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Sunday, January 2, 2011

If I close my eyes you can't see me!!

Applejack last winter at the old place

I'm sure Applejack is wishing he had somewhere to hide now.  The poor guy is back to work... and getting good work outs.  The kind where it takes 2 coolers and a good towelling plus some barn time before he can be dry enough to blanket and turn back out.
After having the summer off due to his feet being too soft/sore/tender (because of our unusually wet summer) he has re-joined the real world.  lol


  1. LOL, sometimes I do think they think that can't be seen if their eyes are closed. Horses are so funny!

    I hate when it takes all that to get a horse cooled down, dry and put away. I guess that's what winter hair does for those of us who work horses in the winter. LOL

  2. The winter does create those challenges... coolers, hair dryers all seem to work.

  3. Hmm he looks so cute in that photo. Nice to get some work in though, even if it requires twice as long to dry off as you spent working.

  4. Ha ha! Good caption - it looks like what he is saying too!

    I loved good work-outs in the winter and piling on coolers!

  5. Poor Applejack! Just as long as Apple Ass doesn't show back up, right?

  6. He is probably glad to have something to do again!!

  7. I was going to say good for you for getting on an early program...I'm right behind ya. Gotta get rolling this week.

    And then I saw your twitter...Family tragedy...Oh No!!