Monday, September 15, 2008


Team sorting was, again, tons of fun. The weather was nicer this time, hopefully next weekend it will be nice too! (last team sorting of the year).
At these sortings teams are made by draw. You get four teams with two go's so you sort eight times total. There is a short lunch break between the two go's. I had a huge wait between my first team and my second team so after the lunch break I took advantage of that and snapped some pics.
Of course I put the first three pics out of order! The 1st pic (which I wanted 3rd) is below:
That is young Mark (he's 8) on an awesome little grey Arab sorting with Doug. Doug and his wife Bev own the acreage that hosts the team sorting. Really nice people. Doug's black gelding is Fred. He's 8 and Doug's had him since he was a 2 year old. They have a great bond, nice to see a horse that had been treated so badly find a home and get to live 'the good life'. (He had been very abused before Doug got him and his body has a few marks to show for it :( )
These next two pics were supposed to be at the top of the post! Kimfer's Aunt Jacquie took them at our first team sorting a couple weeks ago. Can you guess who's in these pics?

Yup that's me and Applejack in the big arena warming up. Or trying to... dang it was chilly that day!!! I had on a long sleeve T-shirt, a big fleece hoodie AND my heavier fall jacket. I really wish I had remembered my gloves To make things even chillier, a light misty rain fell for about half an hour part way through the sorting.... brrrr.

Below I believe I was getting him ready to try some bending/flexing. Can't really remember! (this was two weeks ago after all. lol)

BTW I really like how Doug and Bev have the orange snow fence attatched to open rails in the arena and sorting pens. Makes the fence so much more visible for the animals.

Back to pics from yesterday! See how nice and sunny it is :) Above is Connor and Norbert. Connor is 12 and Mark's brother. He's a nice kid but his sorrel can get a bit aggressive with the cows, see those pinned ears! He'll even bite them if he's close enough (have to watch he doesn't get called for excessive roughing!) Good teamwork here, Connor is clear with his cow and Norbert is setting out for the next one.
Here Connor's locked in on his cow and his horse is giving the 'stink eye' to the one on his left.
"Back off cow! Don't you dare try to get through that gate over there!!" lol
Its hilarious watching Connor sort, he growls and yells at those cows!

Talk about a stacked team! Brenda and Ace. Ace is Holly's husband, they're the ones that told Kimfer and I about sorting. Brenda is Holly's good friend, in fact Brenda & Holly are kinda a slightly older Kimfer & Lisa. Brenda, Holly & Ace are all very good horsemen. Brenda's on Yogi and Ace is on Dude, both awesome horses.

Brenda bringing in her cow while Ace guards a charge on the gate, hope he sees that sneaky #6 on his left while dealing with what's on his right!
Yes he did, here he is moving fast and bringing another one in. Brenda and Ace got all 10 of their cows on both goes.
I partnered with Brenda as well, our first run we were DQ'd (trash got through) :( Our second run we got all 10 in 1:19! (time limit is 1:30)
My best run of the day was with Larry, all 10 in 1:14. Not bad for a rookie!
The arena record is 0:54 flat.

Last night on my way home after dropping off my horse and tack I noticed how gorgeous the moon was. So I pulled over on the shoulder of the highway and snapped a few pics. Here's the best one:

*photos featuring myself were taken by Jacquie Fehr*


  1. yay for pics! Gawd I am so behind on your posts I must do some catching up! Looks like lots of other pics in other posts too, yay. So you and AJ did some cow sorting? How fun! I went to a team penning practice once on a friend's horse and had a blast. That's a gorgous pic of the moon too!
    I had to laugh when I saw you all bundled up in that pic, it's still so hot here. Your position looks good too!

  2. Hey there, looks like you had fun too!

    Very nice picture - I think that is the first one I have seen of you! You have a great seat on the horse.

    Also a very good picture on your way home. I love doing that too - when I got time, I will stop for pics.

    Some time tomorrow or wednesday I will post a shot I got when we were packing up from the show.

  3. It just occurred to me that we took pictures of exactly the same thing.

    We are so much alike and even though we are all far apart I feel very close to my horsey blog friends.

    The same things catch our eyes and move our hearts.

  4. Thanks for the props guys! :) I have really hesitate to post photos of myself. I'm not too photogenic, but I think most people think that of themselves.

    Steph - I agree 100% with your second comment. I seem to have a special blog-buddy bond with you, Denise and Laura.

  5. Wow - is this the first picture that you've show us of you riding?? Cool - that looks like it was alot of fun. What a great way to get out and do more things with your horse and to meet new people.

  6. Looks like you had a blast! Nice pics

  7. Yay-Thanks for the photos. You really do need to post more of yourself-you look great on a horse!

    I want to see some of your barrel racing photos.;) You can't say that you will worry about what anyone will say...I have posted some really bad ones of myself-LOL.
    I'm dying to see how AppleJack turns the cans!!

  8. Laura - that's exactly why I tried this team sorting, something new for me and Applejackers to try!

    BECG - my barrel pics are scary!!! Its always so hot my face is a big red balloon and I don't know why but a western shirt is NOT flattering on me! lol

  9. Glad you found me! Thanks for stopping by and looking forward to seeing you more!

    Love your blog as well!

    Great pics! We team sort too, I love it! Of course "Preacher" our bay horse is a sorting machine! You look great! I used to not post pics of myself, but have gotton over it! LOL!

  10. Great action shots!! Pretty lady!! I love to watch cutting and reining! I bet that is similar!

  11. What do you mean you are scared to put pics of yourself on a horse????
    Just joking...I am too!!!

    Amber, Kristina and I were supposed to go to a cattle sorting last Monday, but everyone, except me, was too sick. We will try again next Monday.

    How cool that the kids were out there doing it, and on a gray Arab no less!!!

  12. Oh these were great pics! I felt like I as there...almost. Thanks for explaining what was going on in the pics, as I'm embarrased to admit that I've never seen up close a team sorting event.

    It looks exhilarating and exciting!

    Laughing Orca Ranch
    New Mexico

  13. twinville - don't feel at all embarrassed. I've only gone twice and part of why its so much fun is that Sunday's at Doug and Bev's are for FUN.
    Seriously, they've had people come that were waaaay too competitive or jerks about it. They were told not to come back on Sundays.
    Sundays are strictly for fun, beginners and families. I think that is SO awesome of them.

  14. Sounds great!~ I can't wait to see more pics and stories from these riding events :)



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