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Thursday, January 27, 2011

I is Stylin :)

Well not in the fashionable clothes sense lol  But the fabulous Mrs Mom over at Oh Horse Feathers! passed on the Stylish Blogger Award.  Thanks MM, seriously dude you are a fab lady and I'm proud to call you a friend :)
As is the norm with these things there are a few 'rules' to follow:
1) Acknowledge and link back to the blogger who gave you the award.  (done)
2) Tell y'all 7 things that you don't know about me.  (hmm, might be doable)
3) Pass this on to 15 recently discovered bloggers and let them know that you passed it to them.  (yikes that might will be tricky, I don't have that many new blogs that I'm up to date on)

Soooo, here we go.
1)  I will never be accused of being a fashionista, my preferred wardrobe is jeans or sweats with a t-shirt.  That doesn't mean they have to be grubby jeans or shirts though.
2) I learned how to drive on a stick shift however now I only own automatic vehicles.  Because Pie can't drive stick and our vehicles need to be used by both of us.  I sometimes miss driving stick though.
3) I'm usually pretty easy going and try to either get along with people or ignore them.  However when it is needed I can be a spectacular b!tch   (mom you can keep your comments to yourself lol)
4) I pray a lot but I rarely go to church.  (I also read my Bible which leads to...)
5) I can be a bit superstitious at times.  My Bible has been 'misplaced' since we moved.  I finally broke down and bought a new one, reading it online or on my Blackberry just wasn't the same lol.  Well it was covered in plastic at the store so I didn't page through it but it is from a reputable company.  When I got it home and opened it I discovered it was bound backwards and upside down... meaning when I opened it it was at the back of the book and all the type was upside down.  I returned it ASAP.
6) While I am pretty darn happy there are 2 things I'd like to change in my life but can't due to work... I'd like for Pie & I to be able to take a proper vacation more often than once every 10 years or so and the second is that I'd like to be able to get more family time.
7) Ok I have mentioned before that I'm overweight, and some of you already know this but for those that don't; myself and a few fellow bloggers co-blog over at CLFC (Cowboys Love Fat Calves)  A blog dedicated to trying to become healthier while dealing with how that affects being in the horse world.

Now the hard part, to pass this on...  Not sure if I'll reach 15 but here's who I am declaring Stylish:
One Old Cowgirl (One Old Cowgirls View of Life on the Alberta Prairie) Oregon Sunshine (Adventures of Life) Lytha (A Horse Crazy American in Germany)  Amanda (A Fat Girl & A Fat Horse)  Pinzgauer (Drafts With Dots Life at Iron Ridge Sport Horses)  Morning Bray (Morning Bray Farm)  Winter Prosapio (HorseCentric)  Gttyup (Life at the Roughstring)
Well that's it for now, 8 is more than I thought I'd get though!


  1. That's sucks that you lost your Bible! I would be really upset as all my notes are in mine. But rarely do you get a chance to go buy a new one - hope you picked out a nice one!

  2. Well, thank you! I was also tagged by MM for this, so now I'll have to figure out something to tell y'all that you don't already know.

  3. Lisa, Thank you so much! This was so kind of you. :)

  4. omg, i read this blog entry and i didn't even notice my name!

    i too, learned to drive a stick (in the year 2000, 15 years after i started driving!) but now sadly i have only an automatic *sigh* and i'm afraid i'll forget.

    i also wear sweats/jeans and tshirts, although they distinctly ARE grubby (sigh) from cleaning hooves, slogging thru mud, etc, and i often go to the store like that.

    i read my bible and try to go to church often but it works out to about once per month. *blush* part of the problem is that my man and i have different churches.

    i gained 10 pounds in america this christmas and intend to lose them the slow way, eating german food every day. exercising might be in my future...

    i wish you and pie the possibility of regular vacations. although i envy you for having a job, i know you really need a break, and not just rarely.

    thanks again for thinking of me,


  5. You do have a great blog ... styling!

  6. Thank you so much. You're just too cute.