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Friday, January 28, 2011

Back in black ;)

Those of you who are friends of mine on Facebook may have caught my status about a "new" saddle I was getting.  New is in quotes because its actually a used saddle, but its new to me... in more ways than one!  For the first time in a looong time I have something other than a barrel saddle to ride in.
Here, I'll give you a peek at my "new" reining saddle:
What a minute, I don't have a pad like that!  That handsome model isn't Voodoo... you see the saddle wasn't mine at that point, it was still Shirley's so that model is her handsome boy Beamer!  Yup, I bought Shirley's Bob Loomis after seeing it in her Sunday Stills 'Macros' challenge with the note that its for sale.
Here it is on my boy, Voodoo:
 He asks that you please excuse his scruffy winter coat lol
It was kinda neat how it came to be.  I had casually been keeping an eye out for a "new" saddle (really, new or used didn't matter)  I wanted something affordable, well made, comfortable and NOT a barrel saddle.  Calm down now, I still  plan on running the barrels.  I just want something to chase cows, trail ride and take lessons in.  I really like both my barrel saddles (well actually I have 3 but 1 is a semiQH bar and doesn't fit either of the boys)  But I've noticed that the barrel saddles tend to push me forward a bit. 
After taking lessons last winter I decided to start keeping my eyes open for something else, although I didn't really know what.
When Shirley mentioned that her saddle was for sale I e-mailed her and in a flurry of e-mails we exchanged enough info for me to decide that her saddle was IT.  Shipping was fast, it left Friday afternoon and got here Monday evening, too late to ride in though and Tuesdays I'm not able to squeeze in any riding time.  Wednesday I finally got to try it out.  It was gorgeous out, LK & I saddled up Applejack and Voodoo and rode to the indoor next door, although I think it was actually warmer outside than in the arena! lol
One thing that threw me for a loop was the rigging.  It took me a second but I'm pretty sure I got it:
Thanks so much Shirley for leaving the off side done up so I had a 'pattern' to follow
Something kinda neat, I didn't have to adjust the stirrups or the cinch placement.  So while Shirley is a couple inches taller than me our legs seem to be the same length , and our boys seem to have the same size 'waist'.
I really liked riding in this saddle.  I felt very balanced and centered.  But while Shirley may have run a barrel pattern or two in it I don't think I will be anytime soon!  I'm SO not used to such a low cantle lol  That's definitely something I'm going to have to get used to!
This may not look like such a big difference, but trust me it it!  Also it was hard to get an accurate pic showing the difference with the saddle just sitting on a stall wall.  Its not just the height of the cantle either, its also the shape of the seat and how that cantle fits against you.

I just hope that when Voodoo is in his sleek and shiny summer coat that he'll look as good in this saddle as Beamer did :)  (even though I think this is a fall or winter pic of Beamer, he sure doesn't look as shaggy as Voodoo lol)
Now I just need to get a back cinch and find my spare breast collar, or maybe buy one?


  1. Thats a nice saddle, I saw it on Shirleys site, looks comfortable!

  2. Buy another breast collar? Like you needed an excuse to go tack shopping LOL!

  3. Oh, you are lucky you saw that before I did-LMAO. I would have scooped that for darned sure.

    I completely hear ya on desiring something besides a barrel saddle. I think that is why I went with the ladies all-around. There is just enough difference that Meg and I feel like we would be comfortable doing a few more things in it.

    Enjoy the new ride and I have no doubt VooDoo will do the saddle justice. :-)

  4. The first thing I notice is how it fits on Voodoo's back; see how it sits almost on Beamer's hips due to his short back? It looks like a much better fit on Voodoo. You did get the rigging done up properly, and the only reason Beamer isn't shaggy is because I blanket him from October to April. I rode trails in this saddle without a back cinch; it's such a well balanced saddle that you may find that you don't need one either. Check it out a little more before you decide.
    I hope you get some pics of you riding Voodoo in his new saddle ! (Pie, are you listening?)

  5. @ Shirley - I thought it looked like that on Beamer too but wasn't too sure if it was just the photo angle. I'll try it out some before I decide about the back cinch. I never used one on Cessa, even running barrels.

  6. Hmmm... I wonder if your semi-bars saddle would fit Casey? Hmmm...

  7. Great saddle & find. Funny how things play out.

  8. That's the same rigging I had on my old balance ride saddle that I loved and have regretted selling for 30 years. It spreads out the latigos so nice that you feel closer to your horse, I think they call that close contact. Lucky girl, good buy!