Saturday, September 13, 2008

Horsey anniversary

Its been about 2 years since we bought Applejack ("Super Raincloud") This is a pic of his proud new owner (Pie) and him shortly after being unloaded at home.
(Well, Applejack's home... we board):

Pie has been learning alot about horse ownership since then. For example he's learned not to choke up quite that high on the lead rope! lol
Unfortunately due to his crazy work schedule he hasn't gotten to ride a whole lot. Worse still we're having a hard time finding lessons for him that also fit into the aforementioned crazy work schedule.
This weekend he doesn't get to ride, I'm stealing his horse to go team sorting again. :) Its okay actually, he has 'man work' to do at home. lol

So here's to Pie, Happy Horseowning Anniversary!!


  1. Happy horse-i-versary! lol. Richard always wants to hold Rusty that tight as well - funny eh?

  2. Happy anniversary to all of you!
    Applejack is a handsome Appy :)

    Oh...and my hubby and son always choke up on the lead rope, so maybe it is a 'man'!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary Pie! And Applejack, too!

    I sure wish you'd post some pictures and talk about your team sorting experiences soon, too.
    It sounds so interesting!

    Laughing Orca Ranch
    New Mexico

  4. Happy Anniversary!

    I'm sure Applejack has enjoyed his first year of human ownerhship!

    Tuffy Horse

  5. NIce pic! Congrats to Pie and Applejack!

  6. OH how fun an anniversary! Any reason for a party is welcome!! Thanks for the well wishes! It did hurt like a ...well you know!! I will work on the post on the reason I was riding Jack!! Have a Safe and great week!!

  7. What a cute pic!! He looks so proud. I love men and their horses. I am sure that you are not "stealing" him, just trying to help out by keeping him in shape, right? lol


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