Monday, March 9, 2009

Kids say the darndest things

Saturday I had to drive my niece to her ballet practice. Here's a portion of our conversation on the way home (keep in mind she's 7) -

"Thea... you know those certificates you get for driving fast?"
("thea" means aunt in Greek)
"You mean a speeding ticket?"
"Yeah. Wouldn't it be funny if they gave them to people for driving too SLOW?"
"Actually hon they do. It doesn't happen very often and usually you have to be driving REALLY REALLY slow for the road but it can happen."
small moment of silence, then with a bit of a snort...
"YOU'LL never get one of those!"
and yes I had to laugh


  1. Hello! I found your blog from a link on another blog I follow. My husband and I are horseowners (Tennessee Walking Horses - mares) in Northwest Indiana. I am interested in reading about others who share a similar life to mine. My blog is at I've looked at a few other blogs, and yours looks interesting. I'll be visiting!!!

  2. I swear to god that you have a peek in my head. I just got on to write about my kids and how it's not just a cliche that kids say the darndest things!! This isn't the first time I've gotten on to post something and you've JUST done a post on the same thing. That is too weird!! lol

    Is she trying to say you have a lead foot?? lol

  3. Very cute!

    Auntie do you zip around town much?

  4. LMAO!!

    Meg's friends like to ride with me on 4-H or school trips. Part of it is because I like pretty much the same music that they do and at about the same volume-hehehe. The other part is because we often have discussions on how to lay blackies, do controlled skids and spin donuts. No, I don't actually do them with the kids in the vehicle...but they wished I would.;)

  5. Ezra - that's too weird! I've been trying to catch up on your blog, now I'll have to be sure to squeeze in the time! lol

  6. Steph & BEC - I do tend to have a bit of a heavy foot.
    When Maria made that comment I asked if she wanted me to slow down and she said "No Pappou drives fast too, but at least you slow down for the corners. He *almost* doesn't"
    Pappou is grandpa and OMG he does drive like a crazy Greek! lol In a mini-van no less, not the greatest thing for cornering!

  7. LOL! They do say the darndest things!

  8. LOL- good for you, I hate slow drivers:-p

    A friend of mine was driving with her kids in the car and I think the DD was 5 or 6 at the time. My friend came up to a railroad stop and even though a train was coming she whipped around the signs and her DD just looked straight on and said "Mom Bond" (as in James Bond)- she did admit at how stupid that was though:-p

  9. LOL, They crack me up! They do think and say some of the funniest things!

  10. Cute! Kids say the darndest things, really. I'm glad you wrote this down. As a teacher, I hear cute things all of the time then don't write them down and I forget them! :)

  11. LOL!!! I have LOTS of silly conversations like that!! I just love the way kids' minds work. :0


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