Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I noticed something the other day when Pie and I were riding. I think maybe, just maybe, my seat is getting a bit better!
I got on Applejack when Pie was done riding him. We did a bit of bending and then I took him around the arena at a lope. Both directions, a few laps each way.
In Pie's big ol'saddle.
I didn't feel all loose, slippy, slidey like I usually do in that saddle. It used to be that if I hopped on his saddle I'd feel like there was waaay too much room for me and like I was all over the place. (It IS big, its a 17 or 18 Circle Y. Roper I believe)
The other day I still had lots of room. But I was just there. Right in the sweet spot. It was nice, gave me a feeling of confidence that I sorely needed. :)
Kinda reinforced my idea that I should spend some time this fall/winter taking lessons (if I can find a place) and put finding that new horse on hold until spring.

For the record, this is the saddle I normally ride Applejack in:

Its a Raylee Edwards barrel saddle. I got it from Frontier Western Shop (there is a link to their website in my sidebar). I love this saddle. Very comfy and I can ride in it for ages.

Cessa needed a narrower saddle. This is the one I ride her in:

Its by Tex Tan. From their NBHA barrel saddle line, the model is "The Eagle". I really like this saddle too. In fact I wouldn't have gotten a different one but Quinn and Applejack needed something wider.
I used to have another Tex Tan (NBHA, model "The Patriot") but I sold it to a girl I barrel race with. She loves it. I really liked it too, but I found I had better form when running barrels in the Eagle.
I also have a brand new Billy Cook (the REAL Billy Cook). It is a replacement of the one AmanDUH trashed. Since Quinn is sold I don't need two full quarter horse bar saddles right now. I'm holding onto it though, if the new horse is also big and stocky it will be nice to have two saddles instead of running around switching saddles if I were to take both horses to a jackpot.
Two last things... since I mentioned AmanDUH. I believe I found an ad for her online. Giving lessons, starting colts, training horses or doing equine massage. Makes me want to get a free 'phony' email and see if it IS her.
And, nicer news, Tuffy Horse likes my blog! And here is his seal of approval:
Thanks Tuffy!! :)
*saddle images found online, Tuffy award passed on by Tuffy - not of my creating*


  1. You've got some really nice saddles. I hope I can find thatv 'sweet post' you speak of one day. Sounds like a dream to ride like that with a secure seat.

    Hey maybe you should let Fughly know about Amanduh. She'll chew her up and spit her out for the rest of her readers to slice up into tiny pieces. hahah!

    Ooohh, that's so mean. :P

    Congrats on that cute award. You deserve it. Your blog is fun to read. :)

    Laughing Orca Ranch
    New Mexico

  2. gosh, will I ever leanr to proof read before posting a comment? nope.

    I meant "Sweet SPOT"(and where did that tiny 'v' come from? weird. And I meant Fugly (without the 'h') haha!

    Sorry! :)

    Laughing Orca Ranch
    New Mexico

  3. twinville - you crack me up girl! And how's this for a Twilight Zone moment... I was reading your blogs when you posted comments on mine! :o

    I loooove both my saddles. Not only are they comfy and "workable" but (IMO) they are pretty nice looking too!

    re - AmanDUH. I made up that "fake" email account and sent her one. Well, maybe its her. I'm really hoping its not. I should really do a post about her, but that will have to wait until I'm in a mean mood so that I can do it proper justice!


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