Saturday, September 6, 2008

Just a quick one

As some of you may (or may not) know I recently returned from a trip out east. My dad has kidney disease and was scheduled to have a transplant (which went very well, thanks for all your good wishes he really appreciated them). :)
Anyhow, while I was there I spent some time with my mom's family (my parents are divorced) and she happened to be out visiting as well! Turns out the last few days of my mom and B's visit overlapped with my sis and I's. (B is mom's hubby, my sis I call Day)
Day and I stayed in a trailer at Auntie M's. It was awesome, and yes I have pics... but not today.
Today I want to share with you this photo Auntie M sent me. It is on the living room wall in her house:

In the pic is Uncle R's dad and brother with their team that they used in the woods. Uncle R knows I love horses and he took it off the wall and brought it in the kitchen one morning to show me. He told me a bit about his family and the horses. I fell in love with this photo... I love stuff like that!
Just thought I'd share it with y'all in a quick post... unfortunately today IS a work day and since I rode earlier I am really in need of a shower. lol

Oh! I do have pics from a very different kind of ride I took while at Auntie M & Uncle R's farm. Can anyone guess what it was?!

*Mom and Auntie are NOT allowed to "guess" seeing as they were there!!*


  1. Thats a great, special photo! I wish I had some like that in my family. They look like draft horses. I just did a post about draft horses. It's interesting, the huge part of America's history they played a role in.

  2. PG - if memory serves me correctly they are Percheron or Percheron crosses. I saw your blog with the big butts and LOVED it :) (posted comments too, maybe too many!) :o lol

  3. The last time I heard of Auntie M there was a tornado in Kansas. Dorothy, is that you?

  4. trailboss - too funny! It was funny, I posted this and was telling my mom about it. That was the first time I said "Auntie M" out loud b/c obviously I call her by her full name normally. I was like "ewww.... wizard of oz much!"

    That movie freaks me out. I really don't understand how its supposed to be a family movie, way too creepy!

  5. OH MY GOSH - that is totally neat!

    My grandpa and his brother started a logging business together that turned into a lumber company with two draft horses.

    Two Clydesdales named Thunder and Hurricane, sorrel one with a star the other with a blaze. They purchased them from the Colville Fire Dept. that had made the switch to a more modern fire truck years before and they were tired of caring for the big horses.

    The two when finished logging in the woods - that only lasted a year or two until they earned enough to buy an ancient version of a cat and a real logging truck.

    The two retired and lived out their days in my great uncle Bert's pasture.

    The company is Vaagen Brothers Lumber - maybe you've heard of it? Our family is no long involved in the family business - but another part of the family still heads it up.

    I was so surprised to see that post - makes sense though that us bloggers seem to have so much in common we all get along rather well...

  6. Steph - love your family tie to this! Does anyone have any pics? My Uncle R still has a woodlot or something and makes lumber and firewood.

  7. Auntie M! Auntie M! It's me Dorothy!!! Lol! Just teasin', sorry I couldn't help it!

    I agree with Pony Girl, they do look like draft horses...I love those big sweet beasts!

    Have a good week sweetie and as always, thanks for the friendship!


  8. I love that pic. My cousins and I sat down with my Grandma in Utah and started scrapbooking her pics. She has TONS and they are just in boxes. That was probably one of my fav. trips up to visit her - we sat for days and listened to stories and looked at all the old pics. I hear the scrapbooks are almost done - complete with stories.
    I love that stuff!

  9. Hmmm...was it a tractor or harvester ride by chance??? Oh, or maybe a quad/ATV?

    Aren't old family photos cool? Especially when they contain!!

    ...and in regards to the riding two year old conversation below, I also agree that most breeds can, and should be, started as two year olds. I just don't approve of the trainers and breeders who cheat, and start them around 1 1/2 years old :)

  10. I have nothing against starting 2 yo's (depending on breed) but I do have something against pushing them. IMO its too hard on them physically and mentally.

  11. Ya know - don't know if any pictures of my grandpa and the horses exist - but there used to be a painting of the two horses pulling the old water tank for the fire department hanging up in the old fire house. It was actually a converted barn. But then they built a new one. I can ask around see if anyone knows anything.

    It seems to me that there was a pic - that I saw it or heard of it once when I was really little - my dad may know.

    I'll blog about it if my hunting turns up anything.


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