "friends"

  5. I was getting done with my hair, getting ready for work, flipped on the TV and thought I was watching a movie trailer - so I flipped the channel it took about 5 seconds to figure out the same thing was one every channel and then stood there in horror as I figured it out.

    I just stood there fixed to the TV, the second plane hit and I watchhed as the second plane hit, as I knew it was no accident. I called my mom - told her and dad to get up and turn on the TV.

    I stood there longer watched the reports come in from Philadelphia and the Pentagon. We were under attack. I hoped they had gotten the President up in AF1 or in a bunker in time. There are so many things you think of at that time. Should go to work? Should I lock everything up, stock up and stay put and see what happens? So many things go through your head.

    I remember the first tower falling. I remember realizing in horror that the noise I was hear in the background of new reports was bodies hitting the pavement, people who were trapped above the 113th floor or whatever it was - were jumping out the windows to avoid burning to death. And then the other noise the whining noise in the background I learned that was locator beacons from firemen. They go off when the body they are one is still for a certain amount of time - signifying to other firefighters that a man is done and possible injured. Well what I was hearing was hundreds of them....hundreds...I wanted to vomit.

    When the second tower fell I shouted out loud in my apartment, in fear and anger as if it might help. I have never done so since.


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